Broke Straight Boys: Ryan Pitt Fucks John Henry

Ryan Pitt Fucks John Henry (Bareback) at Broke Straight Boys

Ryan Pitt Fucks John Henry (Bareback) at Broke Straight Boys

Ryan Pitt Fucks John Henry at Broke Straight Boys:

Ryan Pitt and John Henry take their time with the foreplay today as they get each other warmed up. They lie down on the bed as they make out, feeling each other’s cock through their underwear. Ryan’s eager to see what John’s hiding in his boxers and pulls that dick out. His fingers gripping it hard as he strokes it while he kisses John who pulls off Ryan’s underwear next, revealing his handsome dick.

Their bodies pressed together, they kiss hard, their cocks gently rubbing together as John Henry spreads his legs and lets Ryan Pitt explore his ass with a finger. Climbing fully onto John, Ryan grinds his hips gently against John’s sex before making his way down and capturing it in his mouth. He then sucks on that big dick and balls as John watches him.

They switch so that Ryan Pitt can get some head next. He then lets John Henry do his best to deept-hroat that long shaft. John gags on it and then swings his hips around to 69 so that Ryan can rim his ass. When they’re both hard and ready for more, John straddles Ryan and slowly lowers himself onto Ryan’s hard cock. He moans as he tries to take every inch.


John Henry continues to slowly sheath Ryan Pitt’s prick in his ass until he’s filled to the brim with dick. Riding Ryan and letting Ryan thrust up into him, John takes that bareback dick then turns onto his back to get fucked that way as Ryan pounds him and John jerks his own cock. Cum shoots from John’s dick as Ryan thrusts into him raw and hard. Finally, he leans forward to get a taste of John’s jizz before pulling out and unloading his own seed on John’s stomach!

Watch as Ryan Pitt Fucks John Henry at Broke Straight Boys

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Colton, The Major Hussy says:

Glad to see Ryan, he has a very nice cock. I like John, he is kinda cute.

No_No_No_Yes says:

I can’t even look at this site anymore. It’s like “The People of Walmart” took over gay porn while I was away, and hit all your silly asses with some kind of “blind the gay guys” ray gun. I can’t squint hard enough to make this shit hot, I’d rupture my eyeballs.

Scrapple says:

BSB wrote about Ryan sucking his first dick. The lies.

I was not expecting that much foreplay. These fuckers didn’t even get to fucking until like nine minutes in. And it wasn’t because one was waiting for the other to get hard, they just couldn’t stop. Ryan was all smiles and John Henry was all wails. When he said this was about to be his best scene (while Ryan was pumping away) I believed him. I don’t remember Ryan being cum thirsty at those other studios, but he was in his solo and in this scene. Maybe that’s a new development. Hope he keeps turning it out like this with other partners.

Daniel Hayes says:

Never thought I’d say this about BSB scene, but that was actually really hot. It seems like the guys are into each other…

Loki says:

Check out old scenes with Tanner Valentino, Romeo James, Landon Wells, Jared Marzdon, John Henry, etc. The quality of the performances has dropped off sharply in the past six months. Must be new management.

No_No_No_Yes says:

If you had told me a year ago John Henry would be the best thing this site had goin for it, I’d have been rolling.