Sean Cody: Robbie and Kaleb Flip-Fuck

Robbie Fucks Kaleb at SeanCody

Robbie Fucks Kaleb at SeanCody
Robbie Fucks Kaleb at SeanCody

Robbie Fucks Kaleb at SeanCody:

Kaleb and boyish, fit Robbie are fresh out of the hot tub from an overly heated session. They are ready to see who performs better as a top or bottom.

“Well, we’re both excited to see if this guy is a power bottom,” says brown-haired Robbie.

“He claims he might be a power top!” says Kaleb.

“I definitely want that dick!” says Robbie.

“Oh, so he’s a bottom too! When I first started, I was a top. I love topping and making bottoms look…like what?” asks blue-eyed Kaleb.

“I’m happy to say that this exclusive top is now one of Robbie’s little bottoms,” retorts a smirking Robbie.

“Yeah we’ll see who is more of the bottom bitch between us too cause we might flip, right?” remarks Kaleb.

“I do want you, but I’m going to take care of you, and show you what Robbie has in store for you.”

Watch as Robbie Fucks Kaleb at SeanCody

Watch as Robbie Fucks Kaleb at SeanCody

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JK3 says:

Yum. I just need Daniel Jr. to tone it down a bit and this could be the scene of the week/month for SC.

Brandon85 says:

Some sites refuse to let the guys make a sound I didn’t understand that until Daniel and Kaleb. I’ve overlooked Randy and Dean bc I love them so but they are too much too. The hottest part of porn for me is the audio and I just can’t with these guys anymore.

No_No_No_Yes says:

I agree – Kaleb is pretty much boner death with all his exaggerated faces and talk. Robbie is a 6 on a good day – they can keep this shit.

John Doe says:

Was Sly gay? I can’t remember

John Doe says:

Nvm, he’s straight.

Aren’t they all? :/

Proud Nerve says:

Everyone is “straight”

coolcoolboy says:

I don’t pay attention to what they claim. It can’t be trusted. All I remember is that Sly is gorgeous, versatile, and must come back soon.

Eclipse says:

Okay if you don’t think these two are adorable, your ass is LYING.

Brandon85 says:

I think a flip flop is not always best andKristopher should NEVER EVER top. Even if he has a gf she should always peg him. I don’t mind Robbie bottoming for guys like Jack but this is just wrong.

bob80 says:

I found them both unattractive, especially Robbie. I wouldn’t look at them twice IRL.

CA says:


This must been b4 the presidency lol

No_No_No_Yes says:

THIS. I was just thinkin this looks boring as fuck – Kaleb is starting to get as bad or worse than Daniel with all the trash talk – and I was never team Robbie, so yeah, there’s that.

sam my says:

And it lived up to it. The scene was as much a waste as it was boring and forgettable.

Kaleb has yet to do a scene as well as his scene with Derick. I’m still disappointed with his scene with Randy and Archie. Sc ruined both. My last hopes are Jax, Frankie, Kieran and Jack.

gaycockluvr says:

I am a fan of seeing both of these guys get fucked.


I love seeing Kaleb with a big dick up his ass but I am sorry but Robbie just does NOTHING 4 me !

tatumon says:

Kaleb is the best Sean Cody for me.
I think it’s time for him to maybe get gangbanged for X-mas or New Year, or maybe a DP, I dunno, I think that could be cool, I wonder what tops could be the best options to top Kaleb for a GB or a DP.

tatumon says:

wow, you really think he’s ready for those 2 at the same time Ms. Bair?

Bair says:

I don’t identify as female. With that said, I perhaps am being a bit unrealistic. But what fun that would be to see, if kaleb were ready. It wasn’t so long ago that Kaleb was not ready to bottom, but look at him now! He is, to me, such a GORGEOUS guy. Your question caused me to fantasize what would be, for me, the ULTIMATE fantasy.

tatumon says:

we share the ultimate fantasy too Bair!
Kaleb is my favorite model.
Did you notice the bruises in his leg ? I wonder where he got them :( hope he’s ok.

