RandyBlue: Derek Atlas and Nick Sterling

Derek Atlas and Nick Sterling at Randy Blue

Derek Atlas and Nick Sterling at Randy Blue

Derek Atlas and Nick Sterling at Randy Blue

Derek Atlas and Nick Sterling at Randy Blue

Derek Atlas and Nick Sterling at Randy Blue

Derek Atlas and Nick Sterling at Randy Blue

Watch Derek Atlas and Nick Sterling at RandyBlue

Morning wood is a problem that’s plagued mankind for ages. What’s a guy to do when he wakes up with a raging hard on in his shorts and can’t get any relief. You can ignore it and let it go away by itself or you can spank it and start your day with a smile. Or, if you’re anything like Derek Atlas, you call your porn model neighbor Nick Sterling over to help you take care of it. Nick has been hitting the gym overtime and looks absolutely amazing. He sucks Derek’s rock hard cock and rims his hot muscular butt for good measure. Then hung bodybuilder Derek takes his turn, digging his tongue deep into Derek’s hungry hole, teasing it enough to make Nick practically beg for a cock to get buried deep inside him. These two naked gay muscle hunks go at it hardcore with Derek pounding the hell out of Nick’s hot ass.

Watch Derek Atlas and Nick Sterling at RandyBlue

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  • jinger

    Love Derek

  • jugde6

    I wish I had a neighbor like Nick Sterling

    • Tom

      Hehehe … totally agree !

  • jazz

    I wish Derek had done more work with ChaosMen.

    • qaqa

      I agree and barring that I wish Derek had kept the chest hair he had when he was on ChaosMen…

  • Neobamboom

    As much as I love Nick, which is a lot, I just hate it he bottoms. He’s always so soft… He makes a better top. I have to watch his live shows to see if he’s gay or not.

    • von schlomo

      I’d blame Randy Blue for soft bottoms…aren’t they usually that way? In any event, based on Nick’s videos for CollegeDudes247, I definitely got the feeling he loves the cock in his private life and that he’s more of a bottom, tho I think he did both for CD247. But yeah, I really like Nick, too. :) Especially his work for CD.

    • Ted

      He says that he’s gay and a top, many times. I think that’s enough!

      Anyways, I think he bottoms because it probably pays more for people that are consistant toppers… and yeah it’s probably RB’s fault for soft bottoms, they probably don’t force their models to do as much stuff, but in turn it’s probably why models like to work with them (or part of the reason why)

    • landreau

      I love soft dicks and I love stocky bottoms. Nick is a natural bottom IMHO. I think Derek will bottom eventually, he’s already been fingered and dildoed on another site.

  • jag2power

    Wow! Derek is getting right on in there, I’ll say.

  • HF

    Looks really good to me :)

  • von schlomo

    Many didn’t think Derek would be back to do hardcore, but I can’t really say I’m super excited. I’ll mostly give this a look since Nick is there.

  • Sushi

    Looks like a nice pairing. Derek is great looking, and reminds me of Aiden from Corbin Fisher. Let’s hope he follows the path that Aiden took. ;)

  • Tom

    This is absolutely hot ! Nick is so cute and hot ! I don t care whether he tops or bottoms it s always worth watching it !

  • elmtree

    Nice surprise seeing Derek back for full on hardcore. And Nick…love him!

  • dio

    pretty hawt, tbh.

  • HKguy

    Hot hot hot,love both of these guys,,can’t wait for derek to bottom out!

  • Ike

    Derek IS gorgeous, but too bad bodybuilding can’t increase cock size.

    • Daniel

      A crying shame indeed.

      I wonder if Nick really felt that cocktail sausage inside him.

    • EmpireState

      So true; damn porn makes you think every guy has Godzilla dick when it’s totally the opposite. I’ll settle for small dick if the rest is good and Derek Atlas is good enough!

    • landreau

      It’s not about size for me. It’s just seeing that one guy is letting another guy invade him. Frankly, a big dick is a turnoff. I like porn that’s somewhat realistic — though Nick running over in his tighty whiteys was definitely not realistic — almost camp.

  • LGC

    Derek, stunning as always. Hope we bottoms one of these days. :3

  • LGC

    Derek, stunning as always. Hope he bottoms one of these days. :3

  • fyrefly

    previously randyblue released two of my least fav guys (un-lucky and i forget, nuff said) but this time….well, nick sterling in any video (oh just remembered nico was the pairing with lucky) even with nicco made it worthwhile, but with a sexy sweet-looking tall muscular stud like derek atlas….perfect! worth the wait.

  • Patrol

    Nice opening! Derek asleep in the nude with a hard-on is a fantasy easy to slip into. I wouldn’t have minded if the camera lingered, Fratmen-style, for a moment longer.

    Personality aside, Derek is delicious eye candy. Before Paul Wagner’s first RB duo came out I was hoping Paul would flip-flop with Derek. And seeing the fleeting look of defeat on Derek’s face when he didn’t cum on the live show when the hour’s up was an interesting glimpse into a non-cocky side of him.

    I wish I had a neighbor like Nick too, haha. Sometimes when Nick’s bored or in a bad mood on live chat he lets it show, which I always find amusing because the other models are all so eager to please.

  • hotslimeuroguy

    what a hot vid… i want to be neighbours with them