Corbin Fisher: Cameron Fucks Sean

Cameron Fucks Sean at CorbinFisher

Cameron Fucks Sean at CorbinFisher

Cameron Fucks Sean at CorbinFisher

Cameron Fucks Sean at CorbinFisher

Cameron Fucks Sean at CorbinFisher

Cameron Fucks Sean at CorbinFisher

Cameron Fucks Sean at CorbinFisher

Watch Cameron & Sean at

I’ve been waiting to put these two together!

Cameron and Sean are almost complete opposites in every way. Shorter, blond and always the life of the party, Cameron loves nothing more than to raise a little hell everywhere he goes. And he always does it with such damn charm it’s hard to take offense.

Sean is tall, dark and handsome and lends a laid-back presence around here I think somehow his calmness comes from years of competing in extreme sports. After all the injuries and broken bones from that, what can faze him?

But both guys are extremely hot! Seeing Cameron’s tightly muscled frame against Sean’s solid muscles, seeing how these different personalities would play off of each other … and seeing how they would turn each other on … was going to be a blast!

After a swim, Cameron and Sean towel off. Cameron is usually the mischievous one, but Sean has

a playful streak as well. “Your nipples are hard,” Sean tells Cameron and pinches one. Cameron towels off Sean’s back. It’s an almost tender moment from Cameron! It’s like they’ve somehow switched roles.

They lay down. Cameron kisses Sean, then goes down on Sean’s nipple, kissing and biting it. “You like that, baby?” Cameron asks. They kiss again. Sean pulls Cameron’s cock out and sucks it.

Then Sean lays back and pulls his already stiff dick out. Cameron sucks it while stroking his hard cock. He alternates between sucking and stroking Sean. He gives Sean’s nuts some attention as well, before heading back up to put that shaft back in his mouth.

Sean rolls over on top of Cameron, kissing his torso and then going down on his dick. Sean kisses Cameron while grinding on his dick. “Fuck me,” he says quietly. He helps Cameron lube up and then he slides down on Cameron’s cock.

Cameron thrusts up inside Sean’s ass. Sean tells him to fuck him from behind. Cameron’s happy to oblige! Cameron fucks Sean doggy-style, smacking his ass. “Get that white ass a little red,” Cameron says.

Sean gets on his back and Cameron kisses him. Holding Sean’s legs up, he slides back inside him. Cameron fucks him faster. Sean strokes a load out of his cock. Cameron helps him finish stroking.

“You gonna come for me?” Sean asks. Cameron pounds him faster, then pulls out and dumps his load on top of Sean’s stomach.

Ever the joker, Cameron wipes up some of the cum and smears it on Sean’s chest, then runs for the pool. Sean smiles and promises to get him back for that, as he runs after Cameron.

Watch Cameron & Sean at

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  • elmtree

    Based on the first insertion shit above, looks like condoms (or at least rings) are back. Let the discussion begin…

    I would happily spend some quality time with Cameron and his fuckable ass!

    • elmtree

      Not to beat this into the ground, but why no cum eating? Sean has certainly done it before and seemed to quite enjoy it.

    • moondoggy

      Insertion shit? So many Freudian possibilities, so little time.

    • elmtree

      LOL, didn’t even notice the “shit” instead of “shot”, funny!

      Also should be “beat” instead of “beet” in my second post. That’s what I get for typing on my smart (?) phone.

      OMG, I’m turning into Jonny M with my multiple comments on CF posts…just playing with you Jonny!

    • You initially entered ‘beet’; which is an edible root. We don’t normally spell check as some other sites tend to do, but we happened to notice this and changed it to ‘beat’ for you.

    • Younglove231

      I would like to see Sean top on this one

    • Jonny Marzetti

      I never expected that CF would abandon condoms *completely* on ACM — at least not for awhile, which is OK with me as long as they do a reasonable number of 100.0% BB scenes (although I would certainly *prefer* that they go 100% BB).

