[Coming Soon To MEN] William Seed Gets Barebacked by Ryan Bones in His Bottoming Debut on ‘Top To Bottom’

[Coming Soon To MEN] William Seed Gets Barebacked by Ryan Bones in His Bottoming Debut on 'Top To Bottom'

Visit MEN brings you a double treat! Our first bareback scene featuring one of our favorite new exclusive’s William Seed and…he’s bottoming! Watch him get pounded by Ryan Bones. You definitely do not want to miss this.

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sam my says:

Im here for this. William is a French Canadian cutie.

So I guess Men will be another studio going bareback.

Louisbb says:

From the preview and the sound of it, Bones is also québécois

sam my says:

You’d be correct. Since both came in around the same time, I think they knew each other before starting porn.

Louisbb says:

I would bet 1 000 000$ that they both got snatched from a strip joint in the village

TomCNR says:

About damn time he does. I wasn’t even watching his scenes anymore. It was always him catching a perv.

Dkingz33 says:

They need to start having their tops bottom more, Diego & Cliff especially need to start bottoming. It gets boring watching the same damn scenes.

Brandon85 says:

Jason Cliff ever bottomed

Jason says:

If they are now exclusively tops, why is it essential that they bottom?

Torsten Dankers says:

I also think that Diego Sans should bottoming same as his times at I agree its boaring to see his acrobatic scenes…..
although his hairy body is absolutely sexy….

TomCNR says:

Especially when Diego clearly isn’t fit to be a top. He never was to my eyes ever since his RB scene with Rafael Cedano

Sushi says:

I will be watching this.

NMatt says:

Amazinggg (Like Rona from Archer’s would say). Hope to see Ryan Bones bottoming too

Trepakprince says:

Patience is a virtue guys. I knew this was going to happen.

Scrapple says:

Two bores going bare. Oh joy.

Brandon85 says:

Wow another Janelle fan

Scrapple says:

Isn’t everyone?

Gazzaq says:

Actually watch the scene its actually not bad compare to some of the other Top Only Men giving their Bootys up. I was prepared to be disappointed but overall Its passionate and alright…


Is this supposed to be exciting news?

Eclipse says:

Who wants to bet this will be “Brandon’s bottoming debut” 2.0?

Louisbb says:

I was just thinking about that.
Perhaps only a few millimeters in for 3 seconds

JK3 says:

I like both so count me in the excited column. I wonder if this means that MEN is fully going bare and whether that will be the nail in the coffin for Bromo (already on it’s euro import death spiral). I can’t imagine more than 5 or so “performers” will be affected by the move as many have done bareback elsewhere w/ each other.

moondoggy says:

It would be exciting news, except they are still so silly most of the time. I hope this scene turns out well, and is the start of something.

Wahlberliner says:

I definitely approve this message.

Cubankid says:

Whoa. This is taking “Bromance” to a whole new level.

tysandsnyc says:

Seems like MEN is trying everything now. Lol
Should’ve been a flip flop though.

tysandsnyc says:

Seems like Men dot com is trying everything now. Lol
Should’ve been a flip flop though.

Brandon85 says:

I seem to be the only person that hates flip flops. For his first bottoming scene he needs to bottom the entire video.

Louisbb says:

It’s also him on the WB Valentine’s Day Home page.
Almost didn’t recognize him.
Seed is good-looking but not THAT good-looking.
Way to go photoshop. :P

bloody mary says:


Super Marco Manuel says:

Those at MEN are sellouts.They went bareback.Wrong choice.If Randy Blue and MEN went bareback,then any gay porn studios could also go bareback.Even Titan.Raging Stallion might be the last to go bareback.Even Chi Chi Larue thinks about going bareback.It shows how out of control gay porn became.Gay porn from the 90s was better.PREP doesnt cut it.Condoms all the way.The way it supposed to be.Mostly in gay porn.

William and Ryan are not gonna start bottoming on a regular basis anytime soon.They will just bottom very rarely.It also could be a 1 time only thing.They must have been paid a lot of money to be convinced to bottom.They are clearly not into getting fucked.They just do it for their fans.If William and Ryan were really into being bottoms,then they would have get fucked by several gay porn stars a long time ago.

Why gay men are so obssesed with top only men becoming bottoms against their will? Mostly when you know that these men most likely only gets fucked in gay porn.

