CorbinFisher: Cameron’s Chaos (CF Unlimited)

Cameron's Chaos (CF Unlimited) at CorbinFisher

Cameron's Chaos (CF Unlimited) at CorbinFisher

Cameron's Chaos (CF Unlimited) at CorbinFisher

Cameron's Chaos (CF Unlimited) at CorbinFisher

Watch Cameron, Travis, Philip, Sean & Rudy at

CorbinFisher wrote:

We knew Cameron was sexy. We knew he was fun. But until this shoot – we didn’t know that when you let him loose with a bunch of other hot jocks, he can’t be contained!

Cameron’s personality is bigger than big. He jokes constantly and revs up when other people are around. He’s a show-off, to be sure. And in today’s CF: Unlimited, you’ll see him get wild and crazy with Travis, Philip and some of the other guys.

He also has a serious side, especially when it comes to one of his favorite pastimes – sex! He’d never been with a guy before last week’s scene with Rudy. Now you’ll get to see a little bit more of exactly what that was like before – and after – he sucked his first cock!

Meanwhile, Sean is trying to study, but Cameron is a constant distraction. And so is Connor! In Sean’s confessional, you’ll hear more of what’s going on in his head during his first experience with CF!

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  • Cphotee

    Was this preview intended to make me want to buy a membership? If so, CF failed. Good thing CF isn’t traded on Wall Street. Pictures speak a lot louder than some amazing story write-up.

  • FeydRautha

    Wow! So in addition to being money-hungry, Cameron’s an obnoxious jerk as well?

    • King Henry VIII

      So I take it 1 vote for D-bag FeydRautha or is that too strong a word?

    • porndog

      I don’t take offense to the alleged quip about ‘doing it for the money.’ I think it’s safe to say all gay-for-pay guys do it for that very reason. This was never news to me. I just don’t like the attitude that we should all be grateful he’s graced us with his presence, so to speak.

    • FeydRautha


      According to the recaps I’ve read, he joked about getting “Money Maker” tattooed over his (six inch!) dick and he told Connor, “I don’t mind going home in a wheelchair so long as it pays all my bills”.

      We know they’re all there for the money (even the gay ones), but throwing that fact in our faces is in rather poor taste IMO.

      BTW, I don’t think we disagree, but I just thought I should clarify myself.

  • King Henry VIII

    So everyone does this make us Love Cameron More or just officially space-shoot straight to D-Bag territory?

    • Bradster

      Cameron is still the best guy on the site. He can do no wrong in my books.

      Now pair him up with Sean next!

  • King Henry VIII

    Doesn’t he look just like Dawson in that last picture before Travis with the lube you just wanna………

    • porndog

      …smack him?

    • fresero_abre_culos

      kick the shit out of him?

    • Jonny Marzetti

      …watch him throw it at Corbin Fisher? …make him drink it? …stick it up his ass …give him a one-way ticket home? I like this game, King Henry!

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Damn I read the instructions wrong! I was talking about the last picture.

  • Kelo

    CF, get some hotter guys and then MAYBE I’ll start caring enough their personalities to watch this shit.

  • von schlomo

    Like I said the other day, can’t remember which posting it was, Cameron is the cockiest guy CF has had in a long, long time. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I know it does turn some people off. Personally, I’ve only seen his solo and his ACS vids.

    So, are these CF Unlimited vids a new behind-the-scenes series? Haven’t Mondays been solo day’s for a long time now?

    • King Henry VIII

      Yes, It is a new series it is what “The Fans” wanted and voted for in that stupid survey awhile back.

      How is being cocky not a bad hing? Heck we got in the 1st memo that he is in it for the money. Now He is being….

    • porndog

      …a dick?

    • Auggy

      …a man?

    • Jonny Marzetti

      …sued by CF?

    • FeydRautha

      @King Henry VIII

      …a jerkface.

      Ha! I’ve always liked mad libs! Though the proper format is ______ (noun).

  • MikeNYC

    CF has been freaking out out folks downloading their scenes for free. Worry no more. Not interested.

  • Mike

    CF has been freaking out out folks downloading their scenes for free. Worry no more. Not interested.

  • Mike

    CF has been freaking out about folks downloading their scenes for free. Worry no more. No ones interested anymore.

  • porndog

    Seriously, though. I don’t mind behind-the-scenes stuff; in fact, I like it because it gives me an idea of their personalities, however, they’re still on camera so I doubt these “reality show” attempts are 100% authentic, giving you the real person.

  • fresero_abre_culos

    This is a fucking waste of time! Too bad for the people who pay and have to see this shit!

