RandyBlue: Braden Charron & Derek Atlas

Braden Charron & Derek Atlas at RandyBlue

Braden Charron & Derek Atlas at RandyBlue

Braden Charron & Derek Atlas at RandyBlue

Braden Charron & Derek Atlas at RandyBlue

Watch Braden Charron & Derek Atlas at

Braden Charron and Derek Atlas are two mountains of muscle. When both want to top the other how do you decide who wins. They decided to have an arm wrestling match and watching two biceps the size of bowling balls battle it out is quite something. The two of them make out and you just cannot help but notice the beautiful contrast between Braden with his totally smooth muscle and Derek with that nice dusting of brow fur that covers his rock hard pecs and chiseled abs. Once Braden got the better of Derek he could not wait to get started. After mutual blowjobs Braden gets the nice big Derek bubble butt ready with his tongue then gently works his huge throbbing cock deep inside. Braden then pounds Derrek nine ways to Sunday and just does not quit until Derek spills a huge thick load all over his furry stomach.

Watch Braden Charron & Derek Atlas at

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  • jag2power

    Yay! Braden is back! Yay! Derek is getting rimmed and screwed. This is a winner all around.

  • elmtree

    Braden doesn’t do much for me but I’m kinda jealous he gets to rim and fuck Derek’s hot ass. Not sure how Derek is as a performer but I love his body, ass and lips…yum.

  • HKguy

    Oh fuck yes!

  • dio

    dang, I think (facially) Braden Charron looks better NOW than he’s looked ever. AS for the scene… two beefy, dumb-looking, small dicked slabs of dood hardheartedly going at it… talk about sxey!

    • dio


    • I Am Jake

      Well, I really couldn’t put it better myself, so I’ll just go:


  • FeydRautha

    Blech! Braden (and his eyebrows) should’ve stayed gone. Another limp-dicked gay-for-pay top from Randy Blue. Snore.

  • scottnyer

    hee. I love reading these comments at times. Some of you guys can be really bitchy and I LOVE it.

  • Sushi

    Like Derek getting fucked again. That “first time” with Chris Rockway was pathetic.

  • Beetlejuice

    Braden looks like he’s had botox or maybe it’s the eyebrows and hair? He looks like a waxwork.

    The sex on RB couldn’t be any more dull and uninvolved, no matter how hot the guys.

  • jugde6

    I like Braden Charron, in the one to one RB chat seems ok. But his dick is hardly hard when it come to fuck another guy. Maybe he is really a gay 4 pay that cannot perform properly with another guy

  • TheSagaOf

    Look at those tits on Braden!

    • marcus carls

      Just what I was thinkin…

  • ChillPoint

    Braden is not G4P. He’s probably bi for real… just like Derek is. Some dudes just can’t get that hard no matter who they’re fucking.

  • Daniel

    WTF is up with Braden’s eyebrows?! He is far too queeny to be a credible top for Derek.

  • gaisle

    Bradeb YES, Derek YES. This is a WIN WIN for RB, PROPS.

  • Matt81

    Derek looks fantastic. He’s got a great smile and is very handsome. I’ve watched the vid and he puts in a pretty good performance.

    And then there’s Braden. The dude looks like he’s had too much cosmetic work done and now he looks like every other plastic hooker. And is that a bad pec implant? Too bad he can’t buy a bigger dick. Not to mention that you’d think a porn star would know how to fuck. He’s lame.