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High Performance Men: Joe Parker & Chad Glenn

Joe Parker & Chad Glenn at High Performance Men

Joe Parker & Chad Glenn at High Performance Men

Joe Parker & Chad Glenn at High Performance Men

Joe Parker & Chad Glenn at High Performance Men

Watch Joe Parker & Chad Glenn at HighPerformanceMen

Knowing that Joe Parker likes his bottoms to be beefy and hairy, we could not resist pairing him with fellow exclusive model Chad Glenn. The two had an instant connection and in this scene you will see some true passion. Starting out with some hot kissing as they undress each other, they can barely keep their hands off each other. Chad soon has Joe’s massive cock in his hand admiring it’s full hard glory before going down on it and doing his best to take it all the way down his throat. Based on Joe’s reaction, it is apparent that Chad has a very talented mouth. Joe then returns the favor by sucking Chad’s cock all the while playing with his ass in anticipation of a good fuck. Chad then lowers himself down on all 9′ of Joe’s cock and rides it like a bucking bronco at the rodeo! Joe then puts Chad on all fours and pounds him from behind before flipping him over and giving it to him good. Chad then climbs back on top and rides it until he shoots a huge load all over Joe’s hairy stomach and chest. Joe pulls out and shoots an ample load as well. Enjoy!

Watch Joe Parker & Chad Glenn at HighPerformanceMen

  • dio

    not sure if want… :-/

  • elmtree

    Joe’s cock is still looking luscious but his body could use some work. Or maybe that’s just a bad first pic…

    • elmtree

      BTW, why isn’t SC’s hot pairing with Daniel topping Aiden on WB yet?

    • dio

      trying to fix the malware warning issue, me thinks. Why they stopped to update HPM… I have no idea. LOL

    • TheSagaOf

      Fucking fuck, it’s with Aiden? UGHHHH.

    • dio

      @TheSagaOf, that was my exact reaction. x-D But, then I watched it. And the scene really, really worked! I loved it. It was the first time Aiden didn’t come off like sex was happening to him, and he participated – it was like he wasn’t into it but as it went on got REALLY into it. Daniel REALLY made him open up, or something. So hot.

  • moondoggy

    Damn … I can’t even see anything.

    • Sushi

      Something is def wrong because all the photos have been gone for me for hours now.

  • Daniel

    Joe has a cock made to be worshipped.

  • jag2power

    I like the bottom who…ugh…happens to be on top.

  • unbomec

    I like Joe just as he is; tall and slim and natural looking. That touch of grey adds to the look.

  • Guy

    Joe parker looks great here, better than I have seen him look in past updates. His body is not cut but is natural and looks fit. That dick is scrumptious, YUMMY!!!!!!!

  • tyler

    Joe Parker is a very BFE porno Stud!

  • Orion Hunter

    Joe’s body looks very good in these pics but there is precious little else here to grab my attention.