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College Dudes: Kellan Lane Fucks Taylor Kale

Kellan Lane Fucks Taylor Kale at

Kellan Lane Fucks Taylor Kale at

Kellan Lane Fucks Taylor Kale at

Watch Kellan Lane Fucks Taylor Kale at

Kellan Lane and Taylor Kale make a terrific pair, primarily because both of these college guys are horny as fuck 100 percent of the time! Tayler could not wait for Kellan to grab ahold of him and start kissing. Kellan enjoys the way Taylor is so into it, and as soon as the clothes come off, Kellan is sucking dick. You can tell both of these guys are well-versed at pleasing another young man, and Taylor returns the favor to Kellan with relish. By the time Taylor has been blowing Kellan for a few minutes, he cannot wait for his ass to be penetrated by Kellan. As Kellan shoves his big cock in from behind, Taylor moans out in pleasure. But the fucking only gets better! After moving Taylor to his knees, Kellan pounds and pounds until Taylor is practically fucked senseless! Turning to face his partner, Taylor gets fucked really well, and the guys are very passionate about each other. Hot cumshots are definitely in order! Great Fuck!

Watch Kellan Lane Fucks Taylor Kale at

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  • tomtomson


  • Daniel


  • Bradster

    The top’s a total fug

  • unbomec

    Taylor is something else; quite the sexy young man. He’s a keeper.

  • kana_sai

    Tom faulk was the only thing that’s hot at collegedudes. Now that he’s gone, i think CD’s gonna close down sooner or later.

  • Orion Hunter

    Listen, I know that times are kinda rough out there right now. But CD is gonna have to step it up a bit (model recruitment and retention are areas where they really need to focus).

    Porn should primarily be about fantasy. Not an uninspired replay of your typical Wednesday or Thursday night fuck sessions.

    • moondoggy

      I wonder what their business model is exactly, and who their typical customer is. We all argue here about what is hot and what isn’t, but it’s not often that something seems so uninspired. On a day with more updates, I never would have even clicked on this.

  • dio

    it’s a really bad sign when you fall behind BSB in the watch-ability department… there hasn’t been a CD scene for a while now where I’ve even WANTED to watch. Atrocious, seriously. I wonder what happened to Tom Faulk? I hope he pops up on CF, or something.

  • topher

    Taylor Kale is a very cute twink bottom. This could have been hot, if Kellan wasn’t a total turn off. I agree that he isn’t even good enough for BSB, and that’s bad news. Now if a hot CD guy from the past, like Adam Campbell was topping Taylor, that would have given me instant wood. Nothing’s really been super hot here since Tom Faulk bottomed for Jerry, Brandon, and Scott. Times are bad for a studio, when I have to go back a year or more to find a decent update. Thor, and Adam Campbell were so sexy that it didn’t matter who was topping them. It seems like Bryan Cavallo, Tom Faulk, and Brodie are gone, and we’re left with the likes of Kellan Lane. Poor Taylor’s first CD sex was with Jake Cruise’s anorexic son.

  • von schlomo

    Both are so far below even BSB standards.

  • Ike

    Ah Kellan is cute, but for a tiny skinny guy his dick should be twice the size.

  • pubert

    The bottom has a nice face. The top looks like Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter.