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BelAmiOnline: Kevin Warhol Seduces Kris Evans, Manuel Rios & Sascha Chaykin (Parts 1 & 2)

Kevin Warhol Seduces Kris Evans, Manuel Rios & Sascha Chaykin (Parts 1 & 2) at

Kevin Warhol Seduces Kris Evans, Manuel Rios & Sascha Chaykin (Parts 1 & 2) at

Kevin Warhol Seduces Kris Evans, Manuel Rios & Sascha Chaykin (Parts 1 & 2) at

Watch Kevin Warhol Seduces Kris Evans, Manuel Rios & Sascha Chaykin at

We have a 2 part scene where we gave Kevin Warhol his first chance behind the camera. Only problem is that Kevin could not keep his hands or mouth off the big cocks he was supposed to be filming! Enjoy a 2 part scene where Kevin gets his way with Kris Evans, Manuel Rios & Sascha Chaykin.

Watch Kevin Warhol Seduces Kris Evans, Manuel Rios & Sascha Chaykin at

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  • jinger

    Hard to get used to condom porn again after all those bareback updates

    • moondoggy

      I so love it when someone else gives me permission to complain about that by bringing it up first! If Kris Evans can’t take one for the team, so to speak, it’s time to get rid of him. Everyone else in this update has fucked raw.

    • elmtree

      I don’t mind the condoms as long as the vid is hot. And Kris is in this so that automatically makes it hot imo.

      Regarding bb, it is interesting everyone in this update has performed bb except Kris. Guess we know why this is not bb. It would be hot to see Kris bb but I’m certainly not gonna criticize him for his decision.

    • elmtree

      Ah Moondoggy, I didn’t see your post before I posted. Seems like we have different opinions regarding Kris and bb. I’d much prefer he stay with his condoms then never see him again. Does bb really make a vid that more special for you that you can only watch bb porn to enjoy porn?

    • moondoggy

      Elm, for the most part, yes. The condom porn that I watch now is in two categories. One is stuff from the 90s that I can’t part with. (If you’ve never heard of Todd Gibbs, look him up — The Road Home is a mastur-piece.) The other is new-release stuff that I find too hot to ignore.

      Case in point, SC’s “Luke and Jamie” is one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever, ever, ever watched. I will never be able to put that scene down. Even the cooking foreplay (which is silly elsewhere) is a huge turnon. But here are some things that I would find intolerable at this point: 1. SC suddenly doing a majority of condom scenes (a la Cocksuremen), or even half-and-half (which it feels like BA is doing). 2. Jamie suddenly deciding to go condom-only. I hate backtracking.

      Now consider the two things together. If Jamie suddenly caused SC to have to do many more condom scenes with guys like Aidan and Ashton, neither of whom have EVER fucked wrapped on the site, I’d be pissed. But if Jamie left SC for a really good condom site, I’d have a pang of regret (as I do for Leo Giamani, Valentino or Nash) but not so much resentment, and I’d be glad he got out of the way of the piggification of the site that he was leaving. Then again, if someone like Park Wiley or Dawson went condom-only, I’d stop watching them because they took the pigginess way too far for me to tolerate them with condoms. I just can’t “wrap” my brain around a switch that drastic.

      Thank you for asking that! I love pontificating.

    • moondoggy

      Three more minor points: 1. I sound at one point like I’m saying I could tolerate Jamie going condom-only and at another point like I’m saying the opposite. What I really mean is that Jamie, who started doing condom stuff and then went bareback, could either continue to do a mix or could do condom only on a different site, and I wouldn’t mind so much. Someone who starts out bareback can’t for me go condom-only after that. (Namely Marc Dylan.)

      2. It should be “neither of whom has.”

      3. I can watch and enjoy things like Daniel getting blown or YLJ and Fratmen solos, things with no anal penetration, provided they are done *well*.

      Okay, I’ll shut up now.

