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RandyBlue: Andrew Stark & Ryan Stack

Andrew Stark & Ryan Stack at RandyBlue

Andrew Stark & Ryan Stack at RandyBlue

Andrew Stark & Ryan Stack at RandyBlue

Andrew Stark & Ryan Stack at RandyBlue

Andrew Stark & Ryan Stack at RandyBlue

Watch Andrew Stark & Ryan Stack at RandyBlue

The holidays are upon us and what better way to celebrate than a good old fashioned ass fucking. Insatiable bottom Andrew Stark had heard a lot about Ryan Stack. And being a total sucker for accents it didn’t take long for Ryan to have Andrew in the palm of his hands. Two hot guys, a romantic fire, and some raging hormones later and Ryan is sucking on Andrew’s rock hard cock. And while Ryan does a great job himself, Andrew shows him a thing or two about how to please a man’s tool. And what a contrast these two have with Andrew’s smooth skin accenting his nice musculature, and Ryan’s lush body fur and sexy tattoos adorning an athletic college jock body. Blowjobs quickly gave way to hardcore fucking as Ryan pounded Andrew’s hole like a runaway train. He’s got such a sexy look of concentration while working his bottom and Andrew gets those flushed cheeks that he always gets while fucking or getting fucked. Ryan then pulls out and shoots his load all over Andrew’s smooth back, and Andrew decorates Ryan’s delicious chest hair with some white streaks of jizz. All in all it was a perfect holiday celebration for both of them.

Watch Andrew Stark & Ryan Stack at RandyBlue

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  • top2bottom

    ryan is hot. hope he will bottom soon

    • Mark M.

      I hope he doesn’t botoom anytime. Why the fuck should every porn actor bottom?

  • KingSize

    I love you Andrew!!!!!

  • FeydRautha

    Infrequent appearances have made me lose interest in Andrew Stark/Ty.

    And next to Ryan, he’s looking rather… plain.

  • Neo_

    I would not have paired these two together at all. I wasn’t expecting Andrew on the bottom, but even if he was on top I think it’s bad pairing either way. IMO…

  • EmpireState

    Both are kinda’ cute, though I’m neutral on the pairing.

  • muffintop

    Ryan is HOT but I’m not really feeling this pairing either. Plus it’s always pretty disappointing when the top cums first.

  • TheSagaOf

    I’m in love with Ryan. Thank God his sexy ass came back. Mmmmmmmm

  • Colby Parr

    Words cannot describe my attraction to Ryan Stack. He is the perfect man.

    • muffintop

      Maybe incredibly handsome? Fit, natural body? All-natural body hair? Even a dashing British accent if you’re into that. Well, I can’t speak for anyone else but that’s where I’d start.

  • HKguy

    Oh Hell Yes to Ryan Stack, he looks so damn sexy with a cock in his mouth, I can’t wait to see that hot ass tapped, I’m just glad it wasn’t butta face stark who did the honors, he should always be on bottom with that busted face buried deep in a pillow

    • Mark M.

      I hope Ryan never bottoms.

  • tyler

    andrew i love- especially topping, but he is hot period. ryan rocks me as well. yum

  • Patrol

    Thank you, Santa, for putting my favorite RB model with “the one who got away” in an understated holiday-themed update. To me, the pairing is its own reward.

    If in this scene topping/bottoming were in fact decided by picking candy cane from a stocking (a reprise of rock-paper-scissors in the Andrew/Roman scene), I wish it were shown in an unbroken take. That said, I don’t have a problem with Andrew bottoming. Both Andrew and Ryan are in fine form and have very palpable chemistry.

    I do wish the cumshots were more coherently filmed for such a hot pairing. With Andrew’s CF “education,” cumming while being fucked should be a piece of cake. Having Ryan cum first then the scene dissolves to Andrew jerking himself off leaves something to be desired.

    Happy holidays everyone!

  • porndog

    Love Andrew. He’s a great top and bottom and always delivers a top performance. He’s never let me down. Too bad he doesn’t appear as often as I’d like. Glad to see Ryan, too. Love his hairy chest, and wonder if Andrew did too.

  • moondoggy

    Ryan is gorgeous.

  • solidus4

    Ryan is such a stud! That hair, just look at those legs, he looks so hot sucking cock.

  • Ted

    I love me some Stack and I love me some Stark, but I especially love me some Stack, so this is a great early holiday gift! (that I apparently paid for, lol)

  • asswipe

    Good. If a studio is going to do a holiday theme this is more like it. Sure beats the Santa and the elves in prison that get fucked by the prison guard theme that another studio did.

  • kd

    Andrew/Ty was one of my “new” favorites on CF as he has such a hot teasing personality and was an excellent performer. My only complaint w/ him as Ty was his hair but I really do like his current styling. No longer a member of RB so won’t be viewing this video but it sure looks a lot more promising than anything CF put up this week.

  • malethief

    Nice to see Andrew bottom again. I think it’s about time we get the man a bigger dick. I wanna see him scream and moan for his life

  • landreau

    Ryan is definitely hot! Was really hoping this would turn into a flip flop.

  • nemesisblues

    Andre should be a top, not a bottom

  • Daniel


  • twinkemopunk808

    andrew should lose that beard .. then hed be perfect

  • lee-dong

    not into recycled material..pass.

  • Tom

    A nice RB-vid ! :-D

  • Helluva Bottom Carter

    Fuck. Yes.

    Andrew’s ’90s boy band hair is the only minor downside. But oh, how refreshing it is to have two guys who clearly love having sex getting it on for our sake. And they downplayed the holiday theme — bonus points.

  • Ariel

    Andrew stark looks like he’s gonna kill me -_- I’m okay with Ryan. Cute smile

  • Andrew Stark es asombroso es lo mejor que tiene randyblue,el actor mas sexy,lido y absolutamente bello… kiss