Next Door Studios: Jayden Marcos and Trevor Harris in ‘Paramour’

Paramour (Jayden Marcos and Trevor Harris) at Next Door Studios

Jayden Marcos and Trevor Harris in ‘Paramour’ at NextDoorStudios:

Trevor Harris gets the shock of a lifetime when he finds his boyfriend Brandon Anderson cheating on him with Jayden Marcos! But, when Jayden apologizes and reveals he didn’t know Brandon was taken, he invites Trevor over for a dinner that sparks into a wonderful evening. But is Trevor ready to move on? Or do his feelings for Brandon still burn brightly?

Watch Jayden Marcos and Trevor Harris at NextDoorStudios

Watch Jayden Marcos and Trevor Harris at NextDoorStudios

Curlee says:

oh yeah, nothing is more attractive than a guy with no self respect and no dignity.

Paulbon23 says:

I love stories, thanks.

Scrapple says:

Imagine your boyfriend, Brandon Anderson, cheats on you with Jayden Marcos, then Jayden decides he wants to be your new boyfriend. The only thing better would be if Brandon came back willing to do any and everything to make it right. Including being a toy you and Jayden can use whenever you both want.

Jayden was been wanting to fuck Trevor since that orgy last year. He probably already did.

Edit: I do feel sorry for Brandon. He had to learn all of those lines, writhe around with Jayden on the couch and he didn’t get any dick or ass or throat out of it. That’s rude and unnecessary. The storyline was a little silly with how quickly Jayden went from fucking Brandon to being all about Trevor. If you saw the way he was undressing Trevor, it was clear who he really wanted. None of that was acting. When Jayden really wants something, it shows all over his face.

Gazzaq says:

This looks interesting and I do like good story! I had no idea that Jaden Marcos had gone to this studio form Gay Hoopla and Brandon Anderson is an excellent performer!