Beefcake Hunter: Beefcake Cory Receiving His Award

Beefcake Cory Receiving His Award at Beefcake Hunter

Beefcake Cory Receiving His Award at Beefcake Hunter:

This video of Beefcake Cory receiving his award has much of what we’ve already seen from him. Still, it also has aspects that allow us to get to know Mr. Beefcake 2021 more intimately.

Knowing this would be a special occasion, I asked him to cut his hair and give us a different look, and wow, you can see how hot he looks with short hair! And another thing I know most of the Hunters didn’t realize is that Beefcake Cory, apart from being a lifeguard, is a bike enthusiast. I also took the opportunity to take some pics of his bike and helmet.

In the beginning, of course, I made sure that he knew that he had won an award; in that way, I set in motion the positive vibe of the encounter, but I didn’t rush him to find out how much he won. I saved that for a little later after we spoke about other exciting subjects. At the same time, I delighted myself caressing his beautiful, hairy legs…Ummm.

One of the highlights in this video of Beefcake Cory receiving his award is that he gave us a big load after I blew him for a few minutes; poor thing, I can’t blame him; he was holding it for so long, just for the sake of the show. Still, we can always count that he has more in those balls, so trying not to get him cum again with a blowjob, I decided to ride him very well. It was a wild ride, I took the chance to get him very close to me, and I even kissed his neck and head; I didn’t venture for his mouth this time…. but who knows next time.

Then I lay down on my stomach and had him on top of me; that way, he could control himself better and pound me long enough to be very enjoyable for the viewers and me. When he finally cum, I felt everything inside, and it was at that moment that something magic happened, he kissed me! OMG, that was amazing! Unexpected! What do you think, Hunters?

It was a good session; Beefcake Cory is pleased and grateful for the support of his fans because he knows that they were the ones that made his award possible. I hope you guys enjoy this video of Cory receiving his award.

Watch as Cory Fucks Victor at BeefcakeHunter

Watch as Cory Fucks Victor at BeefcakeHunter

Igloo Australia says:

Award? For him, it must’ve felt more like a punishment.

Scrapple says:
This update solidifies my initial thoughts about Cory. Because if he knew his hotness potential, he would’ve been rocking this look from the beginning. He was fine as fuck before and he still leveled up!

Young Neil says:

Imagine if all a person needed to bang a straight guy was to give him a made-up award. It’s kind of hilarious.

Gazzaq says:

Yep and it all about power and control with these old unattractive website owners! I give you a fake made up award, make up hundreds of fake comments to flatter your fragile ego and say that you be famous and adore by loads of fan. And in return you give me your dick and hot fit body. Its an straight forward transaction really! LOL!

JB says:

A stupid made-up award. It’s like a child’s play. The model is hot but this site is not going anywhere.

Gazzaq says:

Well He has done well out of the Pandemic as have other website/JFF/OFS owners!

Gazzaq says:

Cory is so cute but he cant keep a hard on bless him, which is not surprising. Rhyheim Shabazz sign Cory up quickly as this young man is born bottom for sure. The owner thinks she is a porn star with her over acting. Bleeding Hilarious 😂🤣😂!

TomCNR says:

Who can keep a hardon fucking someone looking like that?!

Gazzaq says:

😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 I know but some of the guys do, Cory or whatever his name is can’t. Ah bless he is a such a little Cute Hottie and he is 28 and appears to be much younger i his looks and attitude!

TomCNR says:

Cory, if money is truly what you’re after, there are studios out there to give you that and a partner who you’d probably have a boner for. No amount of money could get me turned on by that thing.

Gazzaq says:

Oh that is hilarious and the annoying thing is the guys he recruits are fit as hell, rough and ready stylee like that Fitty Evan, with his amazing cum shots! Hot!

TomCNR says:

Exactly. Which is really confusing to me. I mean as a g4p straight guy, wouldn’t it be at least better to fuck someone good looking if you’ll do it solely for cash? I don’t get how people would sub to Beefcake Hunter and Military Classified. It’s like a personal avenue for these old creepy ass fugs to pay guys to fuck with.

Gazzaq says:

Well as I have said a in number of previous posts, that the site owner either recruits or collects these guy straight from Jail, Halfway houses or Probation. Or in places where the majority of these guys hang out. Or maybe he has some sort of contact within correctional services, but I get that vibe from all of the guys that he recruits. Hence why they are not to fussed at having sex with him as most dont have to look at him. Maverick Men springs to mind as well re pretty decent looking guys have sex with old grey hair one Hunter or is it Cole which is uncomfortable to watch!

Paulbon23 says:

I wouldn’t waste the opportunity to ride him either.

iandy says:

gosh, ppl are so bitter about others’ fortune lol

Gazzaq says:

Bitter do me a favour please!

Jay says:

Cory is handsome and will always be so regardless of his look in my opinion.
I knew this update would really bring out Vic’s ‘fans’ here.

jules morrial says:

You can see how Cory is a nice and accommodating guy. Bravo for his open-mindedness in doing all this with Victor. The latter is surely very lucky in having his way with this handsome nice guy.