      I notice that this scene has earned exactly 4 stars, which isn’t bad. But scenes with Sean usually get *at least* a little *over* 4, and Cameron has been very popular lately. So I’m guessing this scene would have been rated higher without the condom — especially since they focused on Cameron putting it on. Coming right after the sites first ACM full-BB in years (Cain/Jon) may have also accentuated the disappointment for many viewers.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      @elmtree What’s this about my multiple posts re CF? Clearly you’re exaggerating. Hey, I can guarantee you won’t see two posts in a row from me on THIS thread. ;)

    • elmtree

      @Waybig: thanks for the correction

      @Jonny: LOL!!

    • kewl

      In the photo of them with their hands against the glass block wall, looking over their right shoulders, Cameron’s ass is about as PERFECT as a boy’s ass can get!

  • moondoggy

    Oh my. I thought we were making progress, but now it appears that we are [bare]backsliding. I see a condom in one pic and not in another.

    As for the guys, Sean is still fucking beautiful, though something about his haircut bothers me here. Cameron’s ass looks better than Sean’s in their “spread em” pic, so I sort of wish that Sean was fucking him instead.

  • jazz

    So maybe only the Thursday updates will be bareback now. LOL

  • Beetlejuice

    Both guys are hot. Sean has a forgettable ass. Would have been better if Cameron bottomed, but CF never films the best of Cam’s ass anyway.

    • Auggy

      Yeah, I prefer Cameron as a bottom too.

  • Bradster

    Love both of these guys, so I’m liking this update a lot.

    Bonus that there’s no Dawson in it.

  • DaddyYankee

    Two of the hottest CF’s boys together. Nice one!

    Cameron is gorgeous and so Sean. I’m in love with Sean’s chest!

  • dio

    Cameron’s body looks painted on in the photo shoot shots, but epic in the actual screen caps. Like, really. Dood’s ass alone is, like, bonkers crazy perfection.

    anyway, the IDEA of this pairing is really fucking hot. I’m hopeful it looks good in motion.

  • fresero_abre_culos

    the best thing of the video is that dawson, travis and kenny are not in it!

    • DaddyYankee

      You’re damn right. I think is time for CF to retire Kenny, Dawson and Travis from the porn industry.

    • Auggy

      Dawson, Kenny, Travis, AND Connor. You forget to add the passionless and way overused Connor, Fresero. :)

  • DaddyYankee

    However, I would have preferred to watch Russ in this update, possibly with Aiden.

    • Colby Parr

      Amen. When is Russ going to make an appearance with a guy?

  • porndog

    Nice pairing. CF certainly made it a point to send over a closeup of the penetration “with condom” shot so there would be no ambiguity. Looks like they’re straddling the fence again in usual CF fashion trying to please everyone and pleasing no one in the process. And here I thought they had turned a corner with the last update. Oh well, at least I didn’t run over and subscribe.

    • FeydRautha

      I think this scene predates Cain & Jon by some months. I’m guessing there are several of these full condom or half-bareback scenes still in the can and it’ll be a while before we know whether last Thursday’s update is their new direction or merely an aberration.

    • porndog

      Hope you’re right, Feyd. But I don’t trust these sites with their maneuvering; showing scenes out of sequence, trying to grab more subscribers by showing an old video here and there; introducing bareback and then showing an old video that isn’t. It’s getting old. And everything is done under a shroud of secrecy and mystery. It’s the old carrot & stick routine.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      Recall that Chaosmen did a mix of BB and condom for quite awhile. Of course it was never in the same scene, which is strictly a bizarro CF specialty that is hopefully going to end soon.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      But in line with what FeydRautha said, it could be awhile until we know whether what happened full BB a la Cain/Jon is here to stay, even just on an alternate-update or occasional basis. But if Thursday’s update turns out to be 100.0% BB, I think we’ll have a pretty good idea that such updates are going to become either frequent or the norm.

  • jazz

    I wanna see Cameron’s beautiful ass get pounded mercilessly by Aiden.

    • Jonny Marzetti

      I second your motion.

    • elmtree

      Third! Yum!!

