TimTales: Vicman Fucks Jay Michaels

Vicman Fucks Jay Michaels at TimTales

Vicman Fucks Jay Michaels at TimTales
Vicman Fucks Jay Michaels at TimTales

Vicman Fucks Jay Michaels at TimTales:

Another warm Timtales treat for you this Friday. We’re proud to welcome a newcomer hot as hell. Meet Jay Michaels, one of the sexiest Brazilian out there.

Smart as a fox with a muscular body, bright eyes, and an eager hole that can only be satisfied by massive raw cocks. Jay Michaels fits perfectly here at Timtales.

Vicman is back to bareback and breed that fresh hunk. It’s a beautiful passionate scene of lovemaking and rough deep fucking. At one point, they were fucking so hard my lense was covered with love juice. No kidding.

So, sit tight and go enjoy that handsome face and gorgeous smile.

Watch as Vicman Fucks Jay Michaels at TimTales

Watch as Vicman Fucks Jay Michaels at TimTales

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bloodhound says:

I love an intact brow . Jay baby , gimme more . And Tim manages to get every muscle bottom to do the up in the air leg pose which i luuuuv.

Marseric says:

I think I’ve seen Vicman before, maybe in some Germany porns

DisFucanGuy says:

Vicman turns me the fuck on!!! That dick just looks like it can go all fucking day!!

Scrapple says:

Vicman has the perfect balance of passion and aggression. There were moments when Jay was on his back literally wide-eyed while staring up at Vicman going to work on that ass.

Brandon85 says:

He is ugly but he is so sexy if that makes sense. I badly want to ride the ugly man cock.

DeeGee says:

Vicman – Woof, Daddy.

NeAl1669 says:

I’m kinda sick of seeing them use that table. I sincerely hope it gets thoroughly washed before d inner parties.

c_find says:

Make great dinner convo though

pilot101 says:

This site is becoming pure trash. The models are AWFUL. I haven’t liked a single scene in like 2 months. What are you doing Tim?!

PierredeSiorac says:

Vicman is rather sinister looking and his cock, though considerable, is not quite in the humungous league Tim generally draws his tops from. He’s a mean fuck though. Jay looks a little worn. It might be more effective with a bottom who is a complete contrast from the older, rough guy.

Guy says:

DAMN!! Vicman can FUCK!!!!

No_No_No_Yes says:

Why do the tops always look like they just got done dismembering someone? Jay is hot.

jhGayFiction says:

Sis, I’m afraid you’re really barking up the wrong tree here, bless your heart.

Brandon85 says:

Now I need to see what he said. Don’t censor I wanna see that spam.

DeeGee says:

You didn’t miss much. A busty gal in silk and lace with a link to click for more. It’s been a thing the past few days.