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TimTales: Tim Kruger Fucks Diego Lauzen

Tim Kruger Fucks Diego Lauzen at TimTales

Tim Kruger Fucks Diego Lauzen at TimTales

Tim Kruger Fucks Diego Lauzen at TimTales

Watch Tim Kruger Fucks Diego Lauzen at TimTales

Grobes here, what’s up.

I recently checked our site visits and noticed that we have so many people from Brazil watching Timtales!

So, hi to all brazilian fans (of course also to all our other fans)! We have your famous fellow countryman Diego Lauzen here on our site today with Tim Kruger. And the video is HOT!!!

Enjoy it!

Watch Tim Kruger Fucks Diego Lauzen at TimTales

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  • endeeeff

    Tim can do no wrong in my book. HOT!

  • sncale

    I remember Tim Kruger from his Cazzo days. Liked him a lot. He was into it, knew how to make porn to look as making love, kissing, hugging, sucking. Now he is just a fucking machine

    • pink spider

      You clearly aren’t watching TimTales because he does that stuff all the time in his videos. Kissing especially!

  • jazz

    Diego is gorgeous and DAT ASS!!!!!

    I’ve always liked Tim so this scene is a definite yes for me. BB would’ve made this a perfect 10.

    • jinger


  • elmtree

    Diego’s ass and Tim’s cock are a perfect marriage.

  • von schlomo

    I don’t find Tim the least bit attractive…totally not my type at all, but I do like his dick and he does a pretty nice job fucking bottoms that I am attracted to, like the stunning, beautiful, built Diego Lauzen. Now, he just needs a one-on-one video with Diego’s partner, Wagner Vittoria! For those that don’t know, Tim has already fucked both in a 3-way that was steaming hot!

    • slipperyslope

      Sweet baby jeebus, you’re so right! That three-way was the stuff of legends. Oddly, though, when Diego and Wagner don’t appear together (which thankfully is kinda rare) I’m not that crazy about Diego. I don’t know why, because when he’s with Wagner I can’t get enough…

  • Dz

    I find Tim very appealing (attractive, hairy chest, of course the huge dick), but I do wish he were more dynamic in the vids. E.g., some dirty talk would go a LONG way.

    • pink spider

      I love dirty talk but part of Tim’s appeal (at least for me) is that he’s the strong silent type. Let the bottoms he’s pounding out do all the verbalizing, I say.

    • elmtree

      Totally agree Pink. Love his silent but powerful fucking…hot!

  • carey579

    That bottom would’ve been a really sexy muscle twink bottom sans all those overwhelming tattoos :C

    About Tim – meh.

  • jag2power

    That’s one thick gargantuan cock meeting up with one powerful puss. A+

  • andrewtor

    I’m not attracted to Tim but Diego is the perfect combination of beauty and muscles.

  • Dustin

    The way Diego not only braces himself but actually backs into the ride is fantastic.

    It’s nice to see a true powerbottom in action once in a while.