Drill My Hole: Sex Traveler (Colby Keller & Billy Santoro)

Sex Traveler (Colby Keller & Billy Santoro) at Drill My Hole

Sex Traveler (Colby Keller & Billy Santoro) at Drill My Hole

Sex Traveler (Colby Keller & Billy Santoro) at Drill My Hole

Watch Colby Keller & Billy Santoro at

Colby Keller is a different kind of sex tourist. With the help of a new technology, he can be transported to live out an authentic sex fantasy in a different era! In his first voyage he travels to the future where he finds the population is hotter and hornier than ever! Within seconds of arriving Colby is getting naked with Billy Santoro. Colby gets fucked good and hard before shooting his load and returning back home.

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  • khalil_mauri

    I love colby. he can do no wrong in my eyes. he’s my ultimate porn crush <3

    • carey579

      I don’t get this Colby hype at all. He’s average everything even more ruined by that ugly facial hair.

      He looks like Yerxa from 1Girl5Gays :C

    • TheSagaOf

      The facial hair is part of my “obsession.” That & he looks like the guy you bring home to your family. He’s so personable. And natural. He’s like a sexy fucking logger or something. He’s so ordinarily extraordinary. It’s hard to explain. He’s perfect, though.

    • Zee Brat

      @Khalil Agreed on all fronts.

    • carey579

      @TheSagaOf Everything that turns me off!

      WTF care about personable and bringing home to your parents? This is porn! Btw I would never want to bring a bearded hairy guy to my parents, Ken doll looks all the way!

  • TheSagaOf

    Colby @_@ <3

  • MikeB

    Colby … YES. But Billy … NO. wanted this guy as an exclusive? Why?

    • endeeeff

      Your guess is as good as mine. Billy’s default facial expression always looks like he’s just not that interested.

  • jasoncrew01

    Colby :3

  • swim400

    Colby is the best!!!

  • carey579

    The top looks like Adam Killan to me, just more worse.

    Great theme wasted on unappealing models.

    • Daniel


  • moondoggy

    Yes to Colby. Yes, yes, yes.

  • elmtree

    Seriously, Billy is becoming the Marc Dylan of the summer of 2013… just not as hot. I actually wish he’d stated at CM, and bottomed more.

  • Zee Brat

    “There are no tall guys who bottom in porn. Oh right there’s Colby Keller.”

  • Raihan Delano

    I think this is a suitable and well-planned scene.

  • jinger