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RandyBlue: Caleb Strong & Austin Wolf

Caleb Strong & Austin Wolf at RandyBlue

Caleb Strong & Austin Wolf at RandyBlue

Caleb Strong & Austin Wolf at RandyBlue

Caleb Strong & Austin Wolf at RandyBlue

Caleb Strong & Austin Wolf at RandyBlue

Caleb Strong & Austin Wolf at RandyBlue

Caleb Strong & Austin Wolf at RandyBlue

Watch Caleb Strong & Austin Wolf at

During an outtake after a getting fucked by Austin Wolf and Caleb Strong were lying there shaking. I came up to him and asked him if he was okay. He told me he did not want to talk about it. He told me he never had been fucked that way before and was feeling something he never felt. I asked him if the thing he never felt before was good or bad. And he gave me a weak smile whispered, GOOD. That is the magic of Austin Wolf. He has literally won awards for being the best top. And this scene proves why. At the beginning of the shoot, Caleb confesses to Austin that he googled him before their scene. He was super excited to be with a guy so big. Austin has about 8 inches and 60 lbs on Caleb. But Caleb is no slouch. He is all 100 percent pure American beef cake. The two decide to compare their bodies. Shirts come off, pecs are felt, nipples are sucked, biceps licked, underwear pulled down. Before we knew it, Austin grabbed Caleb and shoved his dick down his throat. Caleb jumped on top of Austin and returned the favor. Then he sat up and let Austin eat his ass while he pressed his body up against the window. Once his ass was nice and wet, Caleb started riding Austin. By the time Austin took him doggie style, the Caleb we knew and loved ceased to exist. He started making sounds I never heard before. He was being touched and fucked in places he never realized existed. By the time Austin was fucking Caleb on his back, he was ready to explode. When Austin saw this he pulled out and shoved his fingers up that tight hole. Caleb made a sound of utter ecstasy and exploded all over himself. Austin then rolled over and nutted all over Caleb. Caleb then sucked the jiz down and snowballed it back to Austin. Caleb then collapsed on top of Austin, resting his head on his big heaving Chest. I think the whole world will need a cigarette after this video.

Watch Caleb Strong & Austin Wolf at

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  • manu

    Looks pretty hot but PLEASE MAKE AUSTIN WOLF BOTTOM.

    We know he does it in his private life, why not on screen!? His ass is amazing, and he’s so tall and perfect all around…This needs to happen.

    • elmtree

      Preach Manu! I was thinking the same about how Austin’s perfect ass needs to getf ucked.

      And, btw, not only is his ass perfect, every inch of his body is perfect. YUM!

    • dio

      ‘We know he does it in his private life…’

    • Neobamboom

      He also barebacks in his private life but won’t do it on cam. Those tattoos are ridiculous.

    • manu

      Dio I shouldn’t bother replying to you but surely you know that there are interviews before solo scenes where the guys get to talk a little…

      Well in this segment Austin said he is versatile, and he’s also versatile as an escort.

    • dio

      @manu, Oh, OK. I figured it was something like that. :)

  • endeeeff

    Great pairing here. Love Austin as a top and Caleb as a whimpering bottom. Cumshots are a bit unimpressive, but overall a good scene.

    • Sam

      Agreed that the cum shots aren’t great, but Austin sticking his finger in Caleb to play with his spot and the look on Caleb’s face kind of make up for it. Austin is very hot, but yes, I too would love to see him bottom on camera. For the right guy though who really knows how to fuck him, not just one of the dial a dicks they have at RB.

  • baz

    Didn’t get why Austin didn’t fuck the cum out of Caleb (he even told him not to stop), but it would have been the perfect porn cherry for this cake.

    Loved Caleb as a whimpering bottom too.

  • dio

    WTF did Caleb do to his body? Eww!

    • manu

      Nope, still not funny.

      Post a picture of your body next time while you wanna talk shit, I’m sure THAT will be hilarious.


    • dio

      @manu, looks like a star is born… x-D

  • CA

    Caleb is so fucking hot. I am into anything he is in.

    Not sure I need him to bottom though…unless it’s someone crazy hot, big and hung. Which is difficult to find at RB.

  • Neo_

    Did Caleb always have those ugly ass tattoos and nipple piercings?
    He needs to go back to the drawing board and get rid of all that garbage.
    It’s like no one understands tattoo placement nowadays, and just good art in general. So much bad art people get on their bodies and look stupid.

  • Neo_

    Never mind, I just look at an old video.
    He only had the tatt on his back and the one on his side and no nipple piercings.
    That sleeve he has is atrocious. Full arm sleeve that looks like crap.
    He must be going through somethin.

  • coolcoolboy

    Austin Wolf is the only reason to subscribe to Randy Blue any more. He has it all. Plus, there’s real chemistry between him and Caleb.

    And while I would of course give anything to see Austin Wolf bottom on camera, I am not complaining. He’s a power top with a killer bod and cock, and he’s great at fucking. If I look at some of the so-called tops on CF or SC who are mediocre at best, they’re the ones who should be bending over. As long as Austin keeps putting out hot scenes, I’m happy.

    • endeeeff

      Good points. Not that many power tops in RB’s stable.

  • tennvols

    I didn’t really know who Austin Wolf was until recently. I went on that “guyswithiphones” site and there was this studly ‘fella showing his body. Turns out, it is this guy. He hasn’t shown his cock on the site but he show’s his muscles a lot…I take that back…he did have one cock pic but it wasn’t full exposure and he looked like he had a silver cock and ball extender on his anatomical parts. He is a cool looking dude.

  • richie

    Woah, Caleb got an intense sleeve. Undecided about it…

  • swim400

    Really do not care for all then ink. RB not turning out the hot guys like they used to.

  • Daniel

    Austin’s such a big man.

  • jag2power

    That is one funky looking brown hole and I mean that in a good way. The type that would suck you in and you can’t even think about escaping until it releases you from its clutch. In other words, called a good pounding.

  • kana_sai

    this site is dying, tbh.

  • Fireball

    The top is mad sexy.

  • Orion Hunter

    Good gawd, just when I thought that Austin couldn’t get any hawter, dood goes all supernova on my azz!!

  • landreau

    These two and Nick Sterling are the only guys left worth watching. I don’t know what they’re reserving Austin’s ass for. I guess they need a hot guy he can flip flop with. I would have thought Caleb could do that, but …

  • Neo_

    This actually ended up being a hot video, ugly new sleeve tattoo and all.
    They actually had chemistry and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that in an RB video, EVER.

  • Colby Parr

    Austin Wolf is perfection.