SeanCody: Brayden Returns After 1-Year Hiatus to Bottom for Asher (a.k.a. Ricky Donovan)

Asher (a.k.a. Ricky Donovan) Fucks Brayden at SeanCody

Asher (a.k.a. Ricky Donovan) Fucks Brayden at SeanCody
Asher (a.k.a. Ricky Donovan) Fucks Brayden at SeanCody

Asher (a.k.a. Ricky Donovan) Fucks Brayden at SeanCody:

Brayden is eager to show how happy he is to be back on set as he kisses Asher (a.k.a. Ricky Donovan) [JustFor.Fans: johnny_rickyd] all over, trailing his mouth down Asher’s muscular chest and abs to lick and suck his bulge. Asher pulls out his cock and Brayden swallows it, then the top bends Brayden over, rimming and fingering his hole.

“Oh yeah, I wanna be inside of you,” Asher says, and Brayden tells him to get right to it! Asher fucks the bottom doggystyle, pulling his hair, and Brayden moans, “Holy fuck, you’re really drilling my hole!”

Brayden can’t believe how big Asher’s dick is as he rides it, and the top kisses Brayden’s foot as he fucks him missionary before lying Brayden upside-down to pound that ass piledriver and shooting a big load all over it! Asher licks up his cum and tongue-fucks the bottom’s hole as Brayden jacks himself off till he cums.

Watch as Asher Fucks Brayden at SeanCody

Watch as Asher Fucks Brayden at SeanCody

TomCNR says:

These guys have done it multiple times outside SC. 🙄 More of the same again.

Kj says:

This is THE update for the week from SC

MisterB says:

For the subscribers to SeanCody who do not have subscriptions to those other sites where Brayden and Asher may have had sex, this is a first for them. It is a first for me.

moondoggy says:

The sad thing is that they are the only reason I clicked on this, redundant though it may be. And yet I seriously doubt that under MindGeek’s direction, this scene will be as appealing as it would be to watch the two of them simply fucking under their own impulses. I’ve seen Asher come from fucking multiple times, even hands free if memory serves, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do that in a Sean Cody scene.

Colton, The Major Hussy says:

I like Asher but never cared for Brayden. This is meh.

MisterB says:

Brayden has the more “rugged man” look than some, for those whose fantasies include men with that look. The “Marlboro Man” or the “Brawny Paper Towels Man”, etc. The firmly muscular man who can unscrew the top of the sealed pickle jar when no one else in the room can, and who can also screw or be screwed with equal prowess. To me, it seems that SC scenes have become so formulaic though that special and deeply personal moments are unlikely to happen. The scenes seem to be too rigorously staged to allow for “magic’ moments. Rather like keeping a train schedule so the trains arrive on time at each station.

Paulbon23 says:

Brayden should have been the top. ¬¬

Vegas HD says:

Someone looking for a paycheck… its a no for me.

JB says:

Brayden is balding so badly. He’s neither hot nor cute.

Kanaka says:

Because his hair is thin?? 😑

MisterB says:

I think of muscular, hard-bodied Christopher Meloni who has long been an object of lust for Gay and Bi men, beginning with his HBO series, OZ, on up to now. Brayden’s body is very similar to Christoper’s; ROCK SOLID. Brayden has more hair than Christopher, but I won’t hold that against him and would never kick him out of bed because of that. I can deal with that difference in exchange for the thrill of enjoying his Christopher-Meloni body. YUMMY!

Rockhard says:

He’s a certified stud. check out his OnlyFans, daddy af and very dominant in both roles.

James Freedman says:

Didn’t they fuck 100 times already!!!…SC is such an eye sore nowadays

MisterB says:

Nope! Over two years ago Brayden was paired with Asher’s husband, Deacon. This time his yummy ass belongs to Asher.

G.10 says:

Why did Brayden come out of his hiatus? I left him there forever!

MisterB says:

I’m going to guess that Brayden ended his hiatus because he wanted to. It could possibly be that he feels safe now to begin performing again. He only performed in one scene during the pandemic and that was in an at-home video with his husband Josh. Josh has been in many scenes that were released during the Pandemic. I’m guessing that some were pre-filmed and Brayden didn’t have any in the can except for the one with Jax. He never has performed as much as Josh. In 3 years he has done only 10 scenes and Josh 21. So many SC performers are still missing. At least one more has now cum back for at least one more scene.

Quietist says:

Maybe MindGeek should start introducing horrified women and ‘comedy’ in the SC scenes?
It seems to work (bussiness wise) with MEN, otherwise they would long have stopped with that over there.
Come on MG take SC to the next level: SC 2.0 (SC 1.0 died some time ago).

Quietist says:

Or maybe turn all the models into (step)brothers, (step)dads, (step)uncles, (step)sons
Maybe that might do the trick?

TomCNR says:

Then branch out to a subsite. SeanCest

Alex says:

Good pairing but where are their handsome husbands???

TomCNR says:

They already did a scene I think? About 2 years ago

Sheik says:

According to Instagram, Brayden & Josh broke up. Brayden’s instagram says “recently single” and all pics of him and Josh are gone.

sasuk388 says:

i want all the old scenes back all; of them.
and i want 7 sean bottom getting bred like a whore scenes