    • elmtree

      Wow, that’s almost too much for me to absorb MD! First of all, yes I know who Todd Gibbs is…OMG, yummy! Second, it sounds like what you are mainly saying is you don’t want models who have done bb to go back to condoms. But since Kris had never done bb, why is his continued use of condoms cause for getting rid of him? He’s beautiful, he’s a good performer, he’s versatile (altho he’s due for being a bottom soon), he sucks, he eats cum, he’s beautiful (did I mention that?). Why get rid of him?

      I totally agree Dawson going back to condoms would be crazy and worthy of saying so long Dawson. But I just don’t get saying that about Kris. But I do understand we all have our opinions. Good chatting with you…

    • Jonny Marzetti

      If a mostly-BB site has to have a condom scene, I don’t mind quite as much if they have really creamy, tongue-coating cum-eating (and preferably swallowing). But BA is notorious for, as von schlomo put it elsewhere, “cum-dodgers.”

      That last pic here makes it look like Kevin is really gobbling cream, but if you watch the video you’ll see that most of this flood of cum (quite unnecessarily!) ends up on his face or the ground. And Kevin is generally one of their *better* cum eaters.

      Most of the BA guys turn their heads as the cum flies within centimeters of their mouths so that it ends up on their faces or on the ground. Then, when the spurting *stops*, they turn toward the shooter, open their mouths wide, and feign rapture and go “oooo, ooo,” as if a bunch of invisible cum is squirting into the mouth. How lame. Getting tired of this nonsense is one reason I subscribe to BA far less than I used to. Hell, the moans and “moan-lip faces” alone are off-putting enough regardless of all the other factors.

    • moondoggy

      Okay, if SC stuck in another condom scene with, let’s say, Ethan, I’d either say “whatever” or I’d say “wow, he’s too hot for that to matter.” I guess the reason I’m annoyed with Kris Evans is because it feels like he’s holding the others back, and because the bb updates seem a little less frequent than they were at one time. That could totally be my imagination, but when the twins were fucking each other and everyone else within a 10-mile radius, the barebacking seemed more prolific. Otherwise, like I said, I sort of wish Kris would move to another site because it just feels out of place here. If he was with CockyBoys or Lucas Entertainment, I wouldn’t have a word of complaint.

    • insipid

      So your fetish is more important than Kris’ livelihood or safety? Maybe Kris should start advocating that MD’s place of work be made less safe just because it gives Kris a thrill? Maybe we’ll get rid of all electrical standards. If MD is not willing to take the chance of electrocution for “the team” then his boss needs to “get rid of him.”

      Make no mistake, you are saying that your fetish is more important than his health, safety and state of mind. That he must suffer in some way- even if it’s the mental unease of knowing he’s less safe- to satisfy your selfish fetish?
      A couple of months ago there was an outbreak of HPV in South Africa. BA did have all the models vaccinated in advance, but apparently they were given bad advice and there was too short a time frame. So models did get infected. But we can be sure that “selfish” Kris was not infected.

      Your complaint is the very essence of selfishness.

  • jasoncrew01

    I love Kevin Warhol.

    • carey579

      Kevin is one of the most beautiful twinks right now <3

    • carey579

      I wish these beautiful twinks would be paired with rough daddies you know like Arpad Miklos, Bo Dean and such even Daddy Mugs or Jake Cruise I wouldn’t mind :D

    • darkthunder1983


      I was with you up until Daddy Mugs and Jake Cruise.

    • moondoggy

      carey, the Bo Dean Gay Coach series remains one of my favorites!! Loved watching him with those cute young things (like Eli).

    • carey579

      I Know! The Gay Coach series were so hot! There has to be some contrast in the pairing. Even in sites like xvideos, xhamster, gayforit, the videos that have the highest views or comments are the scenes with hunks/daddies and twinks like Johnny’s Prison Shower or Arpad Miklos with Zach Randall, etc. The ancient Greeks did not idolize pederasty for nothing! :P

  • humanoid

    Manuel ans Sascha should just pack up and go away.

    • darkthunder1983

      Aw, but I like Sascha. Manuel has a nice body but sometimes his face is a little odd-looking.

  • Daniel

    A whole lotta meh.

  • james08908

    When will Brandon Manilow bottom??