Big Dicks At School: Seducing the Professor (Tyler Sweet & Matt Cole)

Seducing the Professor (Tyler Sweet & Matt Cole) at BigDicksAtSchool

Seducing the Professor (Tyler Sweet & Matt Cole) at BigDicksAtSchool

Seducing the Professor (Tyler Sweet & Matt Cole) at BigDicksAtSchool

Seducing the Professor (Tyler Sweet & Matt Cole) at BigDicksAtSchool

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Tyler Sweet loves college life, the parties, the people, and the sex. Tyler however isn’t the best student and is barely getting by without getting kicked out. Tyler is really struggling with Professor Cole’s class and got a “D” on the last test pretty much guaranteeing that he will fail this class and ultimately get kicked out of school. Tyler is desperate for a solution to pass Professor Cole’s class and would do almost anything to stay in school. The rumour around school is that professor Cole can be persuaded to give a better grade simply by flirting with him, but Tyler needs a heck of a lot more than just a grade bump and is going to need to go the extra mile. Tyler decides the only way he is going to get Professor Cole to give him a pass is for Tyler to give up his ass!

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  • LikeWhoa!

    Mmmmm, Tyler Sweet.

  • eggsel

    Matt Cole gace just ain’t right :S and besides another gay-for-pay boring :/

    • Neobamboom

      I thought Matt Cole was openly gay?

    • eggsel

      nah he’s just another “bi” like the one in nextdoorstudios even in fireiland he was grossed out by gay men :7 what a shame

    • TheAceOfMen

      What are you talking about?

      Matt Cole is not a gay for pay at all.He is a gay for real.

      Matt Cole is not bi.Matt Cole is gay.

  • CarlosEduarc

    Professor got a fail tan!


  • Juan Diego

    I used to fantasize with this a lot when I was in high school.

  • moondoggy

    I approve of the effort to create a story, or at least a setup, for a sex scene. These guys are hot, but the setup gets a big FAIL. Raise your hand if you have ever seen a professor, even a professor of nutrition or sport science, who looks anything like this guy? If you want a gladiator on steroids (and I say that without scorn because this man looks yummy), then write a scene for that. But don’t put a bodybuilder in a chambray shirt, put a dictionary on a shelf behind him, and call him a professor. That is idiotic.

    • Ah… don’t over-analyze it. I’m grateful enough for this studio to hear my life long yearning. Big muscular guys fucking a slimmer guy. Not many other studios realize the hotness of this kind of pairing.

    • Patrol

      Porn setups always seem to have a built-in camp element to them. Most performers are only believable as jock, ex-con, school dropout… anyway, so the “roles” in these backstories are really just as real as Halloween costumes. I usually see the backstory as a springboard for my own imagination, but I supposed it could be said that if I were a paying customer I could demand better.

      Anyway, I obviously don’t subscribe to this site. But the write-ups so far sure have taken me back to an earlier era of hilariously bad porn!

  • WB, I just wanted to say thank you for letting us post what we want. Lord knows I cannot stand these other blogs always trying to police parole the comments and won’t let you have an opinion of your own unless you’re kissing these pornstars’ asses like they are something special. I’m taking about you QC and QMN.

    • moondoggy

      Not always.

    • Patrol

      What @Res1 said. I’ve been following this blog for only a few months but have absolutely enjoyed all the comments that are as funny as they are candid. I am also amazed by the encyclopedic knowledge of some of the regular posters, who seem to know porn the way some folks know baseball stats and Star Wars characters.

      I completely enjoy the variety of comments and personalities of the posters. Glad to see a place where fugly/tranny eyebrow comments and diatribes about ethnicity and condom use can co-exist; and glad I can be a part of it.

  • rojo

    Tyler Sweet is one smokin’ twink! I’m glad to see Matt Cole again and this is easily my favorite scene on MEN.COM.

  • manu

    I prefer seeing Matt taking it up the ass ., he’s an outstanding bottom

  • tomtomson

    what a horrid top. he’s been around the block, eh? yuck!

    • Daniel

      Hahaha I’d take him neck down

    • tomtomson

      i’d kick him out of my bed. looks like he’s had all possible STDs already…

  • sliderboi

    Tyler Sweet looks a lot better in this one, I can even get into the fantasy, one which I had with a hot student teacher in high-school. Oh how I wish he’d fucked me with the tool that made the big bulge in his pants. I even went to his house for homework but, alas, he was straight.

    The teacher in this, however, looks roided and methed-out. Gross.