RandyBlue: Chris Rockway & Derek Atlas

Chris Rockway & Derek Atlas at RandyBlue

Chris Rockway & Derek Atlas at RandyBlue

Chris Rockway & Derek Atlas at RandyBlue

Chris Rockway & Derek Atlas at RandyBlue

Chris Rockway & Derek Atlas at RandyBlue

Watch Chris Rockway & Derek Atlas at

When a night of stripping left him short for the money he owed to the bar, Derek Atlas knew he had to charm the pants off of bartender Chris Rockway. And being the horny muscle stud that he is, Chris wasn’t about to turn it down. After some super hot kissing he went down on Derek’s thick meaty cock and gave him a blowjob to remember. Derek has been developing quite a taste for cock lately himself and before long was going down on Chris as well. Who knows if that took care of the money issue or not because these two weren’t stopping any time soon for anything and before you know it Rockway was pounding Derek’s muscular butt like he’d been holding off on sex for a month. He rammed that hole hardcore and sent Derek into orbit. After fucking his hot ass all over the bar room floor he shot his load all over Derek’s massive pecs and rock hard abs causing Derek to shower Chris with a huge thick creamy load of his own.

Watch Chris Rockway & Derek Atlas at

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  • elmtree

    Derek is a hot muscle head and I’d happily tap that big ass of his. My guess is I’d stay harder than Chris no doubt did…

  • HKguy

    Derek is a god! I like Chris too. Still looks hot after all these years!! Been waiting for WB to post this, anyone see the vid? I hope Derek turns into the next go to bottom like aiden from CF

    • CarlosEduarc

      Nah, RB direction minds are too old queened to make this be the new power bottom.
      But anyway is one good performer Derek, you pay him and he do everything. He’s not like NDS models that you pay and they doesn’t do anything. And Derek is WAY HOTTER than those jerks.

  • jazz

    Damn! I’m tempted to re-sub just so I can watch this just to see Derek get fucked.

    • Neobamboom

      It’s not really worth it. Pretty boring scene. Derek is soft the whole time.

    • jazz

      Thanks, I’ll save my $$$. LOL

  • trex

    Huge disappointment in many ways. Why use Chris Rockway for a model’s first time bottoming scene? Chris refuses to rim or engage in any buttplay and he almost always has wood problems. And then when you watch the scene, Derek also has serious wood problems.

    • littletimone

      The lack of any hole show on Derek’s part and the lack of ANY hole stimulation to Derek by Chris was the main thing that made me have to give this scene a BIG yawn. What a shame and total waste. Oh well. If there is to be a next time; maybe it will be a little less “censored” and a wHOLE lot more HOT.

    • endeeeff

      This scene was such a disappointment. I’d have prefer to see Derek really get plowed by someone other than Chris and that O-face of his.

    • Daniel

      Disappointment is right.

  • CarlosEduarc

    Derek really enjoys more being fucked.
    Chris Rockway is old enough to be on CSM.

  • porndog

    RB really screwed up a highly anticipated scene by pairing Derek with Chris (of all people). I can see just from the pics, this is a bummer. But good for Derek bottoming without a mask. I just wish he were paired with a competent top who actually enjoyed gay sex and would really toss his salad (among other things).

    • TheSagaOf

      It wouldn’t have made a difference, ’cause, as Neobamboom had said, Derek’s soft the entire time. Super boner killer, seeing two guys who can’t keep it up.

    • porndog

      I don’t really have that big of a problem when a bottom is soft. Some men are just made that way. I do have a problem with a top who is just there to basically stick it in. I have yet to see a passionate scene from Chris where you really believe he’s into it. But this IS RB after all. It’s hotness meter pretty much flat lines most of the time.

  • EmpireState

    Both of them… I’d hit it hard.

  • dio

    after seeing Derek bottom and get FUCKED already this was just a huge nothing.

  • Patrol

    Since this is RB, I didn’t think the video could live up to the expectation… and sure enough it doesn’t. Things are off to a promising start, but why Chris has to cum before Derek, and why they can’t cum from fucking and have to rely on their right hands, I don’t know.

    Cameron Marshall’s solo posted last night is a companion piece to this scene – should have just made it a 3-way!

  • pubert

    I’ve never been a fan of Chris, but his dick is mouth-watering in that first pic.

  • gringo30615

    agreed with Pubert, chris cock looks bigger and sweet, what else now? who fuck who now Bryce fucks Chris then Derek fucks Chris are a 3way Chris, Derek and Bryce?

  • Tom

    Chris is way hotter in scenes where he fucks younger and cuter guys with a more boyish style in my opinion. I don t like the pairing.

    • Helluva Bottom Carter

      Agreed on the first point. Possible Daddy-in-training maybe? He looks so much hotter fucking with slightly younger guys. I say slightly because he’s only early 30s and most of the RB boys are in their mid 20s. And I think he’ll age very well too, it’s those worked out handsome midwestern genes!

  • jinger

    Nice to see Derek bottom

  • jag2power

    Oh shit! This should be hot but from the other comments, I don’t know.

  • Johnny2x4

    I’m not even in the slightest attracted to Derek. The video claims ‘the wait is over’, but was there ever any hype over this guy. Plus Chris Rockway had his day, now he should just go away!

  • Sam

    Why does Chris Rockway always make that stupid face in his videos? It’s like whoever’s sucking him or getting fucked by him has electrified lips and an ass that has little vampire teeth and he’s in constant pain.

    He’s as bad as Aiden from Corbin Fisher in the overacting department.

  • HKguy

    Ryan Stack it is your turn now !! Please ( fingers crossed)

  • sophmore

    I think Derek was willing to play harder than Chris was willing to give. Derek wants to be nasty but Chris just plays the RB vanilla game.

  • Helluva Bottom Carter

    Chris’ dick is looking especially nice here. I know it’s the angles and he’s always been thicker than longer but it looks it grew a bit. >_>

  • VegasRich

    Chris and Derek are hot but apparently together they are not even luke warm. This was a bust and disappointment from start to finish. Two men with wood problems just doesn’t cut it.