NextDoorRAW!: Mark Long and Donte Thick Flip-Fuck in ‘Shower Games’

Shower Games (Mark Long and Donte Thick Flip-Fuck) at NextDoorRAW!

Shower Games (Mark Long and Donte Thick Flip-Fuck) at NextDoorRAW!

Mark Long and Donte Thick Flip-Fuck in ‘Shower Games’ Scene Summary:

With roomie Mark Long taking a shower, Donte Thick decides now is the perfect time to make his move. Stealing his towel, Donte creeps around the corner and waits. Mark comes out of the shower, bewildered, but naked and dripping wet. Donte confesses that he stole Mark’s towel but tells him he had a reason. Mark asks him what is the reason is as he dries his face.

Donte Thick falls to his knees and quickly deep throats Mark’s giant cock. This causes Mark’s eyes to widen as he says ‘Oh,’ and Donte Thick takes this as confirmation to keep going. He sucks Mark off until he’s nice and hard, then is surprised when Mark throws him back up onto the bed and returns the favor. It seems Mark Long’s been harboring the same urges for Donte. Mark plunges his rock hard cock deep into Donte’s raw hole, and fulfill’s a fantasy for both of them.

Mark Long fucks Donte Thick hard from behind. He grabs him by the waist and pulling him in closer as he thrusts his meaty cock deeper inside. Donte Thick takes every push willingly, begging Mark to keep it up. But before Mark delivers on that promise, he wants to feel Donte inside of him. Mark rolls Donte over and mounts him, sliding onto Donte’s dick and riding it reverse. All while Donte watches Mark’s ass bouncing up and down.

Donte Thick gives Mark Long a nice ride as Mark strokes himself off, and once he’s had his fill, the dismounts and spreads Donte’s legs wide open, slipping his dick inside and proceeds to pound Donte until he’s ready to spit.

Mark Long pulls out and coats the hole with his jizz as Donte Thick strokes himself dry, shooting his load straight up and landing all over his stomach. Enjoy!

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Cubankid says:

Love it when my Mark bottoms.

elmtree says:

A rare treat indeed!

Scrapple says:

But they need to stop putting him in the same position. He probably likes riding because he can control it, but that’s the problem. Donte should’ve been knocking those walls into next week. And Mark would’ve loved it. Eventually.

elmtree says:

Yes and yes!

SacsayhuamanAntoninus says:


moondoggy says:

I don’t understand the craving to see guys bottom when their appetite is to top. There are certain guys who I am content to see do what they do.

Scrapple says:

I don’t understand the craving to see guys go bare when their appetite may be to have sex with condoms.

moondoggy says:

I don’t either. That’s why you don’t hear me complain about that. I complain when the studio wraps a performer who has fucked raw elsewhere (Jaxton, Griffin, self-professed pig Brenner Bolton), or the rare occasion when the condom doesn’t fit the premise (like that moronic Justice League parody).

So your little read wasn’t as clever as you thought.

Scrapple says:

Insisting the studio is wrapping a former raw performer instead of considering maybe the performer or his partner wanted to use a condom for whatever reason (like a fill-in partner didn’t get tested in time, or someone simply changed their stance on barebacking) is a complaint. But I can see how you would think differently.

Also, a joke and a read are two different things.

moondoggy says:

“Also, a joke and a read are two different things.”

I know. But these things last forever online, where jokes age into reads. I can’t have people thinking I didn’t have a comeback. I have a rep to protect.

Scrapple says:

And who doesn’t love a comeback?
But you’re a terrible person for reminding me of the Prince duo that could’ve been, if not for that “your butt is mine” lyric.

moondoggy says:

Did you post Midge (that’s what I call her, like Moe to Marge) because you remembered that all three were the same age? So hard to believe Prince is gone. I had sort of let Michael go in the aughts. Invincible was an underrated album, but that whole decade he just seemed to be in decline. Maybe even both decades, since HIStory was such an angry screed.

Ugh. If I provoked you into unwanted nostalgia, you got your revenge. I’m practically catatonic now thinking about the three of them.

Scrapple says:

I did. That would’ve been a threesome for the ages.

I’ve honestly only ever listened to two songs off Invincible: You Rock My World and Butterflies. Just never felt motivated to go beyond those. I still Marvel at how in shape he was during the making of This Is It. He was dancing circles around those backup dancers who were half his age, if not more. Literal and figurative circles. They’re all hunched over in a corner dripping, and MJ is still going not even sweating. It’s a little haunting.

moondoggy says:

I went to the midnight showing when that documentary came out. I may have mostly given up on him, but when he was still active, I was a diehard fan.

The two songs you named are the two best, but I also like Heaven Can Wait and 2000 Watts.

Scrapple says:

Aww, he had a song called Heaven Can Wait right before he died.

Tim says:

Donte has a great body and I love the hair, but his face is kind of creepy. Maybe it’s the teeth.

anck says:

Mark bottom again… Awesome 😍 but why same position in every scene (except with mathias.. ofcourse 😘). Want complete bottom scene of mark long.

& Love for Donte 😍😍

Scrapple says:

Mark was loving that ass. Love. Ing. It. Look at how hard that dick was when he slid out of Donte in the first half. At one point when Donte is doing splits on the bed, Mark has this expression of disbelief on his face like “This is all for me?” And kudos to Donte for being the only person thus far to really spread that ass open and eat it properly. It’s unfortunate he didn’t get to fuck it the same way, but maybe one day it’ll happen.

gaycockluvr says:

Mark’s nice, fat ass should get some recognition in every update. He seems to be really feeling his partners too. He was doing a lot of caressing on Ryan Jordan while sucking that dick.

Scrapple says:

Baby, Mark couldn’t wait to break in those Jordans.

anck says:

My wish has been granted😍 mark long bottom(not flip-flop) for adam gregory 😍😍😍

Scrapple says:

And Spencer has a scene with Connor! Great news all around.

I’m pretty sure Adam is a former Sean Cody model.

Sask says:

Donte looks much better with the shorter hair.

Good scene. Only problem was Mark’s dick was too soft to push that splooge in. The scene did the usual cover-up of dick-rope by panning to faces.

slipperyslope says:

I just want to take a nap on Donte’s chest. It looks so comfy and furry.

And by take a nap I mean blow a load. And then take a nap.

jag2power says:

In my heart exists a special place for Mark.

tobe120 says:

Good pair, but both should have taken Viagra…. Too bad!!! It could have turned really hot…

Lance says:

i wish they would stop forcing him to bottom. he looks and acts soo uncomfortable about it. throws the scene off.

Ivan Jimenez says:

Mark Long needs more dick in his ass!

Cubankid says:

He sure didn’t. Like one of the other posters said, they need to make Mark bottom on the bottom. Typically when the bottom is riding the top they still have control over the sex. He needs to be pinned down and fucked mercilessly. I know that guy you speak of and he’s very handsome, but lack topping skills.

I haven’t watched their scene yet. Check your emails – I explained why.