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SeanCody: Brandon (III)

Brandon III at SeanCody

Brandon III at SeanCody

Brandon III at SeanCody

Brandon III at SeanCody

Brandon III at SeanCody

Brandon III at SeanCody

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Sean Cody wrote:

Summer is my favorite time of year. It kicks off with a long weekend,some food on the grill, and best of all, lots of hot guys at the beach running around nearly naked!

No one defines summer perfection like Brandon does. The instant I saw him standing there with his tight shirt stretched across his torso, I had this feeling that he was going to be fun!

I love being right. He is quietly confident, with an understated, sarcastic sense of humor. He is probably a guy that can make anyone want to sleep with him just by looking at them.

“What part of your body gets the most attention from people?”

“My chest.”

“You realize I am going to make you show it off right?”

“Probably.” He smiled.

“Loose the shirt… you knew that was coming.”

“I might mess up my hair,” he laughed.

I wouldn’t care if he had walked in with bed head! Brandon’s body? Amazing! He is naturally smooth, with perfect skin, big muscles, and an awesome butt that does not quit!

Watch Brandon at

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  • muffintop

    Nice body but he’d probably look better with a haircut. He’d look better as a bottom which probably means SC is going to make him mostly a top…

  • Guy

    Very nice indeed! That is one absolutely perfect ass.

  • Auggy

    Meh. He’s okay. Not my type and his smile was obviously forced because it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

  • I dunno, man. Maybe he needs a haircut.

  • Riley

    Brandon III is HOT and I WOULD SLEEP with HIM and then SOME!!!!! ;)

    And the people trying to get him to cut his hair are stupd its hair get over it sheesh.

    And the haircut Nazis are back.

  • twinkemopunk808

    hes pretty hot- def my type.. nice face and body!

  • Mak

    Nice nipples on him. Let’s see him in action!

  • adidas28

    Heck, yes.

  • Sushi

    Gorgeous All-American type with a rockin’ body and a great ass. Those forced smile pics at the beginning are a bit much, but in action he is Gore-Gee-US!

    Holy crap I hope he comes back!!

  • Fazz

    Absolutely Adorable! YES YES YES!!

  • hollydick

    really hot ! a future bottom if he’ll return !!

  • Ryder25

    Love him. Hate the fake smile. He must have been either really nervous or really unhappy.

  • samtomez

    He’s adorable! His chest is amazing, it’s definitely a standout feature. Plus he’s got beautiful skin, a hot body and a plump ass. Wow, he needs to come back ASAP!

  • Kelo

    He’s cute in the “I wanna punch the smile off his face” kinda way.

  • Aries16



    M A R K and ASAP!!! or
    B R E T T …….
    CALVIN and or ETHAN as WELL…


  • jazz

    Very cute, great body…can’t wait to see him with his legs up in the air!

  • Jared

    There’s like no point in getting excited. Sean Cody has been tricking us all year. They have solo updates with all these super hot guys and then have duo updates with all the most busted forgettable bastards they have.

    • Sushi

      Exactly. Every uggo and old fart gets paired up, and all the hotties are NEVER seen again!

  • Daniel

    Incredibly sexy bod. He would make an amazing bottom.

  • Jerome

    Oh yess yess yesss! His body is ah-maz-ing!
    Get him back in some man on man action PRONTO! :)

  • kaiser karl

    damn, look at those nipples!! he is so my type!

    Brandon and Brodie.. my nipple-heroes! yummy~

    owh yes, Brandon reminds me of Michael Cassidy a lot!

  • Ashtom


  • WeaponX

    Magnificent body, awesome ass, face is fine, maybe the forced smile is what doesn’t make me like it better, great ass, did I say that? LOL.
    I would be very surprised if he comes back…

  • Mike

    How did a “Fratman” stumble onto the SC site? Gorgeous without being pretty. And his smile is more natural in the vid than in the posed pics. He has a great body; that ass is spectacular. Leave the hair alone; it works for him.

    To me, a solo is just a boring pro forma introduction to be shown before a guy returns for a pairing. SC’s habit of showing hot guys we never see again is frustrating. I would love to see him again. But SC doesn’t usually want what I want, so this is probably a one and out.

    • von schlomo

      I agree with every word!

  • Chuliaka

    He is really hot.
    He can fuck me right now.

  • elmtree

    Beautiful body, flawless ass, not bad/kinda cute face…sign me up!

