SeanCody: Pavel & Derek

Pavel & Derek at SeanCody

Pavel & Derek at SeanCody

Pavel & Derek at SeanCody

Pavel & Derek at SeanCody

Pavel & Derek at SeanCody

Watch Pavel & Derek at

Derek has a very sensitive prostate!

“I feel like I’m going to cum when I’m getting fucked,” he said. “I don’t, but it’s pretty intense!”

Derek is very “open” when it comes to sex, but he confided that he really likes to get fucked by a guy whose physique is on par with his.

“I like a little bit of both,” he said, referring to both topping and bottoming. “But if the other guy has muscles, I prefer getting fucked!”

Pavel definitely prefers being on the top.

“That’s what I’m built for!” he joked.

These two muscle studs were really hot together and I loved the contrast of their skin. Pavel is darker and hairy, and Derek is pale and smooth.

Pavel’s dick is always dark and I could tell that he was keeping Derek on the edge.

That was pretty apparent by the load Derek shot!

Watch Pavel & Derek at

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  • jazz

    Booooo!! This should be bareback!

    • Sushi

      It was probably filmed ages ago. Why else would he be back and not bareback.

      I’m skipping downloading this. I’ve seen more than enough of Pavel, and Derek never did a thing for me. Another wasted weekend from SC.

    • asswipe

      I hope this was made the last two quarters of last year. I hope they release all those condom scenes really soon. Then SC will be pure and whole again. They know what is up and they are acting accordingly. Their “actions” speak louder than words that they know how to increase value and quality. It’s not just a coincidence.

  • cuban223

    Pavel is so sexy. The weird thing is that at first i thought he was the most disgusting model on Sean Cody look what 6 months do to you

  • VegasRich

    Yah, This looks very hot. SC is on a roll lately.

  • Nate

    Pavel always puts on a performance but, Derek just doesn’t do anything for me

  • Derek is fug.

    • jinger


  • TheSagaOf

    Pavel is dynamite. Can’t get enough of him.

  • trixM92

    I LOVE muscle bottoms but something doesn’t make sense here. Derek says he loves both topping and bottoming but has only done one of each so far , he says he loves getting fucked by guys more muscular than him , the only person that topped him was Paul and he’s definately not as muscular as Derek. I’m guessing Derek plays for our team and gets it up the ass a lot , and not with his girlfriends dildos like he says !

    • darkthunder1983

      And yet Immanuel bottomed for him and he’s just as muscular. Sounds to me like Derek is similar to Paul Wagner when he was here as Barry. When he topped Devin, he said he would only top smaller guys YET Trey topped him as well as Fuller and Rylan. The only guy who was bigger was Berke.

  • porndog

    Nice pairing. I like Derek because he reminds me of one of those action stars from the movies who usually plays the villain, except here he gets fucked. Pavel is like a life-sized GI Joe doll, esp when he had the facial hair. So, I’m good with this one, and I’m not disappointed it’s not BB. I could never get tired of watching Pavel’s hairy ass.

    • elmtree

      I agree on all points. My appreciation for a vid is not dependent on whether it’s bb or not. Good update.

    • darkthunder1983

      I’m late but I think I know who you’re talking about. Derek reminded me of someone other than John Cena and I recently realized who it was: Brian Thompson. He always plays villains, he used to bodybuild (probably still does) and he and Derek look VERY similar in facial features.

  • darkthunder1983

    So totally was not expecting John Cena, III aka Derek to come back let alone bottoming for a second time. I really hope that means Immanuel is coming back at some point.

    • trixM92

      Lol John Cena getting topped , THAT would be a scene !

    • Daniel

      John Cena is MUCH hotter than Derek

    • @Daniel I agree.

    • darkthunder1983

      Now, Daniel, I can’t disagree with that. John Cena is one of the finest wrestlers out there. The only other one I love to watch is John Morrison/Johnny Nitro.

  • muffintop

    Fuck yeah! I was just wondering where Derek went. Pavel is awesome as usual. I liked Pavel before it was cool. I’m guessing this was filmed quite a while ago since SC is almost exclusively bareback now.

    I wonder how many guys won’t be coming back to do bareback. Pavel, Karl, Brodie, Derek, Ethan, to name a few who haven’t been seen barebacking. Not to mention any new guys who wouldn’t return.

    • trixM92

      Something tells me gay men like Karl and Grayson wont do barebacking , i hope im wrong though , i love those two !

  • solidus4

    Derek Looks great with his muscular legs in the air and Pavel, well he’s Pavel. Good update.

    • elmtree

      So true…about Derek and Pavel.

  • HKguy

    Derek is awesome I love a big muscle bottom, pavel is hot but come on SC he’s on every 3 rd update, bring back some of the hottys!

    • elmtree

      Yep, I share your love for a big muscle bottom. Derek is not “pretty” in the face but that ass and body are ridiculous.

    • HKguy

      NO joke nothing like some tree trunk thighs way up in the air and a big muscley man whimpering in pain/ecstasy

  • Is this the Itty Bitty Dicky Committee?

    • jazz


  • Jonny Marzetti

    Pavel is a big no for me, even though his body is pretty nice. Just don’t like him facially, and I’m not a fan of hairy asses. Derek is OK, but hardly the best-looking kid on the block.

    Next update: Brandon getting fucked deep. Bareback. PLEEEZE!

    • jazz

      I’m with you! I can’t WAIT to see Brandon get fucked. He has so clearly loved the ass play in the sex scenes he has done. You just know he loves or would love a dick in his ass!

    • @jazz Hopefully, that dick belongs to Jess.

    • jazz

      @Torrie – You read my mind :-)

    • darkthunder1983

      I’m sorry but a part of me doesn’t want to see Brandon fucked for one reason and one reason alone: they could have the person topping him be someone we don’t want topping him. Ever thought about that? The honor could go to Jeffrey, Brodie, Jamie or even a model that’s from SC’s archives seeing as Richard came back to top Brodie and Curtis (granted his ass is fine as hell) came back to bareback. Hell, they brought Jurek back some time ago and no one even remembered him!

  • jeremyrain98

    So Derek is back. I MISS IMMANUEL. When will I see him again???

    • Nate

      Yeah I’d like to see him back as well.

  • Ryder25

    I think Pavel is stunningly gorgeous. Derek, not so much.

  • DaddyYankee

    Pavel is very hot, but I don’t like Derek. I think this was filmed months ago. I hope for a better next update.

  • gaisle

    where’s BAREBACK?

    • darkthunder1983

      I love your avatar! That’s my show right there!

  • Corvallis

    both these guys have strange looking faces, but the audience is more intersted in their overweight bodies and the stupid things they’re doing to each other for money

    • EJ

      I’m not understanding how either of these guys could possibly be considered “overweight”.

    • HKguy

      @ EJ, seriously he must have been drunk when he posted

  • top2bottom

    I think this is a nice update. Two hot muscle guys have intense sex.
    Derek has a nice bubble butt. We’ve seen tons of twinks from SC, RB or BA.
    It’s time to have some change. Good work from SC.

    • VegasRich

      I’m with you 100%.

  • Ero

    Fazz, I’ll say this for you:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE SC’s Behind the scenes!!!!!! :D :D

  • baz

    Glad this isn’t bareback.

  • CalRegularGuy

    I’m liking Pavel’s hairy ass, but Derek does absolutely nothing for me. Pass.

  • BenedictXVI

    Pavel is seriously HOT.

    • Billy.Sive

      Lol hahaha Your avata really made me laugh =)

  • Billy.Sive

    Loooove Derek, and even tho I believe Pavel is ahot man I think we’ve seen enough of him. Please SC give him a couple of weeks off