Bair says:

Usually, way more often than not, a bruise is just a bruise and accidentally gotten. So, more than likely he’s quite OK…unless he isn’t…but probably/possibly is. I’ve learned to not assume that I know anything about another person, so that is as reassuring as someone as neurotic as myself can be and feel honest. What I depend on a lot is the feeling of HOPE. So, HOPE that he is OK and if I had to guess I would guess he is, and I could be right unless I am wrong. LOL

tatumon says:

ok let’s hope he’s ok :’3
Thank you Bair :*

MC.EMC2 says:

Despite minor video editing problems and a few uninspiring models, there’s no denying Sean Cody stepped its pussy up this year compared to the latest ones.. Good job, SC!

Quinton Jackson says:

“When I first started, I was a top. I love topping and making bottoms look…like what?”

Sis, they were looking like that’s it? Did he fuck me yet? Whoever told you different lied to you.

Shade aside, I like both of these guys.

Miloš Del Rey says:

Don’t do Kaleb like this, his talent is being pretty. I won’t stand for this shade.

Eclipse says:

Upvote for quality use of Powerpuff image.

Bree Van de Kamp says:

Jesus. Robbie is such a dumpster fire. He looks like someone tried to put out a Malibu forrest fire with a fork.
Kaleb is only as good as his costar. So this was an expected, typical fail as usual.

elyp says:

Kaleb topping is a no for me. Pass.

Scrapple says:

The cameras have the models looking sick and the scripts/writeups have the models sounding stupid. That’s a horrible way to treat your contracted employees.

Robbie sells his versatility easily. Kaleb? Not so much. So I’m not that enthused about seeing his talent portion of this competition. Watching someone clumsily throw a baton isn’t as interesting as it sounds.

Jasper Taft says:

I do have to wonder how Sean Cody can attract such a large stable of guys while Corbin Fisher has like 5 regulars, a few semi-regulars and one woman. Speaking of CF, Elian/Casey was uploaded to its site over 24 hours ago, but nothing here on WB yet. I wonder what gives.

Rough&sweet says:

That video has a terrible editing problem.. most of the fucking time you must be to be stuck in a close up like this Lol .. straight editor Kellan did it again in a lazy way

emercycrite says:

It’s like the battle of the big uncut cocks.

Jean Grey's Anatomy says:

Love me some bottoming Kaleb.

skye3245 says:

So has Kaleb learned to fuck or keep it hard? I mean he is one of the fake fuckers there…why hasn’t he learned bottom is the only place for him

coolcoolboy says:

I like both guys too. And I like them in flip-flop scenes. But not together in the same scene. This just didn’t work for me, I don’t know why. I guess I prefer it when the smaller, leaner guy turns the tables on an alpha male like Brysen or Randy. And the banter here was really too much – it was the “Daniel cumshot vocal” of intros.

Tempest says:

So now Sean Cody is trying their best to lose as many subscribers as possible with these updates and I’m not mad about that at all, let the bitches fall to the pit of pandemonium

lb blue says:

I like seeing both these guys on bottom, so it’s a fine scene by me. More flip-fucks at SC, please.

No_No_No_Yes says:

Spencer Laval’s second bottom scene just dropped at NDS – this shit just became irrelevant as fuck. The end.

L. T. says:


I was shocked to see him bottom but I prefer him bottoming more than Mathias. Mathias has been demoted to the kind of guy that’s nice to look at and that’s about it which really isn’t a good thing. It’s the same tier that I put Brad from Maskurbate.

david david says:

And he’ll bottom again after Christmas. Spencer is a gift that keeps on giving. I love it!

L. T. says:

He is. Too bad he never had the opportunity to be paired with Ripley before he ran away.

david david says:

Why you had to remind me of that guy? Now, I suddenly miss him. Gone to soon. :(

L. T. says:

I’m sorry. I’m constantly reminded of him because people would post his AD pics on Tumblr. Well, that won’t happen anymore.

david david says:

LOL! DOn’t worry, It’s okay. I was just kidding. But damn, I really miss that cute bottom boy. How I wish he stayed a bit longer so he could get some Spencer Laval experience.

L. T. says:

I knew you were kidding. I know somebody out here is keeping tabs with Ripley. If 2345 can know Sean Cody Joe’s social media site and I myself follow three others on Twitter (Mason Wyler whom has an Asian BF, Tyler Saint and Harley Everett) then someone knows Ripley’s.

david david says:

Yeah, probably. I’m not that into social media, but it’ll be interesting to see what he’s up to and how he looks now. Hopefully his looks hasn’t changed that much. I think he’ll be great at NDS.