    • elmtree

      And he is completely adorable in the vid. Please come back Brandon, your fans await!

  • Nick Minaj

    We wont see the kid again, so who cares.

  • moondoggy

    Very hot, but what did I just say yesterday about pointing your dick right into the camera? Makes it look one-inch long.

    • Ashtom

      Well, hes not 10″ either.

  • fresero_abre_culos

    This guy is HOT! What a body! What a body! Finaly a guy that is not into the trany eyebrow thing! Hope he comes back to get his hot ass fucked!

    • porndog

      Hold the phone, folks! Fresero LIKES this one! wooohooo! I’ll have to mark my calendar. :)

    • custard


      Then on principle, we must oppose this choice! Sorry, Brandon. Nothing personal, dude. lol

    • kd

      I can’t believe you actually said something complimentry but most of all I can’t believe that I agree w/ you about anything. I guess there is some hope for you after all

  • dio

    very hot. I hope he comes back and is paired with Calvin or Jake or Curtis or Ethan. :-D

    it’s funny though; his head does NOT match his body, looks like it belongs on a 14 y/o. LOL

  • adamdays23

    hot, please bring back Jess , Jake, Nolan and Ethan. I hope Jess bottom try bottoming soon. Sean Cody needs another Jerk off contest.

  • porndog

    Hot, cute, adorable, a breath of fresh air! This guy is just what SC needs right now. I can imagine the possibilities! Cute smile, I just wanna tousle his hair and pinch his cheeks (all 4)! I truly hope he comes back in any capacity. Guys like him don’t come around very often.

  • jjj

    He perfect :))

  • shock55


  • sliderboi

    gorgeous body and smile, I’d love to suck and lick those nipples… phew!

  • limn

    He’s going to be a superstar bottom on SC! That body is so freakin hot especially the pecs and nipples! The tops will really enjoy pounding this boy and his cute ass!

  • littlebird

    The fuck is wrong with these guys and their really awkward smiles?

  • littlebird

    On second thought, after watching the video…HIS ASS IS PERFECT.

    • porndog

      I know, his ass is perfection! The pics don’t do it justice.

    • Ashtom

      Im sry i just have to express my disagreement.

  • VegasRich

    This one is damn cute. If I was 18 again, I would be all over it. My favorite shot has to be the first one with the slight outline in his pants.

    • JamieP

      Yes, it’s a really great shot for sure. But then all of them are.

  • 007james

    WELL Hello…Brandon! :)

  • Juan Diego

    In my opinion, this guy is just perfection. I don’t think he needs a haircut or anything else. I guess my favourite pic is the second one. I can’t wait to see him interacting with other SC models, preferably with Jamie, Jeff, Allen, Donny, Ethan or Kurt. By the way is Kurt still around?.

  • Nate

    Damn sin and a shame if SC doesnt get that ass back to get fucked. He is cute and I like the hair. He must not become one of the solo only multitude at SC

  • jag2power

    Hello lover!!
    My gosh what a fine. That ass is begging to be tasted and I know just the guy to do it, but it may not set well with some on this blog. Brodie. Someone who knows how to eat a fine ass. Brandon is adorable. Whoever gets the chance will need both hands to pry that mean slab of flesh apart to get to the cherry middle. Whew! I’m out.

  • von schlomo

    Have not seen the video so I don’t know how he is personality wise, but just based on what we can see here I would NOT change a damn thing! This kid is the hottest guy I have seen on SC in a long, long time.

    I doubt it’s any relation but does anyone see a resemblance between him and All American Guy’s Josh Ohl?

  • markjohnson200947

    A very cute smile… He reminds me of Boyd from Sean Cody.


    Fucking Beautiful’ such a lovely arse, damn come back boy and bottom soon. Typical had to appear now my subscription is finished…

  • tyler

    if he isnt perfection i dont know who is

  • Helluva Bottom Carter

    This is either the best or worst tease SC has done in a while. He MUST come back. Look at that ass!

  • RobertF

    You all are kind right who complain about the fakes smile, but if you consider he’s a beginner, it’s no wonder he’s feeling a bit strange at the first time in front of all those camreas and stuff. That’s just natural. And he’s still one of the few who doesn’t seem scripted. Or at least I don’t get that cheap porntalk feeling when he talks.
    And man when he talkes… He’s just THE guy!