CollegeDudes: Troy Taylor Tops Josh O’Brian

Troy Taylor Tops Josh O'Brian at

Troy Taylor Tops Josh O'Brian at

Troy Taylor Tops Josh O'Brian at

Troy Taylor Tops Josh O'Brian at

Watch Troy Taylor & Josh O’Brian

It’s been awhile since these two boys have had some action, so they come to us just how we like ‘em…horny and ready to fuck! After some innocent kissing, things get a little more heated as the clothes come off and Troy Taylor works his way south to Josh O’Brian’s big cock, taking that meat in his hungry mouth and working it till it’s hard, going balls deep until Josh can’t take anymore and pushes Troy on the chair to show off his own impressive cock-sucking skills!

Once these two have had their craving for cock satisfied, their craving for ass-pounding comes next and Josh climbs right up on Troy and rides his dick with his tight ass, jumping on that prick and moaning as he gets his ass filled to capacity with Troy’s colossal cock!

Next, Josh bottoms for Troy doggy style, getting pounded deep and hard as both of these studs enjoy every minute of their hot fuck until they just can’t take anymore and finish off this sexy scene with some very satisfying cumshaws!

Watch Troy Taylor & Josh O’Brian

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  • 007james

    yikes! he looks like the joker!

  • Raihan Delano

    Agree..what i was thinking ,he looks like the Joker . lol

  • Bradster

    Stupid hair, mediocre body, average cock – looks like a winner!

  • swim400

    this could be a BSB scene also.

    • rags

      Lord knows why CD tried to compete with them when their product was already superior.