MEN: Paddy O’Brian Fucks D.O. in ‘True One’

True One (Paddy O'Brian Fucks D.O.) at Gods Of Men

True One (Paddy O'Brian Fucks D.O.) at Gods Of Men
True One (Paddy O'Brian Fucks D.O.) at Gods Of Men

True One (Paddy O'Brian Fucks D.O.) at Gods Of Men

Paddy O’Brian Fucks D.O. in ‘True One’ at

Irish porn star Paddy O’Brian cannot wait to get inside of the muscular bottom of D.O..! It’s the dark-haired hunk’s first time as a full bottom. Despite this fact, he couldn’t be happier getting his bubble butt topped by one of the best!

Chiseled Paddy O’Brian takes his time priming tall and toned D.O.’s asshole before giving him his big dick and the best first time experience!

Watch as Paddy O’Brian Fucks D.O. at

Watch as Paddy O’Brian Fucks D.O. at Banner 2
whodunit? says:

Should have been a flip. But looks decent.

Mr. Grey says:

It will be a perfect if a flip fuck

some charge says:

MEN should move all their production to Spain!

DaveAtom says:

Paddy’s cock is just perfect. I love him, and love he’s regularly sucking dick now. Now he should bottom more often.
Excellent pair :)

Peterchong says:

Omg nice to see D.O. back to bottom. It would be great if Paddy is being rough on D.O.’s butt with some smackings.

Hope D.O. can loosen up a bit though. He used to be quite uptight when bottoming.

Kevin says:

Just like Randy/Landon this should have been a flip.

wdeee says:

This is gonna be legendary.

Kazu says:

Why do they always look so angry on these photos? -__-
Still, nice to see D.O. return!

Marco Sartori says:

when Paddy goes BB the world will end.

Scrapple says:

D.O. You know.
Coming back in the game doing it all. Like a boss.

Sweaty, Hairy Paddy is my favorite Paddy. I was hoping he’d show up in Telenovela. Partly because it would’ve been fucking hilarious. But mostly on account of the bodies.

CarlA says:

I am OFFICIALLY shook by D.O.!!! I bet if Paddy wanted to be truly gay, D.O. would be the one to turn him! Lol.!!!

Steve Crockett says:

This looks absolutely delicious! From the preview DO clearly looks excited to have Paddy’s dick in his mouth – who wouldn’t ?? and the fact he decided to be the only bottom in this scene – he must want to savor the feel of it in his ass.

Kraterus says:

Sorry, but whenever I see Paddy, I cannot help but to remember that the orcs in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ have exactly the same cockney accent…

Maximus says:

I can’t cosign on D.O.’s name—the fuck kind of witness protection program moniker is that?—or his hair—he looks like a wood duck—or his dick—y’all know how I feel about foreskin—but the body is on point. I’m not a fan of Paddy’s earrings, but that body is godly, and I’m proud of him for sucking dick again.

Scrapple says:

I can’t cosign on D.O.’s name—the fuck kind of witness protection program moniker is that?

Bravo Delta read this and then grudge fucked an otter bareback in a bathroom stall.

Maximus says:

Did you hear about that SeaTac airport employee who commandeered an empty Horizon plane and crashed it into an island? Some Air Force fighter jets followed it, and those jets were part of an air defense program called “Golden Eagle.” This is what happens when you let straight men come up with the code names: You get lame shit like “Bravo Delta” and “Golden Eagle.” Now that we have a gay Secretary of Defense—You may be thinking, “I didn’t know that Mattis was gay,” to which I say: Not openly, but honey, look and listen for two seconds, and you’ll spook her tea—I’m hoping that the code names, commands, and formations get more fabulous.

Scrapple says:

I just watched an interview about that today. Crazy. But wasn’t “Golden Eagle” the name of those Louis Gossett Jr. fighter pilot movies? Am I getting my element-inspired movie titles wrong? I hate when that happens. Now, just because Mattis has a lips doesn’t mean she’s one of those “I was waiting until my parents died before I came out, but then it just never happened” queens. That being said, you outing him now would prevent us from getting “Operation Sparkle Pony” and the Formation formation. We need that.

coolcoolboy says:

My guess is that D.O. is a play on the Spanish name Diosdado, which is often shortened to Dio. Diosdado means “God-Given,” which is appropriate for that fantastic body.

Curlee says:

Paddy doesn’t think DO is worthy of him being a rare bottom for?

Scrapple says:

I think Paddy still had the condom on when he went in for his final round of dick sucking. And he still seemed pretty chubbed up, so it didn’t look like an erection issue. It was almost as if he broke off the fucking because he wanted one last taste of D.O. dick…

emercycrite says:

Should’ve been a flip.

DTG says:

Next we need to see D.O. and Dato.

CarlA says:

Absolutely! Same directors Alter Sin though. The American ones would undoubtedly screw it up.

paultacoma51 says:

For me, this would’ve been hotter if both had grown out their full fur, but they look good smooth or hairy.

Forkib says:

How is it the first time for D.O as a bottom? didn’t he bottom for Vita Galo before?