SG4GE: Travis Rider

Travis Rider at StraightGuys4GayEyes

Travis Rider at StraightGuys4GayEyes

Travis Rider at StraightGuys4GayEyes

Travis Rider at StraightGuys4GayEyes

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Straight Guys 4 Gay Eyes wrote:

When Travis Rider is ready to fuck around, slow and deep is the name of the game. Travis is tall, lean and extremely well-hung. For the first minute or two of this video, he and his female buddy French-kiss and grope each other before she gets on her knees, whips out his piece of meat and gives it a first-class blow job. For the second course, Travis bends over and backs his ass up to the camera for a rim job. Next, his bootylicious partner lays back on the bed and spreads her legs wide open for a round of cunnilingus. Travis is now ready to plow that wet pussy and he does it with slow, deep thrusts at first, gradually speeding up to a carb-burning intensity. He’s a versatile fucker, that much is obvious. The dessert course is a generous heaping of Travis’ sweet and sticky cum.

Watch Travis Rider’s Video Clip | Visit

  • porndog

    The pic of him getting rimmed is priceless! He knows how to arch that back! We’ll be seeing him with his legs in the air in no time; hopefully before Jake has a crack at him.

    • Timah

      LMAO… I was thinking the same thing, he is as str8 as the letter Z.

      On a different note, that girl is hot, the guy is not.

    • porndog

      I was thinking the same thing about the girl. I also thought, boy it would be nice to have an attractive female on CF’s ACS for a change.

  • fresero_abre_culos

    Just what I didn’t want to see: a horse face shitbag FUG! Next stop BB flip flop with Orca! BARF!

    • bananahead05

      Pardon – I’m new – but who is this Orca I’ve seen mentioned before?

    • fresero_abre_culos

      the vomit worthy Jake Cruise.

  • tadnarsa

    Ewwwwww. Ugly face. Not a pretty guy at all. The women looks far better, which is quite sad. Come on porn industry, cant you cast people that actually look cute, pretty, young, and vibrant, maybe such as Josh or Elijah types on CJ?

  • Diamone

    That was neat. Now is there a part in the video where Travis leaves and the straight guy enters?

  • Daniel

    Fug tats and the face isn’t faring too much better either.

  • Auggy

    Yup. It’s pretty sad when the girl is more attractive on a pornsite catered to gay men.

  • Ashtom

    The only thing i like bout this is the boxer briefs. The girl aint that bad either *coughs*.

  • beirut

    lesbian sex.