  • CarlosEduarc

    Guys this vid was shot 2-3 months ago! I saw the second picture at another site months ago. If the next vid was shot ealier it’s gonna be another bareback but this one is old!

  • jj193

    is sean british? i haven’t watched any of his vids so i don’t know, but there’s something very english (read:chav) looking about him.

    • FeydRautha

      LOL! Yeah, his haircut does look a bit like a Hoxton fin. But no, he’s not British.

    • kd

      he’s from Florida; his Facebook page was linked here in an earlier post

  • CarlosEduarc

    2 Delicous butts! Yummy!

  • von schlomo

    I get that these two are both technically new, but aside from a few of the brand newbies, Sean and Cameron are the only CF dudes I even wanna see!….so sick of all the other regulars

  • Tom

    Compared with other sites I personally regard CF as boring and trite.
    The only guy I really liked was Cade … I miss him !

  • muffintop

    Hot guys but should have been the other way around.

    • muffintop

      Oops, hit post too soon. It also looks like Sean is soft here(?). Wasn’t he hard the other times he bottomed?

  • tyler

    now that i have seen Cameron’s ass it’s all of my focus in his scenes

  • ChicagoBoyRN

    I love Sean’s bush!!! Hope he does not shaved them off….

  • effierum

    It’s such a crime having a scene with Cameron without his ass being used! At least Sean is his partner so other than that, no complaints here

  • Daniel

    Not bad.

  • twinkemopunk808

    sean is hot & cameron is cute. i gotta say tho cams hairline is receding faster than dawsons.. & for that reason it makes him not so hot

  • cdman

    Wow….First my favorite CF newbie Jon bottoms again about a week ago, and my close second favorite Sean bottoms again here! Love it…thanks CF!

  • Res1

    Are they taking steroids? They seem to have bulked up quite a bit. Cameron’s bussy is out of this world. This looks amazing, but as soon as you download…I mean stream the video from Corbin Fisher’s website with a subscription you quickly notice how underwhelming their videos are.

    • Dixster9inch

      Creatin… is their muscle inducing size substitute and Muscle Milk at CF….

    • tyler

      the pic by the pool looks very roidish, they are so adorable already i hope they dont bulk out like the otherwise gorgeous aiden

  • kinezo

    wouldve been great if they both ate each others cum and sucked each others cock dry before making out some more.

  • Southbay

    I love anything Sean is in he’s cute. Jon is my favorite and then Sean is right behind him. If only they did a scene together. I would be in heaven

  • zemyazem




    • tomtomson

      do you know that you’re always typing with caps lock?! Mind typing with small letters, please?

  • kd

    it was good but could have been so much hotter; don’t think these two had that much chemistry. Both are really good looking and two of my current favorites but this one is not a keeper. I agree it would have been hotter if Cameron was the one who got fucked; that ass of his is just too perfect not to be plowed.

  • DaddyYankee

    Can someone paste the link of Sean’s Facebook page?

  • Orochimaru

    Nice update!

  • Sushi

    So much to LOVE in this video! Sean back again and bottoming, Cameron back again with his ultra-spectacular ass, and no other CF fugsters around!

    I’m concerned about Cam’s possible ‘roid use too, I’m not diggin’ it. Of course this would have been smoking as a flip, or with Cameron bottoming, but I’m not complaining.

    I’m not sure why all the hatred of condoms. it doesn’t bothet me a bit.

  • alias74

    Yeah…Cameron’s getting huge! I won’t speculate but Cameron as a bottom? He’s very yelpy and yippy (which can be a turn on sometimes – that weird zone watching a bottom get fucked where they’re straddling that zone between pleasure and pain), but in most of Cam’s bottoming clips he just seems really UNCOMFORTABLE (and all that pillow and sheet biting should STOP).
    Sean on the other hand…..Legend in the making (although clearly he did NOT like getting rammed by Cain on the exclusive condom free Guys Gone Bi clip as evidenced by his limp cock while getting fucked.

  • Billy.Sive

    Sean is the hottest guy in Cf since Cain.. WHY did you pair him with Cameron, WHYYYY!!!!