NextDoorRAW!: Eddie Danger Fucks Markie More in ‘After Gym Pump’

After Gym Pump (Eddie Danger Fucks Markie More) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

After Gym Pump (Eddie Danger Fucks Markie More) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!
After Gym Pump (Eddie Danger Fucks Markie More) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW!

Eddie Danger Fucks Markie More in ‘After Gym Pump’ at NextDoorRAW!:

With both of them jacked up from their workout, Markie More & Eddie Danger are feeling the pump and looking to ride the high. Seeing each other sweating and grunting has both of them hot and horny. But they decide it wouldn’t be cool to fuck at the gym, so they make their way back home.

Once there, Eddie Danger can’t wait to get into Markie More’s pants, sucking him off as soon as they get through the door. Markie is rock hard and Eddie tells him he can still taste the sweat on his cock, as he deep throats Markie. They switch and Eddie feeds Markie his cock, face fucking him before turning him around sliding his cock into Markie’s hole.

Markie More moans as Eddie Danger pounds him, stroking himself off as Eddie watches his dick go in and out of Markie’s hole. They switch up and Markie mounts Eddie, his rock hard dick slapping against his stomach as Eddie takes him from beneath. Both guys are close to cumming, so Markie tells Eddie to flip him over and pound him hard.

Eddie Danger does so, spreading Markie More’s legs wide as he thrusts into Markie. Markie loses his nut all over his stomach as Eddie continues to pound, pulling out and unleashing his load all over Markie’s sweaty, sexy body. Enjoy!

Watch as Eddie Danger Fucks Markie More at NextDoorStudios

Watch as Eddie Danger Fucks Markie More at NextDoorStudios

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Kevin says:

Isn’t that one of the gogo dancers from Hey qween?

Sebastian S says:

He is a go go dancer, based here in DC

some charge says:

Bearded Markie! Bearded beefy Markie!! Beareded beefy Markie taking it up the ass!!!

Target says:

Hot scene, but it came out weeks ago

Scrapple says:

I’m surprised there’s a post about this somewhat old scene. Anyway, Markie looks perf and Eddie’s look doesn’t match his performance. He looks like he’d be a lazy “service me” meathead, but he was making moves.

nodoubtfan says:

I’m glad Markie found a hair length and facial hair combo that works; he looks great here.

andrew says:

I wish Markie would get rid of the facial hair, but I want More Markie no matter what.

Cubankid says:

elmtree, i’m back on the Markie train. He looks real good.

lemonline2 says:

Markie gets hotter and hotter! I would not have minded seeing both asses drilled, but Mark’s is definitely the more fuckable of the two. If I directed porn, the hottest ass would always get fucked!

gaycockluvr says:

Markie looking good and Eddie is sexy.

groovy. says:

I seriously wanna marry Markie. What a beautiful unproblematic dream.

TomCNR says:

What’s up with the updates? About 3 or 4 of today’s updates came out more than a week ago

Sven Sebastian says:

Markie More is one of the reasons I’m keeping my NDS subscription. He keeps getting better scene every scene, and I just love worshipping his well-sculpted, almost perfect body. IMOO, he delivers whether he tops, bottoms or flips in a scene. Actually, he’s my biggest reason am still a member.

Scrapple says:

My only gripe is nobody gives his body the tongue attention it deserves. Quentin is pretty much the only one who is into muscle worship.