Corbin Fisher: Rocky Tate Fucks Tristan

Rocky Tate Fucks Tristan at CorbinFisher

Rocky Tate Fucks Tristan at CorbinFisher
Rocky Tate Fucks Tristan at CorbinFisher

Rocky Tate Fucks Tristan at CorbinFisher
Rocky Tate Fucks Tristan at CorbinFisher
Rocky Tate Fucks Tristan at CorbinFisher

Rocky Tate Fucks Tristan at Corbin Fisher:

These two could not wait to go at it! They’d been hanging out at the studio for awhile before filming, and you can tell the instant the cameras flip on they’re eager and ready for some action. I don’t know whether they’d discussed it beforehand or could just tell with one another, but it was obvious from the get go they were going to be sexually compatible – Rocky Tate loves to fuck long, deep and hard with that big dick of his and Tristan was eager to get railed by a stud with a big cock.

One thing you’ll notice throughout this video is just how little Tristan touches his own dick, yet he’s rock-hard throughout. He didn’t need to touch his dick – Rocky’s cock pounding away at his hole was more than enough stimulation! You’ll also notice the looks on Tristan’s face and his moans and gasps. Tristan was certainly feeling all of what we knew he had to be feeling, with the pummeling Rocky was delivering.

Every pump and thrust of Rocky Tate’s cock must have built up a bigger and bigger load in Tristan, also. When he does shoot, it’s a big load that just keeps on flying out, while he moans for Rocky to fuck the cum out of him. Speaking of big loads, though, Rocky’s has to be one of the biggest we’ve ever seen him shoot. Clearly he was able to pound Tristan precisely how he likes to pound, because it’s almost as if – pardon my crassness here – Rocky’s pissing cum. It’s impressive to all of us, and a huge turn on for Tristan as he feels it drenching him. This surely has to be one of our most cum-soaked episodes yet!

Watch as Rocky Tate Fucks Tristan at CorbinFisher

Watch as Rocky Tate Fucks Tristan at CorbinFisher

DaveAtom says:

Are they brothers?

txgeek2000 says:

Tristan is a great verbal bottom. Glad he brought out a verbal side in Rocky too. I think Tristan would be great passed around at CF.

Peter Pan Fly's says:

Look at Rocky sticking around. Thankfully he is though cause he’s one of the few upsides on this site.

Colton, The Major Hussy says:

I’m down for this one.
Good to see Rocky doing some topping and Tristan clearly loves dick.

Burkeman says:

Passionate and enthusiastic, Tristian is an immediate favourite for me. Rocky is without hesitation in enjoying the new guy- and they both looks great. For me, this is a great start for Tristian.

(And I hope Leo or Elian tops Tristian next.)

Zombieking says:

I love Rocky!!! He , Elian and Sean are the last models who fit the standard of the golden age of CF (Cain, Colt,Tom, Josh… )
I just want to see Elian dominating Rocky like Tom did with Smith. Then a 3some with Elian and Sean giving Rocky a double penetration. That would be incredible but I know it’s too much to ask for that site

DeeGee says:

All of this. I’m surmising that Elian is off on another military stint, sadly, cuz I’d love to see him go a couple rounds owning Tristan. Tom topping Smith was certainly mythmaking, but equal tribute should go to his turn on that black leather couch in the mezzanine with Bradley…

JT69 says:

Perhaps my favorite CF bottom debut ever….Tristan is that sexy to me and he sure knows how to ride a dick!

Paulbon23 says:

Looks hot!

Scrapple says:

What happened to nice, quiet Rocky? Was he trying to prove himself because the boss was right there? Did Corbin find out about Kyler and started blaming Rocky? Something must’ve trigged him because the Raunchy Bastard jumped out.

Anthony says:

I’m late for the gossip but what happen to Kyler?

John says:

They look like twins. I miss the old Sean Cody.

Pendix says:

zzZZzZZzzzZ, Wake me up when a COED with Elian is released or when CF get more attractive and enthusiastic models.

Pendix says:

This time I agree with you here, this scene is so ZZzzzZzzZ. (like most CF scenes at the moment)