NextDoorBUDDIES: Gunner Canon, Ryan Jordan and Scotty Dickenson in ‘Passionate Trio’

Passionate Trio (Gunner Canon, Ryan Jordan and Scotty Dickenson) at Next Door Buddies

Passionate Trio (Gunner Canon, Ryan Jordan and Scotty Dickenson) at Next Door Buddies

Gunner Canon, Ryan Jordan and Scotty Dickenson at NextDoorSTUDIOS, Scene Summary:

Gunner Canon, Ryan Jordan & Scotty Dickenson are stripped down to the bone and ready for intense action. Laid out on the bed, Ryan sucks Gunner off while Scotty does the same to Ryan.

Ryan’s big dick fills Scotty’s mouth Gunner bends over to return the favor to Scotty. Ryan helps himself to Scotty’s dick as Gunner sits up and plunges his rock hard cock deep inside Ryan’s hole. He fucks him bareback from behind while Scotty continues to face fuck him. Once he’s been properly stuffed, the guys switch.

Now it’s Scotty’s turn to take the dick as Ryan and Gunner take turns pounding him. Scotty strokes his cock as Ryan slams him missionary. In no time Scotty busts his nut. After getting the cum fucked out him, Scotty takes a load to the face as Gunner unleashes a gusher all over him. He sucks Gunner Canon dry as Ryan Jordan continues to pound away, pulling out and blasting him with yet another load. Seeing Scotty Dickenson cum covered, the other two guys clean him up as they all fall back into bed to rest up for another go round.

Watch Gunner Canon, Ryan Jordan and Scotty Dickenson at NextDoorSTUDIOS

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Erudite says:

The guy that looks like a Beatle is definitely not my type.

andrew says:

All three guys are hot, but I’ve been in love with Ryan Jordan ever since I heard him whimpering while giving up his fine booty to muscular Spencer Laval.

sam my says:

One of my fave scenes. His moans are everything.,

Jay says:

The sounds Ryan Jordan makes are criminally sexy.
Like, ban that shit… but still give access to it, so it’s forbidden AND hot.

jinger says:

I don’t envy Ryan, he deserves better

Rico says:

Gunner (AKA et al) has been MIA for awhile. Nice to see him back in action.

Tim says:

The guy with the beard needs to stop getting his haircut in 1983

sam my says:

Two of my favorite things, spitroasting and Ryan bottoming, this scene as both.

JK3 says:

Scotty looks incredible with a buzzcut. Idk what made him think about growing it back. His scene w/ Princeton on AD was great.

jhtravus says:

Dang, is the ‘Janet’ coming back in style and no one told me?

sam my says:

Dont come for his hippy chic

DeeGee says:

It’s striking how much larger Gunner is, compared to Ryan. And very appealing. He’s always been ripped and fit, but I wish he would take space, i.e. assume his size and presence, a bit more than he does…

Scrapple says:

He was downright twinkish on Sean Cody, so the size upgrade is very noticeable.

DeeGee says:

Yes, but he still carries that twink energy. He hasn’t grown into his manly frame. Not sure he will. He’s scrappy, when he could be really imposing.

Scrapple says:

Would you buy that from him though? I don’t think I would. The few times he has tried to be dominant it came off forced.

DeeGee says:

I might in his new frame. But it’s amazing how even ostensibly straight guys lean to bottom if that’s their nature.

Scrapple says:

This might actually live up to the title, so that’s good. But really, I’m just waiting for tomorrow’s scene with Mark and Donte flipping. And then Spencer on Thursday.

moondoggy says:

Mark and Dante who???

I fucking love Gunner Canon. I love him so much that I literally started this reply an hour ago and forgot because I was looking up old Gunner scenes. I had totally forgotten that he had two other aliases before this, all bareback.

sam my says:

Donte Thick

sam my says:

Dante didn’t become a fan fave of mine, until he pairing with bae Johnny Torque. I didn’t like him on cf

Scrapple says:

Donte Thickems.

James Freedman says:

I love those orgies where everyone takes a dick…that’s where all the fun lies at least for me

TomCNR says:

Only here for Ryan

emercycrite says:

Scotty looks homeless and smelly.

Denver2020 says:

two hot guys and one not hot guy…