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BelAmiOnline: Ariel Vanean & Gino Mosca

Ariel Vanean & Gino Mosca at

Ariel Vanean & Gino Mosca at

Ariel Vanean & Gino Mosca at

Ariel Vanean & Gino Mosca at

Ariel Vanean & Gino Mosca at

Watch Ariel Vanean & Gino Mosca at BelAmiOnline

We all know how much you have been missing Ariel Vanean, so for the 2nd part of our Gino double we have chosen to show you his pairing together with Ariel. Both guys are dark haired and handsome, and also both of them a little shorter in stature so we thought that they would make a charming couple.

Watch Ariel Vanean & Gino Mosca at BelAmiOnline

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  • dio

    BA’s fake cum eating always cracks me up. Both guys are berry attractive, tho. Gino Mosca in particular.

    • darkthunder1983

      Yeah, I made a post about his origins in the other update with him and I agree with ic1male below: I thought Ariel had retired too because I had not seen him a wile. BA’s got some cute models but, sadly, their updates here get overlooked. They’re usually lucky if they get at least 10 comments while SC and CF get either or past 100.

    • dio

      it’s pretty epic watching him get fucked (like, REALLY fucked!) by Jack Harrer’s d!!!ck.

      (BA is what makes me wonder about CF and other sites and PREPARATION and guys getting fucked but not being able to TAKE a proper pounding… I mean if a guy can take Jack Harrer’s d!ck (s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y… he’s probably one of THE biggest out there not only in length but GIRTH) you would think w/ proper preparation he can handle any of the guys @ CF.)

    • darkthunder1983


      That same mentality can be applied to Dylan Lucas. You’re not going to tell me that Lance Alexander is the only model who can get fucked: Jimmy Clay bottomed for Bradley Hudson; Bradley has bottomed for Lance; Chad Logan bottomed for Austin Merrick; Austin bottomed for Bradley; and Lance has flipped with Bradley as well as Austin and in all cases the tops were pretty good-sized and this excluding that some of these parings were repeated on Next Door Buddies.

  • ic1male

    Delighted to see the super gorgeous Ariel. I thought he had retired! I was having cold sweats.

    • SuperDuper

      Yessss! I’ve always had the biggest crush on Ariel. That face!! <3 Anyway, it's nice to see him back but he hasn't bottomed in awhile has he not?

      This Gino guy is quite hot also though judging by the other update, he looks better with a bit more hair. :D

    • gaycockluvr

      Let’s not forget about Ariel’s ass either. That thing is a work of art.

  • jazz

    Gino has a beautiful hole.

  • jinger

    I have indeed been missing beautiful Ariel <3

  • carey579

    Like someone said earlier, Bel Ami scenes are too sweet, too vanilla! It’s just twinks :C

    • darkthunder1983

      Yeah, we need more Derek!

  • von schlomo

    I love Gino Mosca and I really like Ariel!!!

  • Daniel

    This looks boring.

  • Robbo

    Nice scene cruelly ruined by a condom. 😡