NextDoorBuddies: Poolboy’s Duties (Tyler Torro & Anthony Romero)

Poolboy's Duties (Tyler Torro & Anthony Romero) at Next Door Buddies

Poolboy's Duties (Tyler Torro & Anthony Romero) at Next Door Buddies

Poolboy's Duties (Tyler Torro & Anthony Romero) at Next Door Buddies

Poolboy's Duties (Tyler Torro & Anthony Romero) at Next Door Buddies

Anthony Romero’s job as Tyler Torro’s poolboy is pretty simple. Balance and maintain the proper pH levels, keep leaves and other things out, and of course, finish by letting Tyler fuck the shit out of him. Fairly standard, by all accounts. And best of all, when they are done, it’s just a quick dip in the pool to get all cleaned up again.

Watch Tyler Torro & Anthony Romero at NextDoorBuddies

  • Kenny

    I. Love. Anthony.

  • jinger

    Strikingly beautiful men

  • Ashtom

    I like the bottoms trunks.

  • elmtree


  • Mykons

    Stupid Hot. Stupid in that NO Pool Boy has ever worked in speedo trunks if they have I don’t know about it. Hot well just look at the pictures and video!

  • Phillip

    This is right up my alley. My absolute favorite of NDS, Tyler, and hotty Anthony. What more can I ask for from NDS? Anything besides this… I probably won’t like.

  • Kelo

    I found Tyler attractive until I found out he was a non-reciprocating motherfucker. BOOO!

  • zemyazem




  • Southbay

    Tyler is so hot! Love Anthony as well

  • Aries16

    Just saw it FREAKING HOT SEX!!!!!’!!!’:)) TYLER TORRO CAN FUCK ME ANYTIME what a hot hot hot body and fine piece of ASS and the panview of him tapping that fine piece of ass from Romero is a sight. This is bar none the hottest NDB video the shots and finally when banging that ass you can hear flesh against flesh both beautiful tight butt holeS oh my I’ve just wet myself. Love this video and how big throbbing hard TYLER TORROS Cock was not huge but stiff and thick amazing oh my whomever gets Tylers ass is LUCKY just an amazing body!!!

  • Sushi

    They are both way cute and sexy. Gotta watch this.


    When I saw the pictures, I thought here we go ‘style over substance’ then saw the trailer and the energy and fucking is hot. May join this site…

  • Grant Urwish

    Why is it I can’t ever get a pool boy like this guy Anthony. All by pool boys look like Ichabod Crane. And Tyler, I’d just keep him because he is Tyler and hot.

  • Daniel

    Delicious. Two of my favourite boys

  • porndog

    Tyler’s hot, but I never appreciate a one-sided performer. That ruins the whole thing for me. He’s just a step above Cody Cummings. When you see him, you know he’ll be getting a bj, rimjob, and fucking a bottom. That makes him both predictable and boring.

    Anthony’s a beautiful boy, and a draw for any scene.

  • twinkemopunk808

    love tyler and his sexy everything!