  • Auggy

    I wouldn’t mind this “behind-the-scenes” look into CF Land as much if it were offered as free or extra content on the site, separate from any potential update (freshman/ACM sex) that could at the moment be in it’s place. Because honestly the way this is now, isn’t working in CF’s favor at all.

    • Jonny Marzetti


  • King Henry VIII

    And the Hottest Action today comes from SC with MY MARK and MY ETHAN A BJ Journey!!!! It may b a bj video,but still kicking CF’s backside MY ETHAN and MARK!!!!

  • DGrayson

    i’m confused.
    what’s the point in this cf: unlimited thing?
    like, actually, i don’t get it. i’m not just being a dick.
    can anyone explain what this new series is aiming for?

    • Jonny Marzetti

      To save CF money (e.g., doesn’t have to fly out a new guy every week), although it’s being positioned as something “better than cheap solos.” CF thinks their subscribers are pushovers who will gladly take any bone thrown their way.

    • luci


    • bruv88

      isnt is funny how cf is sayin its cheaper and yet u dnt c the costs of memberships goin down rather the reverse, u wud fink if they did save money plus all the money they r gettin from lawsuits against pple and companies they cud cut the membership costs… i give it 3 months before they try 2 revert bk to their old ways and 6 months b4 they go bust

  • kd

    he is good looking, has a nice body w/ an outstanding ass. I didn’t think he came off as being over cocky; just self assured and there is nothing wrong w/ that. His scene w/ Rudy was just ok because they are both new to sex in front of a camera. With more experience I think he will be hot to watch. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him.

    • King Henry VIII

      You said that the last time. I just have one question are you on CF’s payroll? Or sleeping with Cameron?

  • luci

    still alone liking this reality thing CF is slashing off my bank. if it isnt because of Connor & Aiden, btw i know CF is reading all this while all of u whine, a movie of Connor & Aiden would be good like Dawson and Lucas Down Under…

    • Auggy

      Does someone affiliated with CF read this blog? Possibly. CF himself? I doubt it very much, luci. And if they did take anything that was said here into consideration lots of things would’ve changed long ago. So this “Aiden and Connor DVD” you’re on about…good luck with that, luci. CF still hasn’t released the CR DVD he & Co. filmed what…over a year ago? Yeah, it’s been a freakin’ year. Smh, mmmhmmm…get comfy dude, it’ll be a long while before that DVD of yours comes to fruition.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      I would join immediately to see Aiden (or Sean or Justin or Cain or Trey or Marc or Rudy) fucking bare without any females in the room, but I won’t buy any more physical CF DVD’s under any circumstances.

  • Established One

    This was good until Travis appeared in it. It’s a failure for me because of Travis.

  • Effie

    Has Sean done anything with a guy? If not, they need to stop teasing me already! The lady scene I can remember enjoying from CF was when Aiden sucked cock for the first time, fucked Travis hard and came twice

  • effierum

    just checking if it logged on from my phone. I’d also like to add all these not to attractive guys on their recents updates makes me miss Austin. Hopefully his contract ended and he can finally go to another studio with other guys worthy of his looks

  • Ted

    It’s funny how they are still teasing fans by the Sean Cameos. I wonder if Next week they are going to have him walk in on the middle of a shoot and then leave. lol

    • ragou19

      LAWL I wouldn’t doubt it for a second!

  • Daniel


  • clusterfuck

    Cameron’s Chaos?!? Here are a few more titles for these useless CF updates designed to put the gays on the internet to sleep:

    Kenny the Corbin Sasquatch!
    Quinn’s Cartilaginous Elf Ears!
    Dawson’s Decreasing Hairline!

    • Riley

      Thanks for My Laugh for the week cluster LOL Now I fel much better.

    • Bradster

      ROFLMAO! I love it. These 3 are all horrible.

  • Ricardo27

    Holy acne batman!

    • samtomez

      Cameron’s Craters

  • Ricardo27

    Travis and Cameron video coming up. I bet no expected that…

  • ragou19

    These un-“Limited” updates are about as useful to me as a hysterectomy. WTH would anyone ever post this up and call it porn??

    Oh, I get it. I’m supposed to sit back like the loyal consumer you presume me to be and watch this mess for the shits n giggles; after all if it’s CF it must be packed with loads of repetitively regurgitated entertainment value. Guess I’ll just waste 20 minutes limp dicked to the sound of running water in your kitchen sink, then I’ll go sign up with a site that has something I can actually jack to.

