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Gods Of Men: Reunited (Colby Jansen & Jaxton Wheeler) (Coming Soon!)

Reunited (Colby Jansen & Jaxton Wheeler) at Gods Of Men

Reunited (Colby Jansen & Jaxton Wheeler) at Gods Of Men

Reunited (Colby Jansen & Jaxton Wheeler) at Gods Of Men

Reunited (Colby Jansen & Jaxton Wheeler) at Gods Of Men

Some sexy valentine foreplay sets the mood for the latest scene from new MEN.COM subsite: Jaxton Wheeler is a passionate bottom for Colby Jansen’s big dick.

Watch Colby Jansen & Jaxton Wheeler at Banner 1
  • rihannas gay son

    Ground beef.

  • pink spider

    Is this like’s version of a Michael Lucas scene? Or maybe it’s just the bed spread. This looks decent, mainly because Jaxton is bottoming.

  • SuperDuper

    Jaxton is just too damn sexy. That face, that bod. Yum!

    • elmtree

      Yes indeed! It’s all good!

    • SuperDuper

      He’s like a greek god that i just want to pound.

    • CA

      I totally agree, he’s crazy sexy looking. However, I still have yet to see a video he’s been good in. He’s a really below average performer which is too bad. Haven’t watched this yet, so maybe he surprises me.

    • Dustin

    • moondoggy

      Carl Sagan — now I’ve seen everything.

      But big yes to Jaxton-tino. Just like with Santoro, I just keep waiting for him to go “bback” to his roots, so to speak.

  • jokerjack

    The strawberries?
    Just no.

    • CP3PO


  • TheSagaOf

    Not a good start for Gods of Men, in my opinion.

  • sncale

    Jaxton Wheeler fucking Colby Jansen would be much sexier, or at least flip-flop sex

  • jag2power

    A special Valentine delivery by the gods.

  • Dustin

    Oh come on! Colby Jansen needs to lose some weight. Ten pounds, that’s all it’ll take. It can be done in a little over a month and he can still shoot videos in the process.

  • zanemcguire

    Does anyone know why Colby always wears that wristband? Does he have a swastika under there or something?

    • CP3PO

      Heart monitor? Who knows. Haha.

  • bulls1

    Love Jaxton. Colby is getting a little too puffy. Has he ever bottomed?

  • filtereye

    that rimming scene! hope its good one, love to see more of that pink hole

  • carey579

    I just cannot get over Jaxton’s face! :C

  • fyrefly

    Colby Jansen would be the best valentine ever! Love him. And bitches be hating that he’s too thick –bitches be tripping….he looks like a sexy rugby player–oh right, cuz he is one….thats how he should look like…leaned out and 0% bf isn’t what i want my Colby Beef to be like…he’s fuckin gorgeous as is—don’t change Colby!