CorbinFisher: Cain & Marc (Tossing Marc’s Salad)

Cain & Marc (Tossing Marc's Salad) at CorbinFisher

Cain & Marc (Tossing Marc's Salad) at CorbinFisher

Cain & Marc (Tossing Marc's Salad) at CorbinFisher

Cain & Marc (Tossing Marc's Salad) at CorbinFisher

Cain & Marc (Tossing Marc's Salad) at CorbinFisher

Cain & Marc (Tossing Marc's Salad) at CorbinFisher

Cain & Marc (Tossing Marc's Salad) at CorbinFisher

Watch Cain & Marc at CorbinFisher

We continue this week’s “cooking classes” at Corbin Fisher with today’s “vegetarian*” entree – salad! From meat beating to spitroasting, we’ve had some great meals this week – and some even sexier chefs! And today you can expect the heat in the kitchen to get turned up even more with Cain and Marc!

When Pete asked Marc if he liked getting his salad tossed, he responds enthusiastically. As Cain said, “It’s an eager ‘yes.'” Come on – who wouldn’t want Cain tossing their salad?

The guys kiss. Cain licks Marc’s nipple. Marc goes down on Cain’s thick cock. Cain pushes Marc’s head down on his cock and pinches his nipple. “Like that cock in your mouth?” Cain asks. Marc mumbles that he loves it before he goes back down on Cain.

Cain takes his turn. He sucks Marc’s dick, spitting on it and slapping it against his tongue. Cain strokes his own stiff dick, as he enjoys Marc’s cock. Marc blows Cain again, tickling his balls as he sucks Cain’s uncut dick. Cain admires Marc’s ass and grabs it before smacking it. He spanks it again, making Marc moan, his mouth still full of Cain’s cock.

Cain pushes Marc’s legs over his head and spits on his hole. Cain teases that hole with his finger, then lightly flicks his tongue over it. Marc moans like crazy, loving how Cain plays with his ass. Cain slides his finger in and out, then teases Marc with his tongue again.

“Such a nice ass,” Cain says. He spits on it again, and slides two fingers into it. Cain pulls Marc up to dive face down into his ass. Cain’s rock-hard – and now he’s ready to fuck!

Marc holds his own legs apart as Cain slides his cock into him. Cain takes it slow, then thrusts it in faster. They kiss as Cain drills deeper into Marc’s ass.

Cain jackhammers Marc. He oulls out for a moment and asks if Marc likes how he’s stretching out his asshole. Not that he’s really giving him a choice! Cain stuffs his dick right back into Marc. Cain’s amazing abs flex tighly as he nails Marc.

Cain rolls onto his back and tells Marc he wants him to watch himself getting fucked. Marc stares at the mirror, awed by the sight of that big dick driving up into his ass. Cain shoves his cock upwards as Marc strokes his own dick.

Marc says he loves watching Cain fuck him. “Keep fucking me!” Marc begs him. Cain tells him to get on his knees. Cain fucks him doggy-style.

Cain rams his dick into Marc. Within moments, Marc is jizzing all over the bed! Cain pulls out and blasts his load all over Marc’s ass and back.

And that, class is the proper way to toss a salad!

*No vegetarians had to eat meat during the filming of this update – despite Connor’s constant insistence!

Watch Cain & Marc at CorbinFisher

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  • lee-dong


  • FeydRautha

    Why do I get the feeling I’ve seen this before? Oh, that’s right… it’s because I did!

    • Neobamboom

      Nah it’s not the same. That one had some barebacking this one doesn’t. :'(

    • elmtree

      i was thinking the same thing about this pairing seemimg familiar. And if I remember the last pairing correctly, Marc swallowed Cain’s load. So what does this repeat bring to the table??

      Don’t get me wrong, I think both these guys are hot and think they make a hot pairing, but if nothimgs new, can’t I just watch their first did?

    • Daniel

      The sex in the previous one looked more satisfying.

  • darkthunder1983

    Love Marc but Cain’s starting to bore me.

  • von schlomo

    Well, there better be some damn good rimming if they’re going to use a title like that! What a hot ass Marc has!!!

    • FeydRautha

      I’m sure it doesn’t last for more than a minute. They just needed a subtitle so it wouldn’t be so obvious this a repeat. And a straight-up repeat, too. Not Marc fucking Cain. No bareback. No weird setting (patio, locker room, bathtub).

  • porndog

    I can’t think of a better visual than Cain and Marc. Such nice contrasting skin tones, and beautiful bodies. Cain looks esp pumped and I love his man boobs and luscious nipples. I could eat those all day. I may be wrong, but I’m seeing some serious chemistry going on here. I think there’s a mutual attraction between them. I do hope the rimming part is longer than it seems from the pics, because Marc has one beautiful ass.

  • twinkemopunk808

    fuck yes!!!

  • dio

    the chem. in this vid is defo off the charts, but something about the last time they fucked was hotter… back then it was like two straight mates that were secretly into each other exploding in a sex romp, but here it’s like they’re a gay couple going at it business as usual. LOL Don’t get me wrong; the secene is damn hot by any standard, but the last time they fucked was way hotter, for sure.

    • FeydRautha

      “it’s like they’re a gay couple going at it…”

      Sounds like this one’s the superior scene to me! LOL!