    Either make it about sex or GTFO of the business. >:(

  • littlebird

    Corbin Fisher = Litigious porn company, committing suicide

    I can’t even be bothered with this anymore. Corbin Fisher is officially hit rock bottom as far as I’m concerned.

    Subscription cancelled and will not be renewed ever. I’m done. Switching to Sean Cody.

  • Blogger

    I can’t believe this is what CF has been doing! Apprently non of these models are going anywhere anytime soon. And most of them are on some type of contract. This is CF’s future starting with this Unlimited thing.

    • scottnyer

      Thanks for the link, but I actually didn’t get a lot of information out of that blog. That was barely comprehensible and it all sounded like unsubstantiated rumours.

      Regarding this preview post or whatever this is… it’s sad. If CF has a marketing department it should be fired and outsourced. That preview looked like a waste of money and time. IMO.

  • 007james

    Ok…so the new CF Unlimited site is suppose to show the audience how cool the models are with each other behind the scenes, how they interact and their great personalities..blah, blah blah. I don’t watch jock porn to see them hang out behind the scenes, eat popcorn and watch sports and high five each other…duh! Waste of Video and bandwidth if you download it. I want to see the goods…right to the bedroom. And there is a site already showing guys clowning around behind the scenes,and walking around in background half dressed–called Fratpad. So now we have Corbin’s Fratpad too?? oh Ple-e-aaase! This guy sues people who show any interest in his material, and now rips off another well known site… just a bad businessman IMO

    • porndog

      Totally agree. The newness of this “behind-the-scenes” formula wears thin fast. I remember subscribing to Fratpad, and it wasn’t long before the antics of the “boys” became mundane and a waste of my time. The same is true for this series. Even if you enjoy this sort of thing, Fratpad has better looking “dudes”.

    • Ricardo27

      @007james — what site is Corbin ripping off?

    • humanoid

      @ricardo – Fratpad

  • WaveRyder002

    Have you ever experienced a situation where you WANT to like something, give someone a chance to grow on you and the vibe just doesn’t happen?! This is the story of CF Unlimited… i want to like the product but something is just off with this new concept….

    1. Yesterday “Sean” states during the confessional that he thought he was going to straight porn! WHAT? Are you telling me he never checked out and saw gay porn before his visit to the studio? Suuuuuure, Yeah I believe that. C’mon… that’s just a complete joke. He’s hot but sounds like a clueless person.

    2. The behind the scenes footage should be a bonus video NOT a replacement for a hardcore or solo Monday freshman.

    I hope CF salvages this before its too late

    • FeydRautha

      “Yesterday ‘Sean’ states during the confessional that he thought he was going to straight porn! WHAT? Are you telling me he never checked out and saw gay porn before his visit to the studio? Suuuuuure, Yeah I believe that. C’mon… that’s just a complete joke. He’s hot but sounds like a clueless person.”

      WHAT?! Didn’t Sean say in an interview that he was “bisexual” and Connor and Dawson were his favorites on the site?

  • dio

    CF’s adventures in wannabe bullshit isn’t really working for moi because though some of the guys in their stable are hot; they’re not up to Fratmen level of hawt. lol

  • I Am Jake

    Silly, silly, Corbin Fisher.

    Trying to pass off the idea that their shit don’t stink when the whole site has a rancid look and smell.

  • FeydRautha

    These confessionals are seriously beginning to bother me. The message CF seems to be sending is: gay sex/attraction is shameful, something to be kept secret. First, Trey’s into the gay guy Adam, but is afraid to tell him. Then, Martin is having gay sex behind his wife’s back. Now this, Sean, the admitted “bisexual”, is OK with doing straight porn but is apprehensive about doing gay porn. Maybe CF is hoping to redeem these “characters” during the course of this series, but I don’t know that I’d have the intestinal fortitude to see it to the end.

  • WeaponX

    Cameron’s ass is his best feature and I was so disappointed that you could see none of it during his scene with that ugly guy I already forgot his name.. So anyway, I wish they used some part of the money they extort from others to get people who have the smallest clue about how to shoot porn. Their scenes never cease to disappoint.
    I hope to see more of Cameron’s ass. I’m not going to bother with his stupid remarks about doing it for the money, of course they all do, even if they were gay, but he has to tell himself that to live with the fact that he’s whoring himself out and to cope with his homophobia, I suppose. Poor guy.

  • Phillip

    Who’s the guy at the sink? Hotototototot.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    The people have spoken. That’s the people with the $$$’s, CF. Even if people here (including myself) tend to be picky, when it’s THIS negative it’s got to tell you something about how the average subscriber must be reacting.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      And no, they’re not going to “warm up to it,” don’t delude yourself.