TimTales: Franklin Acevedo Fucks Henrik Sommer

Franklin Acevedo Fucks Henrik Sommer at TimTales

Franklin Acevedo Fucks Henrik Sommer at TimTales
Franklin Acevedo Fucks Henrik Sommer at TimTales

Franklin Acevedo Fucks Henrik Sommer at TimTales:

À la demande générale, Henrik Sommer is back on Timtales! He saw our new top Franklin Acevedo and was eager to ride his massive latino cock.

Franklin Acevedo gave him more than just his huge cock…he gave him the rough alpha macho fuck that Henrik Sommer loves so much.

Enjoy watching Henrik Sommer ride that thick cock like there’s no tomorrow! What a view! As always, enjoy :)

Watch as Franklin Acevedo Fucks Henrik Sommer at TimTales

Watch as Franklin Acevedo Fucks Henrik Sommer at TimTales

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Joey says:

Yay our bespectacled powerbottoming German prince is back.

Scrapple says:

When bottom bitches start acting all wreckless like they’re going to take the crown, Henrik shows up and lets these hoes feel the monarchy.

You know Ansony already got all up in those guts. Andy better have too.

No_No_No_Yes says:

I’m pretty sure Henrik’s ears wiggle every time the dick head touches his brain stem.

DaveAtom says:

Lol, you’re right. He is King.

Irene's Foot says:

Finally!!! a Henrik Sommer Update

It’s been 3 months since his last scene and i am thanking god for making my week much more better


Ivan Jimenez says:

Henrik needs to be gangbanged more!

jpghost says:

He is one of the best bottoms ever :D I want to see him on BHH and/or RB.

Jack says:

you never seen franklin smile that hard till this scene was made haha

Brian Sky says:

It seems I’m part of that 0.1% of people who finds Henrik as another run-of-the-mill actor. I cannot see those special features that all of you find on him.

Scrapple says:

He’s shredded. He takes huge dicks with a mixture of distress and delight. His hole always looks ready to play but never worn out. He’s an aggressive bottom. He speaks German while getting banged out. Both his holes are equally hungry. He’s bendy. He’s always a sweaty mess at the end of his films. In every scene the twisted state of his glasses represents the state of his asshole (in a perfect world Henrik and Blake Mitchell would be fogging each other’s specs). And for me, the ultimate is despite Henrik being a total pig who loves dick, cum and a hard fuck, he has so far remained a condom guy. With all of the increased emphasis on bare sex, I think it’s refreshing to have a model showing viewers latex can’t keep a good pig down.

elmtree says:


Brian Sky says:

The scene with Cristian Sam was really wild, the other ones were plain.

Scrapple says:


Guy says:

Not into Franklin, but Henrik is the bottom to end all bottoms.

Scrapple says:

I’ve never seen Franklin showing that much teeth in a scene. I’ve also never seen Henrik cum that hard at the end of a scene. He was snorting like Mr. Ed after winning the Kentucky Derby.

Jasper Taft says:

That was awesome.

Tim says:

I like watching Henrik take a dick or two, but he gets a little whiney.

jinger says:

Henrik ♥️ Yes, nobody walks out of his bed without a big smile on their face.