Drill My Hole: Personal Trainer (Tyr Alexander & Tyler St. James)

Personal Trainer (Tyr Alexander & Tyler St. James) at Drill My Hole

Personal Trainer (Tyr Alexander & Tyler St. James) at Drill My Hole

Personal Trainer (Tyr Alexander & Tyler St. James) at Drill My Hole

Personal Trainer (Tyr Alexander & Tyler St. James) at Drill My Hole

Personal Trainer (Tyr Alexander & Tyler St. James) at Drill My Hole

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Tyler St. James has money problems; his parents recently passed away and left him a beautiful cabin in the woods, now the tax man is after him for the property transfer. Tyler would like nothing more than to keep this cabin so he has decided to offer personal training to make a little extra income. Tyler is looking forward to today, his very first appointment. Tyr Alexander is a hungry bottom, the day that he found out that the mass of muscle jogging down his street every day was offering personal traing and was desperate for cash he signed up. Tyr intention is less about jogging and more about gagging on his trainerís pole, not even five-minutes into the workout he’s already asking for a more personal service. Tyler, always the gentlemen, kindly explains in his sexy accent that he’s not that type of personal trainer and would like to get back to business, but Tyr doesn’t stop his advances. Finally in a fit of emotion and anger Tyler snaps unleashing a hidden rage, Tyr may have gotten more than he planned for…

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  • dio

    i’m sorry, I just cannot @ Tyler St. James. :-/ Tyr Alexander is cute though.

  • darkthunder1983

    Never heard of this site before.

    • has suddenly become one of my favorites lately, they feature rough sex scenes, almost rape like. Which I admit turn me on so bad! and they often pair a bug hunk with a slender, smaller guy. I’m small myself, but unlike other twinks, I generally seek very well built guys (to little success though).

    • Ashtom

      @ halfeatenpeach Haha, your sincerity is cute. ;)

    • @Ashton Thanks :))))

  • Colby Parr

    Anyone who doesn’t find Tyler St. James hot is crazy! Hottest guy in porn by far.

  • jinger

    I like Tyr, and Tyler has an amazing body

  • Jonny Marzetti

    The writeup is both ludicrous and repulsive. After reading that big turn-off I could care less about the pictorial.

    • Ryder25

      I agree. Who writes this shit? Why bring the poor guy’s dead parents into it? Not exactly a turn-on.

    • CarlosEduarc is trying to make a gay version of Brazzers concept. A gay porn studio stealing straight pon shit concept!

    • beirut

      umm.. it’s a storyline/scenario? the guy’s parent’s arent dead and didnt leave him a cabin in the wood… lol

    • Patrol

      I love bad writeups. This one is priceless.

  • armour

    This looks so hot

  • humanoid

    only one tattoo among them, they still manage to look tacky and trashy….

  • Southbay

    Tyler St. James has one nice looking dick! Wow

  • porndog

    The premise of this is a bit of a turn-off, but Tyler is hot!

  • lennylenny

    This is way too funny to get off on.

  • elmtree

    Wow, never seen this Tyler before but, damn! That body…and that cock, yum!!

  • Colby Parr

    Gosh, I love this man. Yes, his hair douchey, but his Southern accent makes up for it.

  • HKguy

    Tyler St. James is things wet dreams are made of but seriously with the guy with over the top dramatics??? Lol WTF

  • manu

    TYLER St James would look a lot better with a fat cock in his ass !!

    • jag2power

      Tyler St. James is my new baby daddy. Sorry, for queening out just now, but where did he come from. Lordy, Lordy!

    • Colby Parr

      Even though I found it disgusting, he actually has bottomed already. He has a video with Tyler Andrews on

    • Daniel

      He’s bottomed for Tyler Andrews

  • adowhat

    the dramatic posing (faces) and horrible write-up ruin any potential. well, that ugly bottom really ruined it for me…lol

  • FFVIIMidgar

    Tyler Saint James is fucking beautiful!!! He needs to stay on top, please!

  • sliderboi

    Tyler is roided-out, I don’t like the hand-around-the-neck hint-at-violence videos, however Tyr’s hair might drive me to being violent.

  • Kelo

    lmfao at the O in HOLE being an actual asshole. D:

    these guys are more repulsive to look at than the logo though

  • Daniel

    I’m surprised if Tyler didn’t break Tyr.

  • mat

    Tyr Alexander is too cute,besides being an awesome performer!this is a nice studio…

  • Helluva Bottom Carter

    Comedy tonight, apparently.

  • twinkemopunk808

    tyler is hot! reminds me of that dude jason on general hospital