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RandyBlue: Abele Place & Austin Wolf

Abele Place & Austin Wolf at RandyBlue

Abele Place & Austin Wolf at RandyBlue

Abele Place & Austin Wolf at RandyBlue

Abele Place & Austin Wolf at RandyBlue

Abele Place & Austin Wolf at RandyBlue

Abele Place & Austin Wolf at RandyBlue

Watch Abele Place & Austin Wolf at

Austin Wolf is putting the finishing touches on the box cover art for the latest Randy Blue video. Abele Place is the bike messenger bringing the latest set of proofs for Austin to go over. Austin asks him to lay them out on the table. Abele is not expecting to be confronted with pictures of hot man on man action on his last job of the day. Austin takes one look at Abele and his tight body and frame and knows immediately that he has found his next star. He hovers over Abele as he takes in the muscled sex that lays before him. Abele says that he has never seen anything like this before. Austin tells him that he could be one of those models. Abele tries to maneuver out of the way and falls back into a chair. Austin leans down and takes off his bike helmet. He asks if Abele wants him to stop. Abele can only muster a small shake of his head. This was the green light that Austin needed. He gently kisses Abele before hoisting him up and carrying him over to the couch. Abele slowly strips Austin down and begins devouring on his cock. Austin returns the favor. Then Austin rims that hairy little hole to get it ready for his cock. He then fucks Abele doggie and missionary until finally Abele shoots all over Austin, and covers his massive chest. Then Austin cums all over Abele and his fuzzy butt. The two then make out passionately while the cum sticks between both of their furry chests. I hope Austin left this bike messenger a tip. Because he earned it.

Watch Abele Place & Austin Wolf at

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  • dio

    downloading NOW…

    • dio

      the size difference in that first pic is jarring. Damn. Austin is a big boy…

    • m8991

      Love this Big Brother shocking moment!

  • kana_sai

    I like the size contrast! And Abele is looking cute.

  • SuperDuper

    Abele is looking pretty damn sexy here. :D Love those outside shots of him. Very nice bod, and he’s bottoming. I wonder if Austin’s ever gonna give it up.

    • endeeeff

      He said he would in about a year or so in a recent BTS video.

    • SuperDuper

      Hmmmmm…. I’m sure people are gonna love that. :D Anyway, looks like a hot scene for sure. Really digging Abele and Austin does what he does best. :D

    • dio

      @endeeeff, LOL ‘in about a year or so’? Really? That’s a fucking lifetime in gay porn. When he does, it probably won’t even be for this site.

  • endeeeff

    The trailer and the photos definitely look great. Abele’s becoming quite the hot bottom!

    • swim400

      Abele is very able. I said the same thing about Abe (SC). Sexy guys for sure.

  • adidas28

    Abele looks sooooooo small next to Austin, but, boy oh boy, he is a real beauty.

  • moondoggy

    I always thought Abele was hot, but that pic of him sitting back, his dick towering in his lap and his balls hanging low and loose underneath — I would slay a thousand Philistines for five minutes of my head in that lap.

    What a tragedy that this scene was posted just before Bryan and Kellan. Both feature a big guy fucking a little guy, but as David Spade’s character said of Rebecca Stamos on Just Shoot Me, “We’re practically a different species — I’m not even sure we *could* mate.”

    • topher

      It’s always hot seeing a cute cub being fucked by a big guy. One of my favorite scenes is Paddy O topping Jimmy Fanz. This isn’t as good as that, but it is hot.

  • bloody mary

    Pronounced like ABLE or ADELE?

  • darkthunder1983

    Love Abele. Hate I didn’t know about him when he was with Frat Men. I wonder does he have the same horror stories as others. Could be why Cody from CF had left them (don’t remember his FM name).

    • darkthunder1983

      Damn, I can’t stop looking at his hairy pecs! I’m getting too aroused!!!

    • darkthunder1983

      Wow, I totally forgot that Abele had a short stint with CF, too!

    • von schlomo

      Yup, Corbin Fisher Garth & Fratmen Linde, for those who care.

    • jinger

      I remember seeing him on CF

  • elmtree

    Love, love, love me some Austin Wolf. Damn, he is one massive towering hunk of a man! Every inch of his body is more delicious than the inch before it! And Abele is looking mighty fine here as well. Great pairing…

  • Nase

    Randy Blue has really upped the production value of their videos. Good.
    Abele is a beauty. His chest is perfection.

  • jinger

    Love Abele <3

  • Ike


  • Malcolm

    Austin, Abele, and Alfonso Romeo=Randy Blue #1

  • VegasRich

    This was so hot but if Austin ever pulled out on me as I announced I’m coming, I would have to beat the shit out of him. :) He has done this to Caleb and now to Abele. And Abele has never looked better than he does in that t-shirt.

  • jag2power

    So, that’s what porn stars do on their down time. Bike messengers?

  • Daniel

    What manly men.

  • CumEater24

    That was a fucking hot scene, with two very gorgeous, real men. Austin is damn hot, and I love Abele’s hairy chest and big chest. Just fantastic.

  • 09755

    Abele is the perfect man. I don’t even know what I would do if I saw him in that shirt in real life.

    • darkthunder1983

      I’d be in the hospital because I’d fall out and hit my head on something.

  • tennvols

    AW has pics on GWIP….these two are probably a couple in the here and now….the bonding, love chemistry is beyond fake….congrats Abele…..the last time I saw you on CF with a less than attractive girl you were having sex with…good to see you have come to terms with your sexuality and openly and willingly fuck the boyz now and your being gay does not in any way effect your handsome and studly physique.