Str8-To-Gay: The Sauna (Colby Keller & Brenden Cage)

The Sauna (Colby Keller & Brenden Cage) at

The Sauna (Colby Keller & Brenden Cage) at

The Sauna (Colby Keller & Brenden Cage) at

Brenden Cage is having second thoughts about getting married tomorrow, but his buddy Colby Keller is helping him relax and not worry about it in the sauna…

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  • jinger

    Old guys

    • tomtomson

      you’ll stay for ever young, right?!

    • Is it wrong that I’m 18 yet I find Brendan Cage kinda attractive?

    • asswipe

      Colby Keller still is cool. Nothing really wrong with him. Yeah he’s great. Brenden Cage actually looks like he could pull it together a tad more and does come off a bit older. Yet I don’t get sick to my stomach to this kind of stuff like lets say one of those queeny style “twink” sites or let’s say the opposite if Jake Cruise was in a scene.

  • tomtomson

    I don’t mind mature men at all, but these two are just boring….

  • Dorse

    Ah, no.

    Though Colby is looking fit and less rustic.

  • Fazz

    Colby is hot.

  • manu

    Love Colby who on top of being extremly hot is a very witty guy :) I wish this had been a flip flop though!

  • badulover

    Colby’s not lookin bad, but Brendan is just haggard.

  • PornJock

    Mmm, reminds me of my sauna/steamroom experiences, haha. I guess they left the sauna to go back to one of their places but that detracts from the fantasy. The older guy is hot in a muscle daddy kind of way and the other guy is cute in a younger scruffy dude look. I wish they didn’t make those funny faces though!

  • Redboy70

    Yum! Two of my favorites. Brendan keeps getting hotter.

  • sliderboi

    A guy straight out of 70’s gay porn, transported through time to have sex with himself as a grandpa.

    Ummm… sorry, but when I fantasize about sex it isn’t with anyone who looks even remotely like one of these two. Gross.

    • Marjorie Flores from Ishcombobbido

      Wildly surprising considering “boi” is in your screenname…

    • Zee Brat

      ^ Haha

  • Johnny2x4

    I’ve always liked Colby though I wish he would tan a little and and get a bit more ripped.

  • Zee Brat

    I love Colby Keller. Wish he was paired with someone else though. Looks like there’s zero chemistry between these two.

  • TheSagaOf

    Colby is so cute.


  • Fireball

    Wasn’t feelin’ the pictures so much but the trailer looks pretty hot.

  • yoleven

    Brenden looks great. Colby has a lumberjack’s apprentice-vibe going on, which he pulls off well. Have two males ever locked lips on the website? The lack of apparent intimacy keeps me from subscribing.

  • Daniel

    Neither man is looking good.

  • Kelo

    love colby as a bottom. he’s adorbz :)