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SeanCody: Nick & Jeffrey

Nick & Jeffrey at SeanCody

Nick & Jeffrey at SeanCody

Nick & Jeffrey at SeanCody

Nick & Jeffrey at SeanCody

Nick & Jeffrey at SeanCody

Nick & Jeffrey at SeanCody

Watch Nick & Jeffrey at SeanCody

I had a great conversation with Nick right after his first video. I asked him if he would be open to sex with another guy. He didn’t say no, but he asked if he could check out more of the site to see what it was all about. A few days later…I got an e-mail back asking about Jeffrey!

I was very happy when Nick returned, but he seemed a little anxious…

“Are you excited? Are you nervous? Are you scared?” I asked Nick.

“You know, a little bit of all those things.”

“Did you do any research before you came here?”

“He said he watched a few of my videos…” Jeffrey said.

“Yeah, a little bit of his stuff,”Nick added.

“What did you think?”

“Well you know…I was happy!”

They were both more than happy. Jeffrey knew that he had to show Nick the ropes and he did just that…sucking on Nick’s cock and rimming his hairy ass. True to form, Jeffrey’s cock jumped out of his pants hard and ready for action. The look on Nick’s face while Jeffrey pumped in and out of him clearly said that this was what he was waiting for!

Watch Nick & Jeffrey at SeanCody

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  • elmtree

    Can’t say I’m surprised to see Nick back getting fucked…and enjoying it. While the vid is not uber exciting (mainly cuz I’ve seen too much of Jeffrey lately) these two seem like a good pairing.

  • Carl

    Two bottoms??

    • I Am Jake


  • VegasRich

    Nick’s return was about as inevitable as the sun coming up. Nothing against him he just doesn’t do it for me though I must admit he looked better in the video than he did in the pictures.
    Putting him in this standard SC video with standard Jeffrey as his top was the epitome of mundane and boring. Nothing, absolutely nothing to see here.

  • Bradster

    Nick’s pretty hot, but Jeffrey is just gross.

    • tomtomson

      hear hear- could not have said it better myself!

    • I Am Jake

      Actually, I could say it better: “Nick’s NOTHING SPECIAL but Jeffrey is just gross.”

  • Two boring twinks fucking. Blah!

  • stevie nowonder

    I am so glad to see all these negative comments! Yes, they are more than GROSS! I can’t wait for the next update- hope to see some hunk again!!

  • moondoggy

    I was feeling pretty tepid toward these skinny guys, but the cumshot is impressive.

  • jazz

    Please retire Jeffrey ASAP!

  • dio

    what an unexpected and riveting update. Not.

    when Nick is unsmiling, he has this really sexy, intense look. But, all the faces he’s pulling in the vid kind of ruin that. Jeffrey, I find completely unattractive, and think it’s a laugh how SC keeps trying to make him happen. -_-

    • I Am Jake

      Probably because someone at SC has a thing for skin just barely covering bones?

  • Mike

    No surprise in Nick coming back. But I think he is very fuckable.

  • DaddyYankee

    I don’t know why, but I expected this. I knew Nick would have come back, and I knew Jeffrey would have been on top again.

    • DaddyYankee

      I forgot to say:
      by now I think Jeffrey is gay. He’s always hard as rock, probably is the guy with the hardest dick in Sean Cody.

    • dio

      he could just be your average scrawny, white, straight guy that gets off on fucking other guys simply on account he has control/power issues. LOL

    • DaddyYankee

      Excuse me? I really didn’t understand what you said. English in not my own lenguage, sorry.

  • Jerome

    I swear i just said last week that i was glad it wasnt Jeffrey in the duo! Im guessing SC took that as a personal challenge to make sure he was in the next one. I only want to see Jeffrey bottoming, other then that he’s useless to me.
    Nick on the otherhand looks so hot. Those lips…mmmm….now if they would just put him with an actual top.

    • darkthunder1983

      Yeah, I’m with you. I liked Jeffrey a lot at first but now I don’t like him as much because he’s SC’s Dawson and just refuses to bottom. I think he’s afraid of bottoming again which I don’t know why because clearly he enjoyed Brodie “smooshing” him up against that wall. As for Nick, well I knew he’d come back and I am in no way surprised that he’s bottoming. They’re going to make Nick and Immanuel bottom for every person and they’re going to keep bringing (some) of the older guys like Lance back. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen Dennis in a while.

  • Dorse

    I agree that Nick looks better in the vid than the pics. And he looks cute getting banged. Wish he had taken the load though–that would have established his bottomhood solidly.

  • Res1

    Nick should be on Next Door Twink, not Sean Cody. That’s all. :)

  • bloody mary

    IDGAF, I like Jeffrey. I think he’s cute and has a beautiful ass.

    • LuckyinKentucky

      I agree with you. I’d love to do a flip-flop with him!

    • jbyrd

      I’m new to Waybig so go easy on me people! I couldn’t agree more Bloody Mary, Jeffrey is very adorable and I can’t believe all the hate towards him on here. I think Dawson is ok but I would go to bed quicker with Jeffrey before I would Dawson besides I love Jeffrey’s big mushroom head!

