RandyBlue: Cayden Ross & Marcel Cruz

Cayden Ross & Marcel Cruz at RandyBlue

Cayden Ross & Marcel Cruz at RandyBlue

Cayden Ross & Marcel Cruz at RandyBlue

Cayden Ross & Marcel Cruz at RandyBlue

Watch Cayden Ross & Marcel Cruz at RandyBlue.com

When you get two hunks together like Cayden Ross and Marcel Cruz you know things are gonna get crazy. Cayden wasted no time in chowing down on Marcel’s thick piece of meat. But Marcel was just too sexy with his smooth skin, honey brown complexion, and chiseled body. They make out like a couple of muscle jocks hooking up after being out all night and getting hornier and hornier. Cayden can’t get enough of Marcel’s bubble butt and gives him a rim job that drives him crazy. Then it’s Marcel’s turn and he takes as much as Cayden’s infamous monster cock down his throat as he possibly can. But as much fun as sucking each other off is, Cayden’s ass wasn’t getting enough attention so he lowered himself onto Marcel’s huge cock and rode him like a wild stallion. Marcel then threw Cayden down and rammed his hungry hole in this hardcore interracial encounter. But wanting to get a little edgier, Marcel put Cayden up against a mirror so he could watch himself get fucked and see Marcel’s face as his balls churned with a huge load, which he then dumped on Cayden’s handsome face.

Watch Cayden Ross & Marcel Cruz at RandyBlue.com

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cuban223 says:

Marcel Cruz Es jodidamente caliente!!

endeeeff says:

Looks hot, though Marcel’s Moe Howard haircut is a bit distracting for me. The pictures look good although it seems like Cayden’s hamming it up for the camera per usual.

jag2power says:

Cayden it’s not nice to talk with a mouth full of cum.

adidas28 says:

Marcel is pure, 100%, unadulterated hawtness.

hollydick says:

claro que si, marcel muy caliente :)

HKguy says:

I’m waiting for the Derek atlas bottoming scene next week!!!

shaman36 says:

OMG its a dream come true. it didn’t even dream of this pairing oh man gonna go download now.

Hendricks says:

Both look hot and their bodies are amazing! Cayden’s looking older, but he’s still better than most RB models.

darkthunder1983 says:

How old is he anyway?

Patrol says:

Cayden is 33 or 34, I think. He looks better with more stubble. Not used to seeing him with so little facial hair.

Sushi says:

This Marcel es muy delicioso! From those ass shots I’m hoping he bottoms next. But yeah, get a new barber first.

elmtree says:

Wow, this looks damn hot!

moondoggy says:

What an awful choice for first pic. I almost didn’t even click on this, and I would have missed out. I don’t keep up with RandyBlue, even when they are using people who have been around forever, so I didn’t automatically know how hot these guys were. They should have picked something sexier for the first pic instead of something that looks like a photo for a “seen and heard” page in a magazine.

solidus4 says:

Fucking aye dat ass! I would stuff my face like an all you can eat buffet.

pierce8953 says:

marcel is hott

scottnyer says:

i love the last shot of them kissing.

elmtree says:

That is really hot!

Neo_ says:

Funny there was no kissing between Cayden and Tyrese

Johnny2x4 says:

Cayden has become the new Reese Rideout. Both cheesy as hell and overused!

endeeeff says:

Now that I watched the scene…ugh, Cayden is such a ham. He ruined the scene for me, unfortunately.

Daniel says:

I wish Cayden had topped Marcel.

funsicles says:

Marcel, despite his hot bod should be a total bottom in porn; his cock is far to small and skinny to be an interesting top.

funsicles says:

Now Cayden, on the other hand is at least interestingly THICK … lol

Gidar75 says:

Cayden has a fat cock yeah, but is almost never hard as a stone. I think Cayden is a real power bottom, he loves getting plowed that is obvious. He should try some rough site like boundgods.com or do a scene with for instance Adam Killian, or another rough looking and acting stud. That would be real HOT!

trixM92 says:

i forget what a little slut Cayden is . Anyways the kissing alone go me hard .

Gidar75 says:

Yeah Cayden knows how to make a real man hot, he really shows he loves what he does!!

Gidar75 says:

Cayden Ross looks even hotter now he is trimming and shaving is gorgeous muscular body. I’m not a big fan of bodyhair and although I think it suits this cute guy well, I like him much better and think him much more attractive after shaving all that hot flesh. This man is pure lust, awesome!

jules morrial says:

Cayden looks a lot like Tyler Hunt.

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