RandyBlue: Paul Wagner & Reese Rideout

Paul Wagner & Reese Rideout at Randy Blue

Paul Wagner & Reese Rideout at Randy Blue

Paul Wagner & Reese Rideout at Randy Blue

Paul Wagner & Reese Rideout at Randy Blue

Paul Wagner & Reese Rideout at Randy Blue

Watch Paul Wagner & Reese Rideout at RandyBlue

When you’ve got the vast experience that a hot stud like Reese Rideout has it’s easy to get jaded. You’ve had one guy, you’ve had them all. But the truth is that Reese loves man ass. And even if he plays it off, a hot guy will get him every time. And with someone as hot as Paul Wagner, it was obvious that Reese was going to go nuts for him. The chemistry between them was immediate. Once they were close enough to feel each others’ heat, looking deep into each others’ eyes and touching each others’ big hard muscle, they were gonna get hardcore, and quickly. Engulfing each other’s rock hard cocks in a steamy 69, they were both so horny they could hardly stand it. Then Reese buries his face deep in Paul’s bubble butt and gives him a rim job he’ll never forget. Then he starts fucking Paul with all he’s got, and from the sounds Paul is making he’s in ecstasy. He’s got it bad for Reese and can’t get enough.

Watch Paul Wagner & Reese Rideout at RandyBlue

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  • louie

    Reese really needs to bottom more, he has such a nice ass!

  • landreau

    Love Paul, but have never been much of a fan of Reese. Maybe if this was a flip flop, but even then… would have preferred someone along the lines of Alex Eden or someone a bit more masculine.

  • HKguy

    Love Paul, he is so damn sexy, ugh too bad he’s partnered with grease rideaway

  • jinger

    Not for me

  • Colby Parr

    Will never understand the Reese hot. He’s hot and can fuck. This is hot.

  • Sushi

    This Paul is fucking lovely! Man anything from here on out that he bottoms in will get my stamp of approval. Woof! Reese? Not so much.

  • Daniel

    Good god it’s Reese. Is anyone actually turned on by this?

    • humanoid

      not me…. reese is so out….

    • Sailor Venus

      I like Reese. Once you move past the smarmy-chipmunk meets Oregon bowler, he’s quite fantastic! And that body is a 12 on a 10 scale.

    • darkthunder1983

      I would if Paul weren’t on it.

  • Kelo

    Tsss tss.. Reese Rideout… more like…. Reese’s Pieces or sumthin’…

  • Bradster

    Poor Paul, stuck doing a scene with the oldest, fugliest hag in gay porn.

  • Beowulf

    NOOO!! If it’s Reese or nothing I’d rather Paul do another solo.

  • porndog

    Sexy pairing. Of course, anything with Paul is a winner. Reese is looking not tanned, and less ripped than I’m used to seeing him. He still looks good, tho.

  • Patrol

    Finally, the first RB Paul duo scene. Too bad it is a requisite pairing with Reese, whom I feel I already know everything about. I was really hoping Paul’s first partner would be Ash Taylor or Andrew Stark, or (in my wildest dreams) Ryan Stack.

    Paul has aged like a fine wine since his SC days. There is always something about his body to savor in every frame. I could almost get off on the heaving of his furry chest and abdomen alone. I also love his moans and grimacing which convey pain/ecstasy so perfectly. He’s the real deal.

  • Fazz

    Loving the body hair!

  • Tom

    Nice couple ! I m a Paul fan ! I think it s a good scene !

  • jag2power

    Two cute guys. Reese definately needs to get back on the bottom and he could let his hair grow out some to suit my tastes. Is there anyone in porn these days whose fun personality jumps off the screen like Reese’s? Something to be said for that.

  • elmtree

    As with most everyone else, I love Paul. He’s hot, hot, hot!

    Unlike most everyone else, I have no reason to hate on Reese. He has a hot body (little less so here tho), is a fairly reliable top (unusual at RB), and has a sexiness about him imo. I’m ok with him…

  • jugde6

    Well, better Rideout than Rockway. Pairing Mr. Nice personality with someone else would have been a huge mistake

  • Fireball

    Love me some Paul. Never been much of a Rideout fan though.

  • NotSoMuch

    I think Reese has become my guilty pleasure after seeing this. Suddenly I find him so freakin’ hot!

  • Helluva Bottom Carter

    Paul Wagner has always been and will always be perfect husband material. Look at that second pic and tell me otherwise.

    And he loves bottoming! Swoon.

  • Anton

    Love, LOVE Paul Wagner! Been a fan of his back when he was introduced to us at SeanCody. You couldn’t ask for a better bottom.

    Too bad he’s paired with Playedout. But I’ll give the devil its due and admit Playedout is a great top. That last video where he dominated Chad Hollon, slapping Chad’s face with a hand full of cum may have been the hottest video I’ve seen from not only Reese but RandyBlue. Reese finally put that cocky/smarmy personality to good use in that video (it also helped matters that Chad Hollon is a hot piece of ass and enjoyed every minute of Reese dominating him).

    This looks pretty hot. I’ll only watch it because of Paul, though.