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Brody & Chance at

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It’s been a while since a side-by-side jerk-off has shown up on the site. Too long. When I asked Brody and Chance about doing one, they seemed a little hesitant at first, but decided to go for it after giving it some thought, along with being offered some extra cash incentive.

It turned out that the guys had never even tag-teamed a girl with a buddy before, let alone whack off next to another guy. I asked how they were feeling about the new experience. With a little chuckle, Chance simply replied, “There’s a first time for everything.”

Chance’s cock was hard as soon as he started stroking it. Brody’s dick took a minute, but in the mean time he kept sneaking peeks over at Chance’s rock hard shaft and sizing himself up. Chance caught on to that and started checking out Brody as he was working himself up to a hard-on.

Both of the guys have great asses so I had them flip over onto all fours to show them off. Brody’s is lightly dusted with hair; Chance’s is perfectly smooth with a hairy crack. I have a feeling neither thought they’d ever be in this situation– naked on the bed with another guy, ass up in the air.

The guys turned back around and got the go-ahead to bust a load. Brody was jacking frantically and was covered in sweat. He asked Chance if he was getting close and before long dumped dollops of cum onto the bed while his whole body went into twitches.

Chance lay back on the bed and started stroking faster. “You want me to shoot it on myself?” he asked with a gasp. Even Brody was intrigued by the intensity and watched curiously as Chance gasped one more time, “About to cum…” and spilled a huge pool of jizz onto his stomach.

Watch Brody & Chance at

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  • dio

    OK, ‘Chance’ you cute an all, but can you fuck a dood, already? Damn. -_-

  • elmtree

    I don’t know who is who but the guy in the right is hot.

    • jazz

      Ha we posted at the same time and were both thinking the same thing…great minds! I think he used to be on CF.

    • elmtree

      Great minds indeed! Too bad he didn’t stay at CF and do more. He looks slightly leaner here…

  • jazz

    Damn, that dude from CF is still cute as ever.

  • Southbay

    Robert/Chance looks cuter here than he did at CF

    • greennails


    • Sushi

      Totally agree. He’s gotten leaner and cut his hair, and got a little more mature looking. That ass is still begging to be tapped though, so I hope this move to a new studio means some progress in that direction.

    • moondoggy

      I agree with everyone (so far) above this comment. Only thing, Sushi, is that SW appears to be nothing but blowjobs and handjobs, so that “progress” is still out of reach.

    • Sushi

      Yeah…..I kinda noticed that.

  • Daniel


  • Bradster

    Since I don’t care enough to find out what their names are – guy on the right is pretty cute, but the fug on the left with the bitch tits and stupid haircut is awful

  • Ted

    This would probably had been more spunkworthy if they did something

  • jag2power

    Oh yeah, hot passionate love making. Really?

  • Orion Hunter

    Dood on the right (Chance???) is smoldering. Strong, well-formed features. Pretty, pouty lips. Dark, intense eyes. Nicely worked out frame. Firm, round ass. Nosh-able dick (won’t trigger my gag reflex or permanently damage my sphincter – that’s just about right for me). I’ll take two; one for everyday use and one for holidays and special occasions.