Colby Knox: Levi Hatter and Jack Valor Flip-Fuck

Levi Hatter and Jack Valor Flip-Fuck at Colby Knox

Levi Hatter and Jack Valor Flip-Fuck at Colby Knox

Levi Hatter And Jack Valor Flip-Fuck at ColbyKnox:

In this weeks new gay porn video release we get to see sparks fly between gorgeous twinks Jack Valor and Levi Hatter!!! The two boys have known each other for a month or two prior to filming this video and there was a fair amount of buildup to this moment when they finally get to have at each other.

We were curious to see who would top and who would bottom between them, since they are both versatile and each have some impressive equipment in both the front and back. They had a hard time deciding as well, so they decided to do both!!!

Watching the two of them each get a turn to hammer away at the others tight sexy ass is mouthwatering!!! They have both clearly been wanting this since they first started talking, awesome to see it play out before your eyes. Enjoy!!!

Watch as Levi Hatter and Jack Valor Flip-Fuck at ColbyKnox

Watch as Levi Hatter and Jack Valor Flip-Fuck at ColbyKnox

moondoggy says:

America’s love affair with Leif Garrett continues.

Sexy/Phoenix/Osbourne says:

Well in the 80’s was trendy nowadays is no longer the same thing.

JK says:

Errrrr. The hair?

Sexy/Phoenix/Osbourne says:

Jack is looking like Corbin Colby when he start his carrer, IRONICALLY he did work for Colby Knox
too, but i like this Flick-Fuck Jack and Levi had charisma on screen too.

McM. says:

Everyone keeps commenting on Jack Valor’s hair. With short hair he’d blend in with other guys going through CockyBoys/Helix’s revolving door. It’s a great move to keep the locks since Jack Valor has your attention long enough to see he’s a good performer.

No_No_No_Yes says:

1. Jack needs to either let that shit go full on freaky mountain man or cut it. NOTHING sexy about a wet dog or worse yet like my mom’s friend – who’s had the same perm plastered with hair spray since the perm was invented. I don’t know if he’s using the wrong product or what the hell is goin on there, but it doesn’t work. (See attached examples that DO work.)

2. Fix the damn bed, the only racket I want to hear is the fucking.

3. A jerk off finish? Really?

4. Come on guys, I understand this is not a massive operation but CERTAINLY by now you can afford to look at lighting and maybe get a little more creative with camera angle.

L. T. says:

Why do people have to hate on guys with long hair? I remember this same ridiculous hatred for Corbin’s hair as well as BA model Troy Allen. Let them have their hair out. It’s theirs. The only time I’ve ever not been keen on a guy’s hair being long is if I’m used to it being short. Henrik Sommer and Ruslan Angelo are perfect examples.

Steve Berman says:

Paper bags for two, please.

GayManFighteroftheStraightMan says:

MisterB’s alter ego…I thought you only commented on SC post.