Paddy only sucked a cock 2 times.He did more than 100 scenes.It says a lot.

Gay porn stars should not be forced to bottom if they are not into it.I rather watch a real gay bottom getting fucked than a mostly straight man faking it.

You cant always relate on gay porn stars profiles.When their profile says (versatile) (((mostly the gay for pay ones))) its just to tell what gay men wants to hear.When in reality,it means that they gonna bottom once every few eclipse.

William and Ryan are Kinsey 1 men.So,they are barely bisexual.They are most likely heteroflexible.Im almost sure that they barely have sex with men outside porn.So,dont expect them to suck cocks and get fucked very often.Its just not gonna happen.

Gay porn needs more Kinsey 6 men.Like Manuel Skye.Who is 100% gay.

Enough with the gay for pay crap.The vast majority of gay men wants to see gay men having sex with gay men.This is exactly what gay porn should be about.GAY porn.GAY men.

SacsayhuamanAntoninus says:

Don forget Darius Ferdynand Brit Import he is 100% GAY TOO


Kazu says:

Maybe true about William, but Ryan does suck cock (at least he did in the scenes I watched) and he didn’t look like he had any problem with it, so he ether enjoys it or is a quite good performer…

JasCo says:

Not that he was any good at it.

JasCo says:

I wish I could give this a thousand upvotes!

Torsten Dankers says:

I totally agree with you!

Deoxys says:

I feel some type of way william is bottoming first

Deoxys says:

Also since its bb he better cum in his ass or very close to it

Gazzaq says:

Really is that it. Hopefully William he will go down the Will Braun route as he certainly has the Butt Built to be Fucked Hard and Seeded !!!!

skye3245 says:

i’ll wait for the full preview. i stopped watching Mr Seed after he just slips it in and fucks but may return for the bottoming

Young Neil says:

Well… I guess I am going to be captain positivity for once and say that I welcome back the “Top to Bottom” series. It definitely had some of my most memorable porn scenes I could think of and I am happy to finally see this coming! William isn’t my favorite model, and men has put him in some of the craziest scenarios, but he is still pretty hot looking. I also think it is good and nice to see him push his boundaries.

Hopefully we will get to see Mr. Bones himself next… and Arad… and Diego… and Ashton! (I know some have bottomed, but it’s been so long that they might as well be a part of that series)

lol, a guy can wish right? lol

Gennaro says:

OMG now William needs to get his revenge on Ryan 😜

emercycrite says:

Aww mates fucking

smart says:

Go away MEN! G4P straight men worshing trash.

smart says:

MEN is a trashy straight men worshiping site

david david says:

This is interesting…

hvdude says:

I find the discussion below interesting. We sometimes forget that porn is a business and to make money in business you have to give the customer what they want. BB is becoming more and more popular. Had two guys f*cked without a condom 20 years ago there would have been a HUGE uproar, now not so much. Testing, PrEP, etc. has made bb easier (?). As Super Marco says below RS, FS, etc may go bb eventually, but they will be the last holdouts. I believe there will come a day when bb films are flagged as “Post Prep” or something similar. But this scene? It’s still Will Seed. No interest.

Colton, The Major Hussy says:

I wouldn’t get my hopes high, I’m sure it’s going to be disappointing. Like when Brandon bottomed at SC.

First Runner-UP says:

This is a great news, and its fucking bareback!
First time MEN.COM breaks the barrier.
FIrst time for the two mates having sex.
I am looking forward to watch this!

Pascal says:

Watch it be filmed entirely in close-ups with out-of-focus shots by that inane Québécois team!

Gazzaq says:

I have watched the scene and its actually not bad compare to some of the other Top Only Men giving their Phat Bootys up (Hello Disappointing Brandon et al). I was prepared to be disappointed but overall the scenes passionate and alright. William Seed Definitely needs to Flip Flop more and get his Phat Cakes Pounded Out and Seeded regularly.

Ivan Jimenez says:

Can’t wait for William to finally be seeded!

Ryan and Atlas and Paddy and Diego and Rogan should follow suits!

Louisbb says:

read what I wrote below 40 minutes ago

Louisbb says:

Ryan Bones does nothing for me (I usually like 99% of the various pornstars)