    • darkthunder1983

      It has more or less to do with the fact that Jeffrey tops a ton and is on updates quite often. He’s Sean Cody’s answer to Corbin Fisher’s Dawson although I’d take Jeffrey any day over Billboard Brow.

  • ET6789

    Is Jeffrey Gay or Bisexual?

    • Res1

      LMAO. Do you have to ask?

    • DaddyYankee

      I think he’s totally gay. His dick is rock hard even in the pants.

    • darkthunder1983

      DaddyYankee, I couldn’t agree with you more. If he’s not, Jeffrey Junior sure is.

  • Fazz

    JO material for today! :D And it’s good material, REALLY good.

    Man! I really do love Jeffrey a lot. Have since day one, even when others didn’t. He’s got soooo much raw sexual energy that wants OUT. I mean he was hard as soon as his clothes came off in his last shoot with Allen. And it was a flip flop, had all the “trimmings” .

  • Southbay

    I have today nick looks hot getting fucked in this video! Jeffrey I’m about tired of topping

  • Sushi

    Hey! Who was saying last week that the ugly one would be back? Oh that’s right—ALL OF US!!

    Sean Cody is once again proving how useless their membership is by advancing the dogs, and giving us only solos of the true hotties.


    • DaddyYankee

      You’re absolutely right! If you see the most beautiful guys are used only for solos or at most for having their dicks serviced. Stop!

      Where the hell are Brandon, Adriano, Kennan, Nicholas, Nathan, Byron, Gabriel? All these studs appeared in the last months, no one returned for fuck session.

      Sean Cody, why are you still opened?

    • jazz

      And let’s not leave Abel off the “beautiful but never returned” list.

  • CarlosEduarc

    SC FUCKING PISS ME OFF when they pair a hot boy like Nick with nasty flugly like Jeffrey. JEFFREY MUST RETIRE FORM PORN ASAP! It’s insane what is hapening with SC.

    I want to see Nick and Liev fuck asap too!

  • porndog

    Unlike most here, I like Jeffrey and have no problem seeing him on the regular, and have no problem with him topping. Sure, I would prefer him to bottom more, but he’s a capable and dependable top. Besides, I think he’s cute, and he has certainly come out of his shell from being so reserved and quiet. Nick, we all knew would return, so that’s no surprise. So, this is about as good as it gets for Sean Cody these days. It’s a decent fuck scene; no more, no less. I don’t expect more from this studio, which is why I canceled.

    • DaddyYankee

      I like Jeffrey too. In fact I’m not complaining about him.
      My criticism are for SC way to act.

  • Twinkwhore

    Nick looks great – totally adorable. And very fuckable. Nice cumshot too – as others have said, shame he didn’t swallow or get a facial…

  • Orochimaru

    I really don’t like Nick in his solo, but OMFG! in this update with Jeffrey they both is FUCKING CUTE! And if Nick chose Jess that would be awsome.

  • dio

    Nick looks like CF-Kenny’s better looking, younger bro. LOL

  • bob80

    How boring. This isn’t the SC I used to love (and subscribe to). Where are the manly guys? This is way too twinkish for me. It would be great on another site dedicated to twinks but not here.

  • jazz

    OMG the CF update made me throw up in my mouth. Dawson and Martin = YUCK!

  • DaddyYankee

    I was watching this video again, and I thought about Cooper (or Jake Price in Randy Blue). Cooper’s dick was always hard too, also in the condom.

    • porndog

      I recently read an article that Cooper is doing web shows (w/GF) and selling his used underwear online on some site.

    • ET6789

      @Porndog What is the link to that article you read about Cooper? I would like to check that out. He was one of my favorites.

  • Tony

    Jeffrey tops again. yet another boring and predictable SC update. this site and SC with his sexual hang ups has gone beyond boring.

  • jazz

    I don’t care what lies they tell in the video, this was NOT Nick’s first time at the rodeo!

  • jag2power

    Nick is a natural hole in one kind a boy. Notice no sucking, but estacsy is written over his face while getting plowed. However, I won’t be renewing for this one.

    • Geoff

      I did notice that Nick didn’t suck. He’ll kiss and get fucked, but won’t put a dick in his mouth?

  • humanoid

    jeffrey is not hot and nick’s eyebrows and facial expressions are unnecessarily fierce.

  • Daniel

    Nick’s quite the pretty boy, isn’t he?

  • Billy.Sive

    Love SC, love the type of guys they have with nice bodies and hot cocks. this is one of the few studios that has never let me down. just my opinion. Really hot scene.

  • Arglebargle

    They look good together. I’d like to see Nick and Byron or Allen.

  • jokerjack

    “Nick” is Katherine Kelly Lang’s son. She’s on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. A bit of a mini scandal brewing now, apparently…

  • adamdays23

    Sean Cody please have nick come back for more bottoming/topping scene maybe with Jess or Ethan. Please keep Nick.

  • Brannon

    The kid’s not really that good looking, but the story behind him makes it hot imo.

  • Manu Ochando

    bold and beautiful Ilove…