BROMO!: Sheen Fucks Tomas Salek in ‘More Pressure’

More Pressure (Sheen Fucks Tomas Salek) at BROMO!

More Pressure (Sheen Fucks Tomas Salek) at BROMO!

Sheen has some tension to release and he’s decided that Tomas Salek is going to get it! You wouldn’t think this tattooed, lanky cutie could make a tall, muscular jock like Tomas submit, but he does so with ease. Tomas Salek mounts his hard cock and buries it deep inside his furry hole before getting his ass pounded and bred doggy style.

Watch as Sheen Fucks Tomas Salek at BROMO!

Watch as Sheen Fucks Tomas Salek at BROMO!

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SacsayhuamanAntoninus says:

Alright Bromo need more American porn guys and less European guys sheesh. They need to do a casting call for Ameicas got Porn Talent. And NO NO talking about Jason Spars either.

TomCNR says:

They have a Euro roster and an American one. The two don’t seem to merge though. Bromo is one of multiple studios under MG so they practically share models with both American and European studios.

Kj says:

Tomas Salek YES YES YES

DaveAtom says:

I love Tomas! He is perfect. But wtf with his scene partner. Tomas deserves way better than this.

elmtree says:

“Tomas deserves way better than this”

My exact thought…

paultacoma51 says:

Tomas is always a huge YES! And I’m afraid I’ve been seeing more & more people with face tattoos. WTF??? I only hope they’re not the permanent kind.

Gennaro says:

Tomas is so hot. I also love how he’s always the bottom. His ass so beautiful

dakota112 says:

Why is it that tomas salek have not been fuck by a huge dick preferably by a black gay

emercycrite says:

Wtf is a Sheen? Tomas is way too good for this trash bag.

CarAndDriver says:

Beautiful Tomas paired with a heinous partner. Was the internal even real? It seemed vary fake.