FalconStudios: Tahoe: Cozy Up (Ricky Decker & Andrew Stark) (Scene 1)

Tahoe: Cozy Up (Ricky Decker & Andrew Stark) (Scene 1) at FalconStudios

Tahoe: Cozy Up (Ricky Decker & Andrew Stark) (Scene 1) at FalconStudios

Tahoe: Cozy Up (Ricky Decker & Andrew Stark) (Scene 1) at FalconStudios

Watch Ricky Decker & Andrew Stark at FalconStudios

Andrew Stark claims that a midnight tryst in the kitchen will cure Ricky Decker’s insomnia. Ricky’s dubious, but when Andrew pulls out a hard, fat cock, Ricky figures it’s better than a glass of warm milk and he agrees to ‘give it a shot.’ He kneels and sucks Andrew’s veiny member with long swallows, stroking the shaft and squeezing his nuts. Ricky has an olive complexion, hairy legs and a toned, V-shaped torso. The granite countertop makes a chilly bed, but sexual heat quickly warms it. Laying back, Ricky spreads his legs to give Andrew access to his hairy hole. Andrew finally shucks his clothes. His muscular body is smooth and his cock is raging. Ricky’s ass is ready to be fucked and Andrew drives his cock in letting Ricky experience all 8 thick inches. Andrew flips Ricky over so he can watch him cum. Ricky’s jism overflows his navel and dribbles down his flanks as Andrew pulls his cock out and is shaken by an orgasm that makes him tremble from head to toe.

Watch Ricky Decker & Andrew Stark at FalconStudios

Cubankid says:

Been a fan of Andrew since his Corbin Fisher days, nothing has changed. Just would like to see him bottom more.

von schlomo says:

Yeah, while I can’t say he’s a bad top, I much prefer him bottoming and it seems that ever since he left Corbin Fisher he’s been kinda a one trick pony.

Topher says:

After reading your post I looked at some of Andrew’s earlier scenes. One that’s really high on the hotness scale is his flip-flop at RB with Roman Todd. H-O-T!!!

Scrapple says:

Not to mention the sight of Andrew shooting while his cheek is glazed with Roman’s load.

TheSagaOf says:

Andrew is my husband. <3

gaycockluvr says:

Ricky is ridiculously hot….Andrew’s hot too.

Young Meesh says:

Both look awesome here. Can we get a scene with Sean Zevran and Ricky Decker???….i’m just sayin’

bloodhound says:

Ricky should’ve never left Sc.what a waste of a big ass…

L. T. says:

I know, right? I remember when people were hating on him at Sean Cody but I always loved him. His best scene was with Tanner.

bloodhound says:

Ungratefull lot.I hope they are satisfied with the current roster,cause I’m not.

Scrapple says:

At the time he left there wasn’t really anyone around who could handle all that ass. That’s still the case, with maybe two or three exceptions.

L. T. says:

I have and always will love Ricky Decker. Andrew’s cool too but he’s like the real-life version of Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants: cultural but his dry sense of humor makes him out to be a douchebag sometimes.

CP3PO says:


Scrapple says:

Andrew will always be fuckable. Always. I had to laugh at him trying to quiet Ricky. If Andrew’s cock was in your ass, why would you want to be quiet? I’d fucking hold a press conference while he was dicking me.

I can see why it’s hard for studios to ignore Ricky’s bodacious bootay, but his dick is nice too. Wish he would get to top a little more often.

Rantensougai says:

To Andrew and Ricky Both My Favs

Cale says:

Flip fuck would be hotter

freater says:

YES ANDREW! Don’t care for the bottom