Broke Straight Boys: Brandon Evans Fucks Grey Donovan

Brandon Evans Fucks Grey Donovan (Bareback) at Broke Straight Boys

Brandon Evans Fucks Grey Donovan (Bareback) at Broke Straight Boys
Brandon Evans Fucks Grey Donovan (Bareback) at Broke Straight Boys
Brandon Evans Fucks Grey Donovan (Bareback) at Broke Straight Boys

Brandon Evans Fucks Grey Donovan at Broke Straight Boys:

Grey Donovan has been getting used to life as a Broke Straight Boy. But he’s still got some challenges ahead of him. Brandon Evans is ready to help him get even more comfortable. Leaning in for a kiss, they make out and then undress as Brandon finds his way down to Grey’s cock. Next, he pulls it out of his underwear and wrapping his lips around it.

Grey Donovan watches as Brandon Evans swallows his dick. His shaft disappearing in Brandon’s mouth over and over until Brandon stands up to get his own prick sucked. Grey captures that sweet cock on his tongue, letting Brandon face fuck him as Grey takes that dick and then sucks on Brandon’s balls.

Brandon Evans is now hard and ready to fuck! He throws Grey Donovan onto the bed and fingers that tight ass before filling it with the full length of his bareback cock. Grey moans as his ass stretches around Brandon’s pulsing member and Brandon goes deeper. Brandon hits the walls of Grey’s entrance as he fucks him.

Grey Donovan rides Brandon Evans next, his ass bouncing up and down on that cock but Brandon wants it harder and faster, pushing Grey to the floor and taking him how he wants him, balls slapping against Grey’s dominated ass as he takes that dick.

Brandon Evans fucks Grey Donovan until he makes him shoot his load. Finally, pulling out and stroking his cock fast and hard until he squirts his cum across Grey!

Watch as Brandon Evans Fucks Grey Donovan at Broke Straight Boys

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Doctor Bombay says:

Brandon has such star quality I don’t know why he isn’t more popular. Even if his partner doesn’t really do it for me (like this one) I always watch for him. Can’t wait for his flip coming up with Austin on GISP.

moondoggy says:

Now that I have somewhat pulled myself together from the image of Brandon hopefully taking an internal from Austin, I can answer your question. Brandon has fucked raw at Bromo, BSB, Dudes in Public, Dick Dorm, Fraternity X, and GISP. He has so many group scenes that I actually think they rival his duo scenes for frequency. He is a total cum whore — these are all compliments. This is my wet dream come true.

But when you watch the actual scenes, they often seem like paint by numbers. It’s not his fault — he has rescued so many scenes from irrelevance. But that’s just the point. How many times have you watched a scene and thought, “That was so hot, he was almost lucky to be there”? Daniel is one of my favorite things in life, but the majesty of Cameron fucking him is what makes that scene unforgettable. Christian is one of my favorite things, but picture Jarek creampie-ing his ass … Now picture him bottoming for, let’s say, Ryan Fields instead. If you’re ALWAYS the best thing about your scene, you’re going to have to do some spectacular shit to be considered a legend rather than a mere momentary favorite.

And it’s not just unequal casting — it’s maybe even more about directing, as his scene with Jaxton proved. When Brandon cums and it’s Jaxton’s turn, we have to spend ten seconds being pulled out of the moment watching Jaxton struggle to take his gloves off. That alone doesn’t ruin the scene, but there are little glitches like that all the way through.

Visually, I like Brandon as much as anyone, but I would love for anyone here to list the scenes that made them say “wow.” I’m eager to be schooled on how wrong I’ve assessed this. Although it’s been a while, I’ll get the ball started and say that I think I remember being impressed with his scenes with Tanner Valentino.

moondoggy says:

“Can’t wait for his flip coming up with Austin on Guys In Sweatpants.”

some charge says:

Greg looks like a trailer park diva! Still love his hairy ass.

Scrapple says:

I’m finally realizing why I can’t fully get into Grey. He reminds me too much of Adam Lambert.

Brandon (who seriously needs to go back to his hairy form ASAP) was hard to read here. He had that twinkle here and there, but that seemed more about horniness than lust for his partner.

Young Meesh says:

For the love all things gay, PLEASE STOP HAVING BRANDON TOP! I just want to see him taking cock for the rest of his porn career. His milky white ass is so hot.

andrew says:

Brandon is so handsome and his body so flawless. It’s a thrill to watch him in action.

joeguy45 says:

I have been a big fan of Brandon’s since he first appeared on BSB sometime late 2015. As someone above has mentioned he has worked for a lot of different studios and he has done lots of group scenes where he takes serious amounts of cock & his ass. Ive seen him on Cam shows with men & women… and yet.. something dosen’t quite fit with this guy and i cant think what it is. His porn persona is at total odds and incongruent to how he actually appears. He seems to lack chemistry with any of his co stars… he does not kiss or eat ass ( which may be a preference ) and even though the fucking is hot ,and he is handsome & sexy and a nice guy( as ive chatted with him on Cam shows .. ) there just seems to be something lacking .I . wonder if it is just me…?

Kj says:

The more Brandon Evans the better. Brandon please let the body hair grow out to make you even hotter.