BelAmiOnline: Colin Hewitt & Jacques Briere

Colin Hewitt & Jacques Briere at BelamiOnline

Colin Hewitt & Jacques Briere at BelamiOnline

Colin Hewitt & Jacques Briere at BelamiOnline

Colin Hewitt & Jacques Briere at BelamiOnline

After a string of younger models we decided to give you a pair of more mature models.

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  • sliderboi

    both are absolutely, mouth-wateringly stunning.

  • AaronJL

    Man I *LOVE* BA guys. I know they’re not for everyone, which just gives me more of a share. :-D

  • clusterfuck

    Give me these two “mature guys” any day over the old hags Dawson and Jake Cruise any day!!!

  • humanoid

    this BA update really kicks the pants off all CF updates this year….

    two really beautiful guys having sex!!!

  • 007james

    Something about Bel Ami reminds me of The Boys from Brazil…or The Stepford (boys) factory….pumping out these euro-dazzling models. The productions all make them look the same…like a pastel clone factory. The guys are cute though, just sayin’.

    • insipid

      But what you’re saying doesn’t make very much sense. Other than them being almost all cute, they mostly have a pretty unique look. Do you really think that Dolph Lambert, Kris Evans, Ariel Vanean, and Jean Daniel Chagall are hard to tell apart? These are all top ten BA models.
      Hell, even the two models above look pretty different to me. Colin looks extremely preppy to me and Jaques looks almost goth. They hardly look “the same” to me anyway.

    • von schlomo

      insipid who trolls the internet everywhere as defender of the faith is either on the BA payroll or should be.

    • 007james

      thanks Humamoid (God forbid I have my own opinion without Insipid trying to argue and shoot me down) I still stand by what I said. And I think it is a very clear point-not confusing at all. I didn’t say anything about models looking the same , but ‘the productions’ make them look the same. They all are about the same age, they all have slim builds, they all have cocks about the same. they all have the shaved chest, that looks like cocoa butter has been smeared on them giving them a soft glow…. yeah… they all look the same Insipid (in my opinion) Deal with it. You are new here, so I’ll cut you some slack…but quit commenting over and over on what others say, it seems a bit bitchy and petty. Sorry my original 4 sentences were so confusing for you.

    • 007james

      sorry first line should have read: thanks von schlomo…

    • von schlomo

      No doubt. There is the Bel Ami look that is comprised of a number of similar appearance elements which co-exist with the differences among the boys. We simply can see these elements quite easily, probably because we have consumed a lot of porn from a lot of different producers. For example, BA could pair two brand new boys, never before seen by any anyone doing porn and we could throw them in to porn pairings from a dozen other companies and I’m willing to bet that many of us would be able to pick out the BA boys based solely on how they’re presented, groomed, trained, etc. There is a BA look. Some of us just get tired of certain parts of that look and make comments like you see above. No big deal.

      Much more to the point, I love Colin and wish he’d top more and Jacques (with the retarded French name) isn’t too shabby either and I wish he’d bottom more.

  • ei8htinches

    i hate these updates where they ALMOST have sex or ALMOST suck eachother off… they’re hot as hell though

    • insipid

      GD commented on this. This was filmed 2 years ago, back when they made spreads for magazines. If it were filmed today it would be more explicit.

    • ei8htinches

      oh is that why? i had no idea! but seriously its such a tease and it just puts me off!

  • Fazz

    I’m a huge fan of Jacques Briere, alaways have been I think. He’s up there with Josh Elliot, Sebastian Bonnet, Lucas Ridgeston, Dolph Lambert, Luke Hamill and Ricky Martinez in my book. And I.m.o. those guys are the timeless guys that BA has; the ones that I might remember in the next 10 years. There might be a few others but those are the ones I can think of, off the top of my head, so to speak.

    The more recent additions, while often quite handsome or cute, are sadly fairly forgettable. Again, i.m.o.

    Jacques has a certain quality that makes him very endearing to me, those rosy cheeks and a look that is at once both impish and playful, but at the same time very kind and soft.

    He’s what I might call Boy Friend material, sans the years as a porn star… lol

  • fresero_abre_culos

    Meh! Will never get why people like the Belami concept.

    • sliderboi

      you have to be able to appreciate lovely, fresh, moist, toned, un-inked bodies, willing – but not overused – holes, and stunning penises with all their natural skin intact. furthermore BA generally has high-quality photo-shoots and good lighting. i can’t imagine who wouldn’t drop their pants for any of these boys. gasp.

    • fresero_abre_culos

      Some one who is not desperate.

    • sliderboi

      not desperate? you’re obviously in denial.

    • fresero_abre_culos

      Only if i was you, but it’s not the case.

  • Established One


  • whitestealth

    Colin has a real sense of humour. You can tell from the videos (and the English captions). And I think that Jacques just likes sex. I did not know that these were taken 2 years ago. I thought Colin looked pretty young.

  • Effie

    Hot! I’m gonna have to say the same thing I said about the update after this. Bel Ami always makes me go for twinks which normally dont turn me on. Must be cause they’re mostly European

  • Daniel

    Delicious models, as usual.

  • Aries16




  • Guy

    PERFECTION. Jacques Briere and Colin Hewitt are so EFFIN HOT!!!! BA is really the only studio that delivers consistently attractive models.

  • Novicenova