CorbinFisher: Sucking William (William & Brayden)

Sucking William (William & Brayden) at CorbinFisher

Sucking William (William & Brayden) at CorbinFisher

Sucking William (William & Brayden) at CorbinFisher

Sucking William (William & Brayden) at CorbinFisher

Watch William & Brayden at

William‘s introductory video is a double treat – William himself is quite a stud, with a totally ripped body, chiseled cheekbones, and a big and impressive cock. As hot as he is to look at, we’re also treated to the sight of Brayden breaking him in, CF-style, with a hot blow job!

William is incredibly confident sexually, and had no problems at all agreeing to let Brayden blow him. He confesses that he totally loves BJs and loves having a talented mouth get him off (and it would indeed have to be a talented mouth to handle that big dick of his!). I’m also inclined to think William is quite the exhibitionist – just see how he moves in front of the camera and sneaks in some flexing whenever he can. The prospect of getting that cock worked over for an audience was too much for him to turn down, and Brayden gets to do just that!

William doesn’t just lay back and let Brayden go to work, though. After letting Brayden blow him some to start, William can’t help but take charge of things and it’s not long before he’s feeding Brayden his cock and fucking his mouth in what has to be one of the hottest BJ vids we’ve shot in awhile, complete with William’s huge load totally drenching Brayden!

Watch William & Brayden at

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  • dio

    nice dick. Not really here for the rest.

    • Daniel


  • adidas28

    He’s got a “look,” and I gotta say, I really dig it. Angular and severe; kind of dramatic.

    And in so far as I’m not a size queen: HOLY SHIT, that is a big, beautiful dick!

    • moondoggy

      Works for me too. I would say “wow” except I’m afraid William will gouge my throat with that thing.

      Who am I kidding — no I’m not! Wow wow woooooooow.

    • Billy.Sive

      I know what you mean, I do kinda like him too. But that first picture do no justice to him he looks too skiny.

      Nice dick, hopefully he’ll be putting it in some hot ass next time

    • RonaDog

      Yep, that’s definitely a Dong. However, his look is interesting but for me not really CF’s looking guys.

  • CA

    Well….he’s not pretty; that dick is though. I could see him fixing the desperate need to bring some excitement/passion to CF videos. He’s kind of a throwback to old school Brent and Derek…if he’s a performer like those two, I’ll be impressed.

  • adowhat

    All that cum wasted!

    • zapper158


    • elmtree

      So true…damn.

    • kingbelly

      Indeed, what a fail. I usually love oral scenes and cf usually delivers but what’s the point in using brayden when he doesn’t even want to taste the cum? They should use Quinn or someone who knows how to take a load.

  • TheSagaOf

    Poor Brayden.

    • Piroca do Brasil

      It’s difficult nowadays for everybody

  • jinger

    Nice big dick, pretty ass, tall and athletic, fairly attractive face. Good find.

    • jazz


  • clusterfuck

    That’s a 12 incher on the CF ruler.

    Gimme the more modestly-equipped Jacob III on SC anyday over this ogre. Lock him up with (back by popular demand!) Kenny in a trailer somewhere and throw away the key.

    • adidas28

      Well, you can’t compare him to Jacob. That’s like apples and…well, Jacob. That dude’s in a class of his own.

  • atticus

    Sexy guy despite the missing tooth.

    • jinger

      Oh dear, I hope they can fix that before his next video.

    • johnrt

      Is that why you cant see his teeth when he’s smiling in the pictures above? He actually looked better in the video than in the pics. Nice ass too. Overall, he’s ok, but I really don’t care to see him again.

    • atticus

      Hopefully he’ll spend the money from this for that.

  • Cubankid

    Brayden is a stud!! Love him.

  • bananas15

    Take away the big dick (which *is* impressive) and what we have here is prime BrokeStraightBoys material. Brayden looks cute in this update, though.

  • Southbay

    Very nice cock!

  • swim400

    Def not CF material. Better suited to SS or CD or CM

  • Sure_Thing

    Boy Quinn would have loved a crack at that dick!

  • Auggy

    No thanks.

  • Dorse

    They already filmed Smith does Kellan. That’s what I (only) want to see next.

  • samson

    Is this an example of how CF is better than SC?

    • bananas15

      If it is, it’s failing. Hard. I’d fuck SC’s latest update, Jacob, but I wouldn’t touch this dude with *your* dick. :-P

  • bananas15

    “Please keep your mouth closed, “William”, we’re not endorsing crack here”

  • Jonny Marzetti


  • jag2power

    All that dick streaming down from a mountain of a man. I wouldn’t mind being underneath that waterfall.

  • Raihan Delano

    Nice big dick

  • Johnny2x4

    No dick would make me like that face!

  • Bradster

    That’s not a pretty… everything. I’ll pass on this trainwreck.

  • Bagoas

    I guess I’m just easy to please because I think he’s really hot. I find him very attractive in all respects. Loads of sex appeal. Great body. A whopper of an endowment. He doesn’t fit our stereotypical ideals of male beauty, but he has a great look.

  • Bedeko74

    Yummy delicious dick! ;-))

  • Fazz

    Nope. Big dick and…………………………………………………………………..

  • harlanny

    This is a big step in the right direction for cf, most of their guys up until a month ago had gotten pretty ordinary. this guy has it all, ripped physique, attitude, and the equipment to back it up. hope we see much more of him in action.

  • tinomer

    Is this some kind of sick joke? These guys are incredibly ugly, who would want to see them fuck!

  • Matt

    I’m a face person and I get nothing from William’s face. No attraction for me. Bring back Jeff and let’s see more of Smith.

  • southbaybj2

    He’s got a Chandler-sized dick except with some muscle definition on his body. Bring him back for more!!

  • QueerJock

    he looks a little scary which i think is sexy as fuck! his body’s ripped and that cock is fucking magnificent! hope he does some serious breeding!

    totally pissed that brayden didn’t get a protein shake. would have been much hotter if he had swallowed the whole fucking load. i would have. what’s the point of giving head if you’re not gonna get a taste, or of getting sucked without cumming in a dude’s mouth?