BelAmiOnline: Mick Lovell & Harris Hilton (Blond-on-Blond) (Parts 1 & 2)

Mick Lovell & Harris Hilton (Blond-on-Blond) (Parts 1 & 2) at

Mick Lovell & Harris Hilton (Blond-on-Blond) (Parts 1 & 2) at

Mick Lovell & Harris Hilton (Blond-on-Blond) (Parts 1 & 2) at

Mick Lovell & Harris Hilton (Blond-on-Blond) (Parts 1 & 2) at

Mick Lovell is back with us today in the first part of this scene with Harris Hilton. Right from Mick’s first day with us he developed this special bond with Harris and they spent most of their time together when we were in Australia and whenever Mick comes over to Europe.

Watch Mick Lovell & Harris Hilton at

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jockzzz says:

Two of my favorite! Awesome. Mick’s manhood looks amazing!!!!

jockzzz says:

By the way, try Google classic film such as “A view to Thrill” or “Pizza Boy: He Delivers”, there is one performer in those movies called Steve Henson. Amazingly, he look just like Mick…….

adowhat says:

ah yes, my fav porn star right now Mick Lovell is back. he is perfection for me. an amazing body, cock and balls (which look freaking huge in this update). i believe he is gay and it comes across as his interest seems genuine and not faking for the money. i saw recently that he visited fleshjack to get some molds made of his mouth, ass and cock…definitely will be buying the dildo. that cock is a beauty. not sure i’ll ever be able to use it lol…

jockzzz says:

Agree in all counts. I wish he were not a smoker though but hey a lot of girls properly wish he were not GAY! Good for us, yes, you are right, he is a perfection!

von schlomo says:

Glad to see this is a flipper and that Mick nuts while getting pounded but Mick’s criticism is that he’s a bit on the cardboard side. There’s no denying they’re both very pretty, esp Mick!

dio says:

really? for a new guy in the biz, and a BA model for that matter I think he’s one of the more exceptional performers on BA’s roster.

darkthunder1983 says:

I guess that Merrick kid isn’t coming back. He had two videos and disappeared.

clusterfuck says:

Mmm Mick has lovely pendulous balls! It’s a shame he’s cut but I wouldn’t say no. Too bad this isn’t bb.

Southbay says:

Mick is what wet dreams are made of! Simply perfect

jazz says:

Ok why the fuck isn’t this BB?!?!?! They have BOTH done BB scenes before. Ugh! I love Mick so much. He is the perfect versatile specimen.

elmtree says:

Hot, hot hot! I know most of the love is directed at Mick but I’m equally enamored with Harris. Double yum!

trixM92 says:

Mick Lovell’s long legs spread open , is like the Pearly Gates opening up for me and asking me to cum inside.

PS: Mick follows me on Twitter . Jealous ??

007james says:

OH Yeah~! this is awesome. (eyeball orgasim!!!) sc-c-c-ch-h-hwin-n-n-g .

Jonny Marzetti says:

One big minus is the fact that Mick clearly doesn’t want the load being shot his way.

HKguy says:

Blonde ambition!!! Love a good flip between 2 hotties!

trex says:

Another great scene from Mick, gay porn’s new star. Really feel sorry for the trolls who can’t appreciate a scene unless the models are put at risk by barebacking.

jag2power says:

Should be titled beauty on beauty because these two are awesomely beautiful.

dio says:

HH is a great looking guy w/ an awesome body, but his hair is always never doing it. I dunno.

Mick is just a blond fucking bombshell, if ever there was.

jjon says:

Mick is beautiful. But I’m distracted by his thinning hair. He needs a new hairstyle.

Everytime Mick gets fucked, I’ll always be happy, though I need him to be naughtier, need to hear his sexy-moaning all over the scene…

Schadenfreude says:

Mick needs a haircut. That hair only looks good on 17year old boys ie jesse mccartney circa 2004. He’s too muscular to sport a fringe

boyzone2004 says:

It’s like two ken dolls doing each other.

jockzzz says:

That’s just pretty much sum it up!!!

Daniel says:

Mick is delicious.

Mr. Fox says:

Does anyone else think that Harris looks like Alexander Ludwig?

kaka2cool says:

Mick is gorgeous waiting for his next video