    • dio

      there’s something soooo boring about RL couples having sex. LOL I can never get into Austin Wilde/Anthony Romero, or Adrian Long/Brandon-the-horse-faced-boy’s scenes. The only hot couple scene I can recall are Brent Everett/Chase McKenzie’s.

  • brandon85

    If you have a repeat at least make it better. Marc should’ve at least swallowed.

  • gameboy

    Marc smile is so cute :-)

  • sliderboi

    Cain could fuck me for days.

  • Bradster

    Marc >>> Cain

    • Cain > Marc

      I dislike Marc because of his goatee, but Cain is one of very few guys who can rock a goatee.

  • Colby Parr

    Cain >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> any porn performer

  • Redboy70

    I want Cain every which way but loose. Those nipples were sent from heaven.

  • Dave

    Two beautiful men having sex. Short of me having a three-way with Cain & Marc, I couldn’t ask for much more.

  • Sushi

    I was thinking the same thing…..didn’t this already happen?

    Oh well. Even though Cain is really getting man-boobs now, he’s still hot. And Marc is MUY CALIENTE!! They should have at least flipped this time to change it up a bit.

  • jugde6

    I just renewed my suscription to CF today. Looks like a good welcome again update

  • HKguy

    Why would Corbin fisher do this again? Especially with all the new guys, why happened to Robbie and forrest?? Cain is still one of my fav’s but e looks a little different? Older face? Steroids maybe? I dunno they’re both hot regardless

    • Colby Parr

      If they brought Forrest back, I would die of happiness.

    • HKguy

      Forrest is now Tony Austin on Man Avenue. Guess CF let another hotty get away, what ever happened to Noah and zeke?? Loved those boys

  • gustav09

    Cain has to have the most mouth-watering nipples and naturally beautiful body in porn! Oh ya, and a masculine sexy face! They could change the name to CainFisher as far as I’m concerned.

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Cain’s looking better than ever, and Marc’s as hot as usual. And the musclefucking looks heavy-duty. But given the name of the scene, why is there only ONE pic of rimming here? And I can’t stand the phrase “tossing the salad,” the imagery is a turnoff.

  • kd

    HOT scene w/ two beautiful guys. Marc is absolutely gorgeous and I don’t believe Cain has ever looked better. Marc is also getting so much more comfortable in front of the camera and it shows in this scene. Cain in the past has overacted at times but he was right on in this scene. I wonder if his nipples are oversensitive because I can’t recall a scene where anyone has really worshiped those jewels. I think he has the most amazing chest and incredible nipples and if I had the chance to be w/ him they would have to pry me off those beauties. I loved the close up photography and the cock worship and rimming were beautifully filmed. I also thought it was really hot when they were watching themselves fuck in the mirror. Overall a really hot update w/ two amazingly hot performers.

  • Patrol

    Surely “cooking classes” week should include cum-eating and teabagging?

    Visually, this muscles-on-muscles update is great. When Cain first came to CF, he looked like Bam Margera in Marky Mark’s body, and he only gotten bigger (if not taller) since then. And how hot is Marc’s body? Hot enough to make me forget his goatee and tattoos.

    Speaking of rimming, well, there really is none except for a few secs when Cain’s tongue licks Marc’s hole. The ass play consists of Cain very slowly inserting ONE finger into Marc’s hole, then very slowly inserting two. Then it’s time to put on a condom. I don’t understand this update’s title, or why Marc moans softly the entire time, as if Cain were inserting fingers up Marc’s nostrils, not his chute.

    The actual sex isn’t bad; it just doesn’t break any new ground as previous comments state. Good cumshots from two beautiful muscle boys.

    PS So Jordan sounds very straight on Pete’s Attic, but also admits he has made 10+ home sex tapes (!) and while drunk gave a gay friend a handjob while the friend blew him. Promising.

    • porndog

      To your last comment about Jordan, I’ll have to go with what I’ve heard others say before; that most (if not all) of these “str8” guys have either had some prior experience or they have some “bi” curiosity that is bolstered by being paid to have gay sex. For example, I’ve seen Cain in both the str8 & gay sex and I don’t really see him as more passionate for one over the other. Sure, there have been partners where there was little chemistry, but in the bi scenes, he seemed equally attracted to both partners. Well, that’s just my observation. None of these models are at the far end of the str8 scale, that’s for sure.

  • Fazz

    Marc is fucking gorgeous. Period!

  • tomtomson

    Marc is cute yeah. but ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME!?!? Seriously? Talking about fucking daft tattoos that one (and the eagle on the chest) must be truly the daftest. Such a turn off!!!

    • Fazz

      If we ever agree on something, let it be this. Tattoos are stupid, and no matter who they are on, they will at least partly ruin a model’s appearance.

    • tomtomson

      i mean i have to say… i have two tattoos. so i’m not per se against them, it’s just that most of the time you see really stupid or badly made tattoos…

      i’m glad we agree on something, Fazz, hehe

  • kinezo

    marc is a hot piece of meat

    • Patrol

      Thanks for your comments in the previous thread :)

  • jag2power

    Whatever happen to felching?/where did it go?/something out of the ordinary/his or your spunk trailing/as it’s licked up to the hilt/if the heading is regarding salad tossing/toss in another element/include on the menu/man dressing.

    • Patrol


  • dante69

    Their first vid together was hotter . I was disappointed in this scene . Marc should have fucked Cain instead .

  • I think these two guys may be homosexual…

    • tomtomson

      you reckon? ;)

  • jinger

    Love Marc so much