L. T. says:

I think he would be, too. Hopefully, Jay Ice didn’t have that big of a negative impact on him to keep him away from porn but if he did then I hope Ripley’s doing well. We already lost Beau from Sean Cody last year to depression and I always worry about these porn stars that are servicemen because our country truly does give them the short end of the stick.

david david says:

Wait… What happened to Jay Ice? I hope he’s okay. Ripley too. I’m with you about servicemen. And I think doing porn can really affect people mentally. I don’t even do porn but I get affected from time to time, so I imagine it affects them more. Hopefully they’re all doing fine. I hate hearing about a model giving in to depression.

L. T. says:

They’re both fine but Ripley said that Jay Ice said some homophobic shit behind scenes that made him uncomfortable. In short: Jay Ice is to blame for Ripley leaving Active Duty. Already didn’t care for him and to find that out made me literally hate the man.

One thing is that some of these fans need to leave them alone. Some of the ones I’ve followed I have had to say to them that they don’t have to apologize to us for taking time off to deal with stuff. I know the BA boys will leave every now and then. I don’t hold that against them. Their countries aren’t exactly LGBTQ-friendly and God only knows what Duroy puts them through with that hard-ass criticize he gives them like telling Bastian that he looked homeless with his long hair or calling Hoyt Kogan fat. There’s constructive criticism and then there’s just being mean.

david david says:

Woah! Really? Jeez… I can’t believe people who do gay porn are still doing that to their co-workers. I wish he’ll try other studios.

Yeah, I always been iffy about the idea of stalking these models on SM. I mean, it’s one thing to follow them but it’s another to be all up in their business and sending them messages and harassing them. Personally, I treat them the way I treat celebrities. I only care about their work because what they do with their personal lives is their business. There are only a select few whose social media antics get to me that it affects how I see them in porn. And I don’t follow them so I won’t get stressed out. Anyway, I don’t follow BA that much, but that was messed up. I didn’t know Duroy is that mean. Calling Hoyt fat is just stupid.

L. T. says:

Yeah. The treatment made Ripley uncomfortable so he left. Fuck that Jay Ice. I still am holding out hope that Ripley will be back or, do like my Matt from Corbin Fisher (you know, the fine-ass redhead) and do some modeling.

L. T. says:

Same. Again, I’ve seen at least three on Twitter. Well, four: Tyler Saint, Mason Wyler, Harley Everett and Davon from CF. I’m not solid on Davon but it doesn’t look like Harley is even acknowledging the porn. Mason. on the other hand, is because his most recent pics still show him hanging with current porn stars. 2345 told me that he kept up with Immanuel and Joe from SC.

david david says:

I wanna know how Immanuel looks like now. Hope he still looks hot.

No_No_No_Yes says:

Mathias went sideways fast, like he got fucked the first time and knocked up or something lol, dude looks bloated as fuck – which is a real drag, he was hot.

L. T. says:

Yeah. I do like me some Johnny, though. I don’t know why but I always fall the heaviest for guys that are 6’1″ and I can’t explain it. Anyway, I hope Johnny stays for a bit but he needs to lose that pornstache. That shit isn’t cute in vintage porn and it’s not cute now.

C A says:

I hate that now since he’s in a relationship, he’s backed off really getting into his performances and his partners. Sad.

Kj says:

Paging Shaw, Paging Shaw, Paging Shaw

L. T. says:

Can’t say I didn’t see this pairing coming.

david david says:

I love Kaleb and all, but this is uneventful as can be.

Maximus says:

I still don’t understand how Robbie is a Sean Cody model. It’s like we’re being gaslighted into believing that he’s an attractive, studly, young jock. It’s almost Trumpian…… Are Conway and Suckabee moonlighting as casting agents and writers for Sean Cody?

Burkeman says:

Sean Cody subscribers: do their scenes consist mostly of screaming moans meant to indicate pleasure and crude, stilted, lewd dialogue meant to be sexy flirtation?

(For me, these guys look beautiful and dedicated, but the direction seem to make scenes inauthentic.)

CarAndDriver says:

SC continues to publish forgettable scenes. Moving right along on this one.