Sean Cody: Justin Tops Manny (aka Diego Daniels)

Justin Tops Manny (aka Diego Daniels) at SeanCody

Justin Tops Manny (aka Diego Daniels) at SeanCody
Justin Tops Manny (aka Diego Daniels) at SeanCody

Justin Tops Manny (aka Diego Daniels)
 at SeanCody:

Justin has been wanting to fuck Manny (aka Diego Daniels) for a long time, and it shows as the guys can’t get enough of each other kissing in the living room.

Manny exclaims, “Hard already!” as he slips his hand inside Justin’s shorts, and the top laughs, “You got me rock hard already.” Manny deepthroats Justin, then the top rims Manny’s hole and sucks his cock and balls. Justin takes the time to tease Manny’s ass with his cock before sliding it inside and hitting his p-spot!

Manny takes the top’s cock doggystyle before riding him on the floor, then Justin gives Manny every inch in piledriver, making the bottom cum before he blows a huge load on his hole!

Watch as Justin Tops Manny at SeanCody

Watch as Justin Tops Manny at SeanCody

S. G. says:

Hire new talents. Getting tired of the same ol, same ol… lol

TomCNR says:

They’ve never been paired before yet this feels like I’ve seen it 20x before.


I agree but I like these 2 😄

Kj says:

Handsome Hairy Big Dicked Manny Is Always A Treat

MisterB says:

I just read that Lachlan will be in a SC series starting next week called, The Gym. I, of course, immediately thought of you. So now you know if you didn’t know. .

Kj says:

Thank you for the update MisterB. I look forward to seeing handsome Lachlan. Do you have a link to this ? Thank you again.

MisterB says:

I can’t send the link to the PornBlog, if that is what you mean. That is a No No here. The series will be in 3 parts and will begin next week, Stu will be in it as well, but not in a sex role. He most likely will be a trainer in the gym. Devy will be in it, as well as Josh, JC, and a new performer. So, EnJOY!

Paulbon23 says:


MisterB says:

It got really good reviews at a popular GayBlog that reviews scenes. Justin’s cum fountain was particularly noted.

Scrapple says:

I’m tired of Justin the Schlock. His topping isn’t as good as he seems to think it is.

SC can barely do duos right. They think they can handle a theme video like The Gym? Throwing Stu into the mix isn’t going to make that series legendary.

moondoggy says:

Justin managed to cum without a lot of jacking off, but the scene was still pretty forgettable. I still dislike this sex position too. Awkward, uncomfortable, not sexy.

Tempest says:

When did the gays get so bad at porn?