The Gay Office: Entry Level (Rocco Reed & Lance Luciano)

Entry Level (Rocco Reed & Lance Luciano) at The Gay Office

Entry Level (Rocco Reed & Lance Luciano) at The Gay Office

Entry Level (Rocco Reed & Lance Luciano) at The Gay Office

Entry Level (Rocco Reed & Lance Luciano) at The Gay Office

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Lance Luciano is expecting his new secretary and does nothing to hide his surprise when Rocco Reed introduces himself. Being an equal opportunity employer, he allows Rocco to take the first job advancement step by letting him suck that big boss cock. Just for good measure, he puts it in Rocco’s tight hole and pounds it hard.

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  • Juan Diego

    I have been pleasantly surprised by all the professionalism of Rocco Reed. He, in his first gay scenes was a bit clumsy and showed no pleasure. Now he’s able to convince me that he really enjoys what he’s doing. Have you seen what a good cock sucker and power bottom he has become?. That’s what I call to be a professional.

  • dio

    LOL… the only thing I can think is before every shoot MEN instructs performers to give the most disinterested, passionless performance they can manage.

    • burghboy

      Dio…..this is what happens when you hire a straight woman to direct gay porn.

  • litper

    OMG Lance is like Topher’s twin

    • Daniel

      They’re boyfriends

    • litper

      I know, it just looks sort of Peters twins relationship, and its really creepy

    • dio

      ugly twin, tbh

  • elmtree

    It appears Rocco has become a permanent bottom. I’m ok with that!

    • darkthunder1983

      I know. I expected him to top Lance, not the other way around.

  • Cubankid

    Rocco is sexy.

  • porndog

    I’ve officially become a Rocco fan.

  • zombieland

    I love that Rocco has become a complete bottom boy. He’s much hotter to me this way.

  • Dorse

    Love that ole Rocco booty!

  • jag2power

    Rocco seems to be taking JT’s new song “Suit & Tie” to the extreme. Every scene now has him dress to the 9’s and then manhandled out of them.

    • swim400

      think u r on 2 something there

  • Dion

    Lance’s smile looks very scary.

  • manu

    Rocco is very hot , I wish he had a bigger booty :-D

  • burghboy

    Rocco has come a long way….i find him very hot….to bad he has to work with such a horrible director in Laura D at….just think if he was in a scene directed by someone with even a passing interest in the scene they were directing.

  • jinger

    Lance is hot :P

  • Jonny Marzetti

    Rocco YUM. Lance not bad at all. The whole business suit thing